75+ Fundraising Ideas for Health & Medical Expenses (Updated!)
Raise Money For Surgery
Raise Money For Hospital Bills
Raise Money For At-Home Care
Raise Money With Crowdfunding

75+ Fundraising Ideas for Health and Medical Expenses (Updated!)

#1 Fundraising Idea: Raise Money with Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is the best way to raise money for health and medical issues and their associated costs.

What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is an easy and effective way to raise money to cover the costs of expensive medical treatments and unexpected health emergencies.

Crowdfunding simply refers to reaching out to your network of supporters and asking for donations. The top crowdfunding platforms let you set up mobile-responsive online donation pages and collect donations from your friends, family, and even strangers.

To start a campaign, you’ll need to select a crowdfunding software provider and then design your fundraising page (complete with pictures, a description, and a fundraising goal). Once your page is set up, you can share it with your network and start asking for donations to cover medical fees.

Here’s why crowdfunding is our #1 fundraising idea for health and medical expenses:

  1. The campaigns can be managed from anywhere. In other words, if you’re busy focusing on your health or potentially limited in terms of what activities you can do, online crowdfunding makes it easy to fundraise from the comfort of your own home or bed.
  2. With a crowdfunding campaign, you get the opportunity to truly tell your story. You can use images and video plus a compelling campaign description to explain what you’re going through and what any donations would mean to your health and your treatments.

If you’re interested in starting a campaign, you can click here to sign up and launch your fundraiser in minutes.

Collect Donations from Friends, Family, and Even Strangers While Crowdfunding For Any Cause Associated with Medical and Health Expenses, Including:


For many people, having to undergo a surgical procedure is a nerve-wracking experience. Add a mountain of bills on top of that stress and it’s enough to make you sick!

If you need help paying for a surgery, use crowdfunding to raise money from your friends and family members.

Hospital Bills

Whether you stay in a hospital for 24 hours or 24 weeks, the cost of feeling better can be exorbitant. Once you’re out of the hospital, it seems like the bills never stop.

Try crowdfunding to cover any medical costs that your insurance company didn’t cover.

At-Home or Hospice Care

If you have a parent or other relative that needs to have at-home care, you know how expensive that care can be. You want to give your loved one the best care possible.

You can turn to crowdfunding to pay for the expenses associated with at-home or hospice care. 

Medical Research

You might be particularly passionate about a type of medical research. Perhaps you or a loved one has experienced the effects of a disease or condition.

You can raise money to support medical research by setting up a crowdfunding campaign!

Wheelchair & Mobility Expenses

The costs associated with wheelchairs, power-chairs, and other mobility-related items and services can be expensive and difficult to obtain.

If you or a loved one has limited mobility, you can start a crowdfunding campaign to raise money to help!

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is often required for individuals who have experienced trauma or who have certain conditions. Because it can last for years, it is often expensive.

If you need help paying for your physical therapy, you can use crowdfunding as a fundraising route.

Use Our #1 Fundraising Idea — Crowdfunding

77 Other Fundraising Ideas for Medical and Health Expenses

Pair these ideas with your crowdfunding campaign and raise more money for medical and health costs.

Host a walkathon to raise money for your medical or health cause.

Host a Fundraising Walk

Many walkathons are organized to raise money for a medical cause. Larger research institutions usually set up and promote these fundraisers.

However, if you want to set up a smaller-scale community fundraising walk for your particular medical expense, you definitely can!

Get in touch with friends and family members who have supported you in the past and ask if they would be willing to participate. You can also market the event to the larger community.

Charge an admission fee and sell merchandise such as t-shirts, water bottles, and hats along the walkathon route.

There is no better online fundraising idea than crowdfunding for your medical causes.

Use Online Fundraising Methods

If you need to make a little extra money while you’re recovering from a surgery, you can use online fundraising methods to help pay for some of the costs.

Online fundraising sites like Welzoo, GoodSearch, and Qmee allow you to raise money by simply surfing the web like you normally do!

You can also sign up for cash-back sites like Ebates to receive a small percentage of your purchase every time you shop online. Sites like this can be an easy way to raise a little extra money on the side.

These fundraisers are perfect for individuals who have bed-rest instructions or who can’t actively fundraise.

Host a hospital breakfast to raise money for your medical fundraiser.

Host a Hospital Breakfast

You might have a loved one who has had to stay in the hospital for a few weeks or even a few months. Their hospital bills might have already started coming in!

If this is the case, you can host a hospital breakfast and invite members of the community to come out and support your loved one.

Ask the hospital if they’d be willing to donate some or all of the food for your fundraiser. You can charge a small admission fee and set up a donation table where people can give their own amount.

You can even use the time during the breakfast to educate attendees about your loved one’s illness.

A "Pennies from Heaven" fundraiser is a great fundraising idea for your health or medical causes!

Try a Pennies from Heaven Fundraiser

Pennies From Heaven is a cute twist on a penny drive. Instead of simply dropping change into a container, individuals try to toss their change into an umbrella hanging upside down from the ceiling!

This fundraiser can even be made into a competition to see whose umbrella ends up with the most money.

While this fundraiser won’t bring in tens of thousands of dollars, it’s a low-cost and easy way to raise a little extra money for your medical costs or your loved one’s healthcare.

Sell coupon books to raise money to help pay for medical costs.

Sell Coupon Books

No one likes paying full price for everything. To help people save a little money (and make some cash to pay for your medical expenses!), you can sell coupon books to individuals in your community.

Get in touch with a company that prints coupon booklets and order some in bulk.

Then, reach out to your friends and family members and start selling your coupon books! You can even advertise the booklets on social media and via email.

Host a yard sale to raise money for your health- or medically-related fundraiser.

