Learn why crowdfunding description length matters to your online fundraiser.

Crowdfunding Descriptions: Why Length Matters to Your Fundraiser


Many crowdfunding experts suggest keeping descriptions between 300-700 words, and it’s a best practice that most organizations and individuals follow when creating their campaigns. In fact, the average crowdfunding description is 300-500 words long.

But, why is it important?

Understanding why description length matters will help you craft your campaign’s story in a way that maximizes your campaign’s fundraising potential.

We’ll cover 3 ways crowdfunding description length can affect your campaign’s success.

Description length matters because it can:

  1. Increase visibility on online searches.
  2. Keep your donors engaged.
  3. Make your description easy to share.

Keep reading to get the facts about crowdfunding descriptions and how they can influence donations, as well as ways to improve your description length.

Crowdfunding descriptions that are a good length can help increase your visibility on search engines.

1. Increase visibility on online searches.

Words play an important part in increasing your visibility on search engines like Google. Your ranking on