Host a Community Yard Sale

They say that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. You can put this saying to the test and host a yard or garage sale to help pay for your medical expenses or your loved one’s health costs.

You don’t just have to sell your stuff, though! Make it a community event and invite your friends and family to join.

Don’t forget to promote the event on social media, via email, and with flyers. The more people know about your event, the more likely they’ll be to show up and support you!

Sell lunch to your friends and family to raise funds.

Sell Lunch

This fundraiser works well if you work in an office, but you can easily apply it to many situations. We’ve all been busy and forgotten to pack a lunch to work; you can capitalize on this by selling lunches.

When you prepare your own lunch, make a few extra meals and sell them to your coworkers if they forget to bring their own. Additionally, you can sell school lunch to students.

Remember to let people know why you’re raising money and plan accordingly so that you have time to make extra meals and still be on time for any of your obligations!

A potluck raffle is a simple and delicious way to raise funds for your medical expenses.

Have a Potluck Raffle

A great way to bring people together and one of the best ways to raise money for medical expenses is by having a potluck raffle. Participants can make their signature dishes, and then everyone votes on their favorites with pre-purchased raffle tickets.

The winner receives all the dishes at the end of the night. Or if there isn’t any food left, the winner can receive the recipe for every dish present.

This is such a simple fundraiser to organize, and you’ll end the night with a full belly and a full wallet!

Teach a class on anything you're good at to earn money. to pay for health expenses.

Teach a Class

If you’re a talented dancer, love doing yoga, have computer coding skills or any other talents, you can use your skills to raise funds to cover your medical expenses. Use your talents to teach a class.

All you need to make this medical fundraising idea a reality is a place to teach your classes and interested students!

You can charge a fee to participate in your lessons, and you can teach multiple classes at different times so even more people can participate.

Sell get-well-soon cards as a way to raise funds to help pay for medical expenses.

Sell Handmade Cards

If you’re recovering from a surgery or spend a lot of time with a loved one in the hospital, you know how encouraging a get-well-soon card can be.

With a little artistic ability, you can sell your own handmade cards to those who have loved ones in the hospital. 

Create a few different designs so that people have a variety to choose from. You could even ask the hospital’s gift shop if they’d be willing to sell some of your cards as well.

Hold a karaoke night as a way to raise funds to cover your own or a loved one's medical expenses.

Host a Karaoke Night

Singing can be an enjoyable and uplifting experience. Why not host a karaoke night to bring your community together. It’s an effective fundraising idea for medical expenses.

Ask local restaurants to see if they’d be willing to host the event for you. You’ll also need karaoke equipment, but before you go out and rent your own, see if someone you know will let you borrow their equipment.

You can charge people a small fee to go up and sing a song. Just make sure you explain why you’re raising funds!

Make flower arrangements to sell around the community as a fundraiser for medical or health expenses.

Make Flower Arrangements

Flowers can add a little color to any home or hospital room. If you’re fundraising for medical expenses, you can sell flower arrangements to your friends, family, and community members to decorate their spaces.

If you have a garden, you can pick flowers from your own backyard, keeping your expenses low. However, you can always find a florist who offers reasonable prices if you buy in bulk. 

Place your flower arrangements in mason jars or another unique container to create your own unique look.

Try a charity auction to raise money for your medical expenses.

Charity Auctions

Charity auctions can be a fast-paced and energetic way to raise more money. You also have the opportunity to form some solid business connections!

Ask for charity auction items from local businesses; try to get as many items donated for close to nothing. That way, you can put your budget into creating a great atmosphere for your attendees.

Hire an auctioneer, send out invites, and cater in food and drinks. Make sure that everyone is aware of the rules of your charity auction beforehand. People will walk away with some unique items and experiences, and you can raise more money!

Writing letters is a great fundraising idea for your health and medical causes.

Writing Letters

Writing letters is a great way to raise money for your healthcare costs or expenses. You can send out letters asking for general donations and invite individuals to your fundraising event (when applicable).

Your letters should be genuine and personal. Always start with your donor’s preferred name and try to reference any past relationship or donations.

You can use letters to direct people to your online giving pages or crowdfunding campaign, but you should also include a self-addressed envelope within your letter to encourage people to send in checks (make sure you tell donors not to send cash!).

Silent auctions are a great way to raise money. for your medical expenses.

Silent Auctions

Silent auctions are a great way to get a little more face time with your supporters while they bid on unique and appealing items up for grabs. Plus, if you find the right auction items, you have the potential to raise a lot of money!

Ask local businesses and individuals if they would like to donate items to your silent auction. Common items include gift cards to restaurants, signed memorabilia, lessons from a professional of some kind, gift baskets, and more!

You can enlist the help of a mobile bidding tool to create a tech-enhanced bidding experience for your attendees. Mobile bidding software also makes checking in, checking out, and item monitoring easier.

Host a bake sale as a way to raise funds to help pay your health and medical bills.

Have a Bake Sale

A bake sale is a tried and true fundraiser that brings tasty treats to your community while you raise a little extra money and awareness for you or your loved one’s illness. Who can resist a good cause and a delicious cookie?

Make sure that you advertise your bake sale well in advance. You’ll also want to set up your table or booth in a well-trafficked area to attract more customers.

You can sell your tasty treats, but you can also place a tip or donation jar on the table for customers who feel extra generous.

Get as creative as you want with the confections you create. The better they taste, the more people will want to buy them!

Balloon and lantern releases are a great way to raise money for health and medical causes.

Lantern Release

Lantern releases can be a way to raise money for your cause (or a ceremony that you can host to honor your sick loved one).

Invite friends and family and let them know why you’re raising money. You don’t necessarily have to charge per lantern.

However, you can have a general donation fund that people can make contributions to during the ceremony. A lantern release can also be held in conjunction with another fundraising event, like a dinner or a walkathon.

Just be sure to choose eco-friendly lanterns that you can release!

Host a viral video fundraiser to raise money for your medical fundraiser.

Viral Challenge

While there’s no guarantee that a challenge you start will go viral like the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge did, there’s no time like the present to try!

Challenge your supporters to record themselves doing something crazy (yet safe, of course). Try having them bob for apples or dance a jig, and then challenge their own friends and families to do the same.

If they accept the challenge, they send your cause a small donation. If they don’t accept, the donation is even larger!

Partner with a local restaurant chain to raise money for your health or medical cause.

Partner with a Restaurant

We all have to eat! Why not turn dining out into dining out for good?

Many restaurants — Panera, Zaxby’s and Moe’s, for example — will host fundraising events where a percentage of the money raised will go towards your cause.

Since your supporters are already going to these restaurants for meals, you don’t have to spend much time planning an event! Just let supporters know about the fundraiser in advance.

You can sell t-shirts as one of your fundraising ideas to pay your health or medical expenses.

Create Custom T-Shirts

T-shirts are the perfect product to pair with your crowdfunding campaign. Everyone can wear them, and if you can customize the shirt to highlight your cause, people will always remember it!

When you set up your crowdfunding campaign, you can set up giving levels. Each level can correspond to a different combination of items.

For instance, a $25 donation might get a donor a t-shirt, but a $50 donation might result in a t-shirt plus a hat.

The options for apparel are limitless. You can sell sweatshirts, hats, scarves, mittens, and more!

Hold a trivia night to raise money for your medical or health cause.

Organize a Trivia Night

You can organize a trivia night by pairing up with a local bar or restaurant. Advertise well in advance and charge an admission fee for trivia teams who want to put their knowledge to the test.

You can also ask the restaurant or bar manager if they would be willing to give you a portion of the sales from the trivia night to bring in even more money to help pay medical expenses.

Make sure that you have a good system for asking questions and getting teams’ answers. You don’t want to have a disorganized trivia fundraiser!

Try hosting a themed party to raise money for your medical or health cause.

Themed Fundraising Party

Themed parties are more common fundraising ideas for nonprofits, but anyone can use them to raise money for their cause or project!

Charge a few dollars at the door. People that show up in a themed costume can pay $3 while those in “normal” clothes can pay $5.

You can also sell concessions during the event to raise extra money. Just don’t forget to promote your themed fundraising party on social media. You want supporters to invite as many people as they can to help you raise more money for your medical expenses!

A car wash is an incredibly simple fundraiser to pull off to raise money for your medical expenses!

Hold a Car Wash

A car wash is an easy fundraising idea for individuals because it is an incredibly simple fundraiser to pull off.

All you need are the suds, water, some sponges, and signs for advertising. Simply charge around $5 per car!

Rally a group of eager volunteers to stand a safe distance from the road and draw attention to your car wash with signs.

Host a used book sale to raise funds to pay for health and medical expenses.

Hold a Used Book Sale

If you’re someone who loves books, you likely have stacks of publications that you won’t read or have read too many times to count!

If you need to raise money for you or a loved one’s medical bills, you can try to sell some of your gently used books for some extra cash.

You can also ask family and friends for additional used book donations to raise even more funds!

Host a fundraising potluck to raise money for medical expenses.

Hold a Commemorative Potluck

A potluck can be a great way to enjoy food and conversation with your friends and community. It can also be an easy opportunity to raise money to cover healthcare expenses (or any other cause you’re raising funds for!).

People can bring along tasty dishes and a donation to help you reach your goal.

You can either ask people to make a contribution or charge a small fee ($2) for people to bring food to the potluck.

Sell candles to raise money for your medical fundraiser.

Sell Candles

Hosting a candle sale is one of the best ways to raise money for paying your or a loved one’s medical expenses. It’s easy, effective, and fun for everyone involved!

There are many wholesale candle companies that you can purchase from. Some may even offer discounts for charitable causes.

Choose seasonal scents that will make people’s homes smell delicious. You can sell the candles to individuals in the community.

Guessing games are a great fundraising idea for your medical or health cause.

Guessing Games

Guessing games are classic ways to raise funds for many different causes.

All you need is a jar filled with the candy of your choice (think something small, like jelly beans!).

People can guess the amount of candy that they think is in the jar, paying $1 per guess.

The winner takes home the entire jar!

Use Our #1 Fundraising Idea — Crowdfunding

ell flower bulbs to raise money for health expenses.

Flower Bulb Sales

Flower bulb sales are a favorite during the spring and especially around Mother’s Day. All your have to do is buy flower bulbs in bulk and sell them around the community!

You can choose a wide variety of flowers or stick with classics, like roses or tulips. There are several companies that offer lots of options at competitive prices, all with the convenience of online ordering.

You can sell the bulbs to your family members, friends, neighbors, and other members of the community.

See cookie dough as a way to raise funds for medical expenses.

Cookie Dough Sales

Everyone loves a good cookie! Why not capitalize on that craving by selling cookie dough? It’s a fundraising idea that you can host year-round.

You can either sell cookie dough to your community or have family and friends sell to people within their networks. If you have a webpage for your medical fundraiser, you can also advertise treats there to reach even more people.

First, you’ll need to find a wholesale cookie dough provider with various cookie options. Then you’ll need to start selling your items!

Have a fish tank fundraiser to raise money for your medical bills.

Fish Tank Funds

A fish tank fundraiser is such an easy and low-cost way to raise money for health expenses. You’ll wonder why you never planned one before.

All you have to do is acquire a large fish tank. You don’t even have to buy one; try to get it donated if you can! Then, set it out in a prominent place in the community. Ask a local business if they’d be willing to keep your fish tank in their restaurant or store.

Supporters then drop in their spare coins and bills to see how quickly they can fill the fish tank. This fundraiser can take place all year long as well, so you’ll be able to raise quite a bit of money!

Host a game night as a fundraising event for medical expenses.

Put on a Game Night

Host a game night where your friends, family, community members, and/or coworkers can enjoy a few board games! In fact, you can make it a regular weekly or monthly event and sell food and refreshments to raise even more funds.

Make sure that you have a variety of board games to host your fun night. You can play games like Monopoly, LIFE, chess, dominoes, and so much more!

To make your game night a reality, you’ll need a space where you can host your event as well as a few volunteers to help set up and handle admissions.

Create a season fundraiser to as a fundraising idea for medical and health expenses.

Host a Seasonal Fundraiser

Seasonal fundraisers can take many forms, but their unifying feature is that they are related to the current season or holiday.

For instance, you can sell wrapping paper during Christmas, set up a pumpkin patch in October, or sell tulips around Mother’s day. The options are endless!

Seasonal fundraisers are great because you will always have a way to raise money to help pay medical expenses, regardless of the temperature, time of year, or occasion. Additionally, you can make your seasonal fundraiser as involved or hands-off as you want. The fundraising decisions are up to you!

Host a backyard barbecue to raise money for medical expenses.

Host a Backyard Barbecue

Everyone loves a good old-fashioned barbecue. Whether you’re making ribs, chicken, or veggie burgers, a barbecue is a great way to bring your community together for a common cause.

You can use your summer barbecue as a way to raise money for medical expenses or health costs. All you have to do is advertise!

You can either charge a fee for your barbecue or simply set up a donation table with a jar for change. Make sure you explain why you’re raising money!

Teach healthy cooking classes to raise money for your health-related cause.

Teach a Healthy Eating Class

We could all stand to eat a little healthier. Whether you need to cut carbs or stop drinking soda, our bodies deserve healthy food!

You can start teaching healthy cooking classes to raise money to pay off medical bills.

Use the opportunity to teach healthy eating practices to members of your community. All you have to do is charge an entrance fee and spread the word via social media, email, and physical advertisements like flyers!

Try hosting a balloon raffle as one of your fundraising ideas for medical and health expenses.

Try a Balloon Raffle

Balloon raffles aren’t usually a stand-alone event; they are often paired with other fundraisers like carnivals, field days, and family fun days.

But they’re so easy that you’ll be able to raise money in no time!

The only cost to you is a bag of balloons and some raffle tickets. Place the tickets inside the balloons and sell them to children and adults for a dollar each.

Whoever has the winning ticket gets a small prize at the end of the raffle. Depending on how many people come to your event, you could make quite a bit of money.

Create a cookbook to raise money for your medical or health cause!

Sell Community Cookbooks

Chances are, many people in your community are excellent cooks and have lots of family recipes they’d like to share.

Help to bring your community together by creating a cookbook. Ask friends and family members to provide beloved recipes to be included in the book. Then, you can sell the cookbook online or in your wider community to raise funds.

It’s sure to be a big hit!

Try a reverse raffle to raise money for medical-and health-related causes.

Host a 50/50 Raffle

A 50/50 raffle is an easy fundraiser for any individual looking to raise money to pay for a loved one’s medical expenses. 50/50 raffles are usually paired with other types of events.

During a 50/50 raffle, individuals will buy a certain number of raffle tickets. For a normal raffle, the person with the winning number will receive a prize of some sort.

But with a 50/50 raffle, the prize is half of the money raised from the raffle ticket sales. The more tickets people buy, the more they might win!

Offer gift-wrapping services to raise money for medical expenses.

Offer Gift-Wrapping Services

Once the holidays roll around, it feels like everyone is in a mad dash to buy and wrap presents for everyone on their list.

You can help these frenzied people out and earn a little extra money by offering gift-wrapping services.

You can partner with a local department or retail store or offer gift-wrapping services in a well-trafficked (but spacious) area. Offer extras like bows, ribbons, and tags to earn a little extra money.

Host a bingo night to raise money for your medical expenses!

Host a Bingo Night

Bingo is a fun and easy game that even the youngest children can play. Use a weekend night to host a bingo night to raise money!

A bingo night can be a great way to educate people about you or your loved one’s illness as well.

Throughout the night, remind attendees of what you’re raising money for and encourage them to make contributions during the event.

However, the majority of your proceeds will come from selling admission tickets, concessions, and products (if you have them).

Creating a quilt is a great fundraising idea for your health causes!

Hold a Quilt Fundraiser

Hand-crafting a quilt is a great way to bring an old-school art form into your campaign.

Contact people who support your cause, and ask them to sponsor a square on your quilt via an online donation in exchange for a message or image you agree to stitch on it. Along with the square in their honor, your patrons will receive a raffle ticket for the quilt.

Once you’ve finished it, raffle off the quilt. Another alternative is to combine both these routes. Have patrons sponsor a square, but instead of raffling it off, host a live auction with your quilt as the centerpiece — and invite your supporters to share an honorary dinner afterward!

Setting up an online giving day is another great fundraising idea for medical expenses!

Online Giving Days

You’re probably familiar with #GivingTuesday, a national day of charitable giving that started a few years ago. In fact, you might already participate in #GivingTuesday, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create you own giving day.

Giving days work so well because they create a sense of urgency and community. Your supporters will rally together to raise as much money as possible in the 24-hour period.

Your online giving day will require a lot of online promotion to reach as many supporters as possible. Share the details about your day via social media, in your emails, on your webpage, and through text messages.

Explore donation matching with local businesses to raise more money for your medical expenses.

Donation Matching

Help rally your entire community around you or your sick loved one through a donation match drive!

Reach out to local businesses within your community to see if they would be willing to participate in a program where they will match contributions made to your cause.

Donation matching is often dollar-for-dollar, but some companies may be willing to give double or even triple the original donation!

Share your fundraiser a few days before the big day and promote the business that will be matching gifts. Don’t forget to let people know why you’re raising funds!

Setting up a photo booth is a great fundraising idea to raise money for your health expenses!

Set Up a Photo Booth

A fun way to raise additional money for your cause at various events or big fundraisers is to set up a photo booth.

Use a big piece of cardboard (or get creative with streamers or colorful paper!) as a backdrop and make sure to bring in fun props for people to embellish their photos. Then, charge people a small donation per photo.

Not only will this provide event attendees with a fun way to remember the day, but it will also give you a little extra cash to put towards medical expenses!

Host a bowlathon as your next alumni fundraising idea!

Bowling for a Cause

Reach out to your local bowling alley to see if they would be willing to donate the use of several lanes for you to host a fundraiser bowling event.

Invite friends, family members, coworkers and local community members to come and bowl to help raise money for medical expenses.

For participation in the event, come up with a suggested donation amount that can be made to your online fundraiser or at the bowling alley.

Asking for a specific amount on a specific date can help amplify your fundraising efforts for medical expenses.

Ask for a Specific Amount on a Certain Date

An easy and effective way to give your fundraising efforts a little boost is to pick a date and ask people to each give a specific dollar amount on that date.

For example, you may ask supporters on your Facebook group or email list to donate $15 on the 15th of January.

Asking for a certain amount of money on a certain date helps because it creates an extra sense of urgency and makes things more tangible for your donors.

Consider making and selling scarves as a fundraising ideas for health or medical expenses.

Hold a Handmade Scarf Sale

Create and sell handmade scarves to raise money for health and medical expenses.

You’ll just need materials like needles, yarn, and a pattern to follow. You can even make the scarves reflect different cancer colors, like pink for breast cancer or orange for leukemia, if you’re raising money to cover cancer treatments and expenses.

Spread the word about your scarf sale through social media and let people know about your scarves on your crowdfunding campaign page.

To raise money to cover medical and health expenses, try a cook off.

Host a Cook Off

Gather your community together for a cook off of your favorite dish!

Decide on a popular dish and put your community’s best chefs to the test! Pick a date and a location for your event.

Don’t forget to promote your event well in advance for a great turnout. You can charge an admission fee or charge per plate. Whether you all cook chili, spaghetti, or pancakes, your cook off is sure to be a success!

Curate an art show as a fundraising idea for health and medical expenses.

Curate an Art Show

Round up your community’s artists to put together an art show.

To put local artists in the spotlight, you’ll need to set a date and pick out a location that can house artwork. You can turn to a school’s gymnasium or auditorium to keep this fundraiser inexpensive for you.

You can charge an entry fee on the day of the event and set up a donation table. Remember to put a price tag on the pieces for sale!

Try the "Give It Up" fundraiser to raise money.

Hold a Give It Up Fundraiser

This fundraiser is an easy and free option to help you raise money for health and medical expenses. Plus, it promotes healthy eating!

Challenge members of your community to give up one bad habit for the duration of your fundraiser. It can be something as small as skipping the weekly McDonalds trip or avoiding pizza.

The money they don’t spend on their unhealthy habits will be donated to you! You can keep this fundraiser going as long as you’d like so there’s plenty of potential to raise a lot of money.

Sell appreciation grams as a fundraising idea for health and medical expenses.

Sell Appreciation Grams

Bring your community together and spread some positivity with appreciation grams.

Charge peers, family, and friends $1 to send out a small, personalized note thanking or acknowledging another individual.

You can even charge an additional fee to add on a piece of candy or use a personalized design on the card. Your community will jump at the opportunity to keep spirits lively so this fundraiser is sure to be a success!

As a fundraising idea for health and medical expenses, try the envelope fundraiser!

Try an Envelope Fundraiser

As long as you have a high-trafficked, central location to host this fundraiser, this is an easy, low maintenance way to raise money for your medical expenses.

All you’ll need is a pack of 100 envelopes to label 1 through 100 and a cork board and pins to hang them! Your supporters will choose an envelope and give the amount written on the  outside of that envelope.

The only cost of this fundraiser is the package of envelopes so you’re sure to raise more than you spend!

Use Our #1 Fundraising Idea — Crowdfunding

Host a talent show to raise money for health and medical expenses.

Host a Talent Show

If you know a handful of performers, you can host a talent show to raise money to cover medical and health expenses.

You’ll just need to find a venue and organize the line up. On the day of the event, you can charge a small admission fee and sell concessions to your audience.

You can also set up a general donations table to raise some extra money. Let your performers sing, dance, or act their hearts out on stage while you raise some money.

Set up an obstacle course as your next fundraising idea for health and medical expenses.

Create an Obstacle Course

Keep your community active with this fundraiser! This event will be fun for all ages.

Organize different games and obstacles to create one huge obstacle course for participants. You’ll want to set up a registration form because this event is bound to be popular!

You can let your community sign up as individuals or teams to compete. Remember to charge an admission fee and get a small prize for the winner!

Host a concert to raise money.

Hold a Concert

Bring your community together for a concert!

You can let local bands enjoy a night on stage and get more exposure while you raise money for health and medical expenses.

You’ll just need to secure a venue and set a date and time for your event. You can sell tickets in advance or at the door. Don’t forget to sell concessions, too!

Host your own mock Olympic Games to fundraise.

Hold Your Own Olympic Games

No matter who you are, you more than likely get excited about the summer and winter Olympic Games. Take this fundraising opportunity to host your own mock Olympics!

It will take some planning, but your Olympic Games will be so much fun for your community. You can hold races like swimming competitions and track and field events, depending on your resources.

Charge a small admission fee for spectators and sell concessions. Whatever you do, don’t forget to hold a medal ceremony for the winners!

Teach a fitness class to raise money for health and medical expenses.

Teach a Fitness Class

Promote a healthy lifestyle and offer your community a fitness class!

Before you advertise your event on social media and through word-of-mouth, pick a date and location for your class and organize your workout.

Charge a small admission fee for participants. Your community will jump at the opportunity to get in shape and learn about how to take care of their bodies, so get ready for a success fundraiser!

Sell t-shirts as a fundraising ideas for medical and health expenses.

Sell T-Shirts

Everyone loves a comfy t-shirt so consider selling them as your next fundraising idea!

Work with a wholesale provider to design and manufacture your t-shirts. Once you’ve submitted your order, start promoting your sale online and in person!

Aside from raising money with these t-shirts, apparel is an easy way to promote awareness of illnesses! Remember, you can always accept additional donations over the course of your fundraiser.

Take a guided hike as a fundraising idea for medical and health expenses.

Organize a Guided Hike

You can plan a guided hike to encourage your community to be active and live healthy lifestyles while you raise money for your health and medical expenses.

Charge members of your community to participate in your hike through a fun, adventurous trail.

To make this fundraiser a success, you’ll need to promote your event on social media and post flyers around your community to pique interest.

A good fundraising idea for health and medical expenses is a funny photo contest.

Host a Funny Photo Contest

Hold a funny photo contest to bring some lighthearted fun to your community!

For this fundraiser, charge participants a small entry fee to submit their funniest photos. When setting up for your event, place a donation jar under each photo. That way attendees can vote on the photo they think is the funniest by donating to the corresponding jar!

This event is perfect for all ages. Just be sure to promote it so you see a good turnout!

Organize a field day to fundraise.

Have a Field Day

Get everyone outside for your field day fundraiser! An active day of games will do everyone good.

Organize classic games like potato sack races, tug of war, and water balloon tosses. You can even make up some of your own games to add to your repertoire of classics.

Charge an admission fee or a charge per game to raise money. You’ll also want to set up a seating area in the shade for your attendees.

Start a text-to-give campaign as your next health and medical expense fundraising idea.

Organize a Text-to-Give Campaign

Looking for a low maintenance fundraiser? Consider hosting a text-to-give campaign!

Partner with a text-to-give provider to make this easy fundraiser come to life. Your main objective will be to promote the simplicity of the text giving software. Let supporters know all they’ll have to do is text your dedicated number with the amount they’d liken to contribute and confirm their donation!

Remember to promote your campaign using your online presence for the best results!

Hold a golf tournament to fundraise for health and medical expenses.

Host a Golf Tournament

Golf tournaments are a loved and popular fundraising event that are sure to be successes!

Encourage a healthy and active lifestyle by hosting a golf tournament to raise money for health and medical expenses. Partner with a local golf course to keep this fundraiser inexpensive and enjoy a round of 18 holes with your community.

You can charge an entry fee for individuals or teams who wish to compete.

Hold a serve-a-thon as a health and medical expenses fundraising idea.

Hold a Serve-a-Thon

Get members of your community outside and better your surrounding environment while raising money!

Ask for pledges based on how many items of trash you pick up and properly dispose of per day. For example, Sally might pledge to donate $1 for every gum wrapper Jason picks up.

This easy fundraiser is sure to have your peers feeling great and your community looking even better!  Don’t forget to tell your attendees what you’re fundraising for.

A walk-and-paw-a-thon to fundraise for health and medical expenses.

Host a Walk-and-Paw-a-Thon

This is your opportunity to get everyone and their dogs up and moving for an afternoon to promote health living!

Pick a date, time, and location for your event and be sure to map out an appropriate route for your community. Don’t forget to set up water stations for your participants and their fuzzy best friends!

You can even sell merchandise at your event to increase profit even more. Don’t forge to promote your event!

Another great health and medical expenses fundraising idea is a tree planting event.

Hold a Tree Planting Event

If you and your community love to garden, this is the perfect fundraiser for you to raise money for your medical expenses.

You’ll just need to purchase saplings and pick a date to hold your sale! Sell saplings to members of your community to get everyone outside and planting. Don’t forget to promote your sale in advance so peers know how to support you and the planet.

With one step toward cleaner, fresher air, you can raise money to cover your expenses.

You can create and sell custom calendars to raise money.

Create and Sell Custom Calendars

Help your community get organized by making and selling your own calendars.

You’ll most likely want to start work on your calendars in June or July so they’ll be ready to sell at the start of the new year. Plus, you’ll need to make sure you have plenty of time to promote your calendar sale!

You can get really creative with this idea and personalize calendars specifically to your community with relevant photos and quotes.

An angel festival is a great health and medical expenses fundraiser.

Host an Angel Festival

This is a fun and creative fundraiser that your community will love to get involved in!

You’ll need to recruit design teams who will make life-size angels out of whatever materials they’d like! At your event, you can display your angels and place a donation jar beneath each figure so attendees can vote on their favorite by making a contribution.

Just remember to advertise your event in advance so you see a great turnout.

Get your community together for a picnic and fundraise for your health and medical expenses.

Organize a Community Picnic

This fundraiser is the perfect way to bring your community together to enjoy some fresh air!

As for the food, you can either ask attendees to bring in dishes or supply the food yourself. Either way, you’ll want to send out invites to your community picnic a few weeks in advance to rally peers and excite them about your event.

You can charge a small admission fee for your picnic to raise money. You’ll want to have a general donations jar handy, too!

A community potluck is a great fundraising idea.

Have a Potluck

To encourage a positive community spirit and enjoy each other’s company all while raising money, you can hold a potluck!

Invite your friends and family to bring their favorite dishes with a side of donations to help you fundraise to cover health and medical expenses.

You can charge a small admission fee for charge per plate at your event. Remember to advertise your potluck well in advance to get the most exposure!

Sell coffee as a health expenses fundraising idea.

Sell Coffee

Nearly everyone loves coffee so why not use that popularity to raise money for your medical expenses?

Partner with a fair trade coffee provider or work with a local shop to keep your expenses low and raise the most money. You can either sell coffee beans, cups of hot coffee, or both!

Capitalizing on your community’s addiction to caffeine can help you raise money to cover health and medical expenses while you give your community what they love!

To raise money for health and medical expenses, organize a scavenger hunt as a fundraising idea.

Host a Scavenger Hunt

Perfect for all ages, this will keep individuals active as you raise money.

Creating a registration form will save you time and effort. You can create an online form or place a physical copy in a high-trafficked location.

Charge teams a small registration fee and pick a date and general location for your event.  Create your course and hide your items!

Sell custom water bottles to fundraise for your health and medical expenses.

Sell Custom Water Bottles

Keep your peers, family, and friends hydrated by selling custom water bottles!

Work with a wholesale provider to make this fundraiser easier on yourself! A provider can help you design and manufacture your bottles so all you’ll have to do is sell.

Don’t forget to promote your sales on social media and through word-of-mouth so your community knows how to support you and purchase water bottles.

Host a read-a-thon as your next health expenses fundraising idea.

Hold a Read-a-Thon

Encourage a healthy body and a healthy mind by holding a read-a-thon contest!

The perfect educational fundraiser, your read-a-thon will challenge participants to read as much as they possibly can in a month. Participants can ask everyone they know for pledges based on how many books or pages they can read throughout the duration of your fundraiser.

Make sure your participants log their reading times at that at the end of the fundraiser, the pledgers can donate the amount they offered! You can even offer the winner a prize as incentive.

Organize an art auction to raise money.

Art Auction

Are there any local artists willing to donate their work to help you raise money? If there are, host an art auction!

You can organize your own auction, which will take some planning but will definitely provide you with great results! You’ll want to pick a date and location, organize all the art to be auctioned off, and set starting bids.

Be sure to promote your auction so you can see it to its full potential. Not only will you be raising money, but you’ll be helping local artists gain some exposure!

Fundraise for your health expenses by selling popcorn.

Sell Popcorn

Popcorn sales are an easy and almost always successful fundraiser that can be paired with other, larger events like film screenings or movie nights.

You can choose from plenty of different flavors of popcorn to sell, depending on which provider you partner with. You can choose from gourmet varieties or stick to the classics, but you’ll want to pick options that will appeal to your community.

Be sure to promote your popcorn sales so everyone knows how to support you and get their favorite snacks!

Teach a yoga class to raise money for health and medical expenses.

Teach Yoga

If you or someone you know is a total yogini, host a yoga class fundraiser and raise money for your health and medical expenses by charging for the class.

Be sure to secure a free location (donated studio time or someone’s house or yard), promote the event with plenty of time in advance, and include information on what you’re fundraising for.

You can even raise additional money if you give a quick speech before or after the class and place donation jars throughout the studio. This is such a good health and medical expense fundraiser because it promotes healthy living.

Host a pink party to raise money for health and medical expenses.

Host a Pink Party

A pink party is a medical and health expense fundraiser that is specific to breast cancer. It’s simply a pink-themed fundraising party.

Have everyone wear pink, serve pink food and drinks, and decorate in pink too. You can raise money by charging for tickets or just collecting donations during the event.

It’s pink-themed because pink is the color of the fight against breast cancer, but you could do something similar with other causes, such as a red party for heart disease prevention.

Count the Jelly Beans

Count the Jelly Beans is a classic school fundraiser but it can be modified for health and medical expense fundraising. If you’re not familiar with the fundraiser, here’s how it works.

You place a jar of jelly beans in a prominent location (like a school hallway) and ask people to pay a small fee to place a guess for how many jelly beans are in the jar.

The person closest to the true number gets the jar, and you get to keep the money for your cause. Be sure to explain what the money will go toward when you set up the jar.

Use Our #1 Fundraising Idea — Crowdfunding

Getting Started With Your Fundraising Campaign

Fundly Makes it Easy to Raise Money for Medical or Health-Related Expenses

It’s Fast & Simple
Quickly raise money for your medical expenses or healthcare with your personalized and unique crowdfunding campaign. Get up and running in five minutes and start raising money from your friends and family.

It’s Personalized
Create a beautiful fundraising page for your medical expenses or a loved one’s healthcare with simple tools to upload images and videos. You can tell you story and encourage others to donate to your campaign.

 It’s Free
You shouldn’t have to invest money to raise money for your medical expenses or healthcare. With Fundly, there are no start-up costs! We charge a small fee on donations only if you raise money.

  • Start Your Fundraiser for Medical Expenses

    Don’t worry, it’s easy to get started! With Fundly you’ll be up and running in minutes. You can start fundraising for your medical expenses or a loved one’s healthcare in no time.

  • Add Images and Tell Your Story

    One of the best components of a crowdfunding campaign page is the ability to post and share images and videos. You can upload pictures that illustrate your progress toward recovery or the status of your loved one’s illness. Including media on your campaign page is a surefire way to connect more people to your cause and raise more money.

  • Share Your Fundraiser

    After you’ve got your page set up, it’s time to share it with your network! With Fundly, you can easily share your campaign across social media networks and via email. The more people who see your crowdfunding page, the more donations you can receive to cover your medical and healthcare costs.

  • Say Thanks

    As your health or your loved one’s condition improves, update your crowdfunding supporters! Post images and updates letting them know you appreciate their donations.

Benefits of Using Fundly for Fundraising for Your Medical Expenses


Create a campaign to raise money for a medical expense or healthcare cost for FREE. Pay absolutely nothing until you receive your first contribution.

Instant Fundraising

Create a crowdfunding campaign for a loved one’s medical care in just a few minutes. You can start raising money quickly and easily.

Deep Social Integration

With Fundly’s amazing social integrations, you can reach supporters via Facebook, Twitter, and email. You’ll want to spread the word about your campaign to as many people as possible so that you can start fundraising for your medical costs or your loved one’s healthcare expenses.

Keep it All

There are no minimum amounts to meet, no deadlines, and no mandatory goals. You set a financial target and keep whatever you raise (minus any fees).

Low Fees

At only a few cents for every dollar you raise, Fundly is one of the most affordable ways to raise money for your medical expenses.

Excellent Customer Service

Get set up quickly and easily, whether you’re tech-savvy or not. Our interface is super easy and our team is always here to help! The last thing you should be worrying about when raising money for a medical expense is how you’re going to raise the money.

Fundraising Campaigns for Medical Expenses and Physical Therapy Costs

Rhett Laubach’s Family Medical Fund

Rhett Laubach’s Family Medical Fund met and then exceeded the initial fundraising goal of $10,000. Nearly 90 individuals came together to raise nearly $15,000 for the expenses and travel costs associated with this husband and father’s medical care.

One of the best things about this campaign is the amount of images that the organizer uploaded. They show all of the family members, helping to connect donors more closely to the campaign.

Rocco’s Road to Recovery

Rocco’s Road to Recovery still has weeks to go, but it’s already exceeded the organizer’s goal! Instead of raising just $20,000, over 200 donors were able to raise over $61,000 to pay for therapy, live-in assistance, and other medical expenses.

The greatest feature of this particular campaign is the number of updates that the organizer has posted. There are 28 of them in all, each one detailing where the funds will go and how the money is helping with recovery efforts.

Stacy’s Cancer Fight Fund

Stacy’s Cancer Fight Fund is an exceptional crowdfunding campaign in that it exceeded its original goal in its first week. Due to the campaign’s early success, the organizer was able to increase the goal and start raising even more money for Stacy’s medical bills.

As of today, the campaign has raised an impressive $5,290 and is well on its way to its new $7,500 goal. This is a great example of a medical cost fundraiser because the money is not only going to covering treatment, but it is also helping pay for the day-to-day expenses that come from fighting an illness.

Children’s Hospital Head Shave

The “Children’s Hospital Head Shave” campaign is a bit different than the others in that it isn’t designed to cover the organizer’s medical expenses but rather a donation to the hospital where she previously received stellar treatment and care.

As a way of giving back to the hospital, Alexandra Petrarca pledged to shave her head if she raised $750. She ended up raising an impressive $2,405 to donate to the Royal Children’s Hospital. Using head shaving as an incentive, she was able to take her campaign well beyond its initial goal.

Best Practices for Your Medical-Related Crowdfunding Campaign

Tell Your Story

You don’t have to give every tiny detail about your or your loved one’s medical history. But it helps to have some sort of context on your campaign’s page to let people know why you’re asking for donations. Be as optimistic as you can with your wording. You want to buoy people’s spirits and let them know that everything will be okay.

Check out these examples of great crowdfunding descriptions.

Get Social

The only way that people will know that you’re raising money for a surgery, medical bill, or other healthcare-related cost is if you let them know about your campaign! You can use Fundly’s social media integrations to post to Facebook and Twitter and send out emails to let people know about the medical expenses you’re raising money for.

Learn more about sharing your crowdfunding campaign with your network.

Share Updates

People want to know about your fundraising progress! They’ll also want to know how you’re feeling or how your physical therapy is coming along. Post updates on your crowdfunding campaign’s page to keep your friends and family members in the loop. You can even post additional photos and videos to demonstrate your progress!

Check out these tips for writing crowdfunding updates.

See What Others Say:

Patrick Davis

I was worried that my insurance company wasn’t going to pay for all of the costs associated with my kidney surgery, so I started a crowdfunding campaign with Fundly. In just a few weeks, I was able to raise enough money to pay for the surgery and my recovery!

Patrick DavisStart Your Fundraiser
Lance Beltzer

When my sister got cancer, we were all so concerned for her health. We then immediately started a crowdfunding campaign to raise money for her treatment. We were able to receive financial support and keep our friends and family up to date about my sister’s health.

Lance BeltzerStart Your Fundraiser
Megan Li

When my mother had to hire a live-in nurse to help take care of her, we were both worried about the cost. I started a Fundly campaign to see if we could raise enough money, and we did! My mom’s friends all pitched in and helped us reach our goal.

Megan LiStart Your Fundraiser

Additional Resources for your Fundraising Success

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Click below to learn more about the top seven crowdfunding tips that can be used for all types of fundraising efforts and campaigns!

10 Fundraising Examples

You’ve heard the stories about fundraisers surpassing their goal, but how often does that really happen?

The answer? More frequently than you might think! In fact, individuals and organizations often meet and exceed their goals when they use Fundly to set up a fundraiser and share it with their friends and family members.

Check out these ten crowdfunding campaigns that all exceeded their fundraising goals by sizable margins in just a matter of weeks!

Before your start fundraising, understand the basics with this ultimate crowdfunding guide.

Understand Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding has been used to raise money for everything from creative projects to medical costs and more!

Why is it so popular? Well, it might have something to do with the fact that a crowdfunding campaign is insanely easy to set up and share with your friends, family members, coworkers, and other peers.

See for yourself! Take a look at our Ultimate Guide to Crowdfunding and learn how you can make the most of this fundraising craze!

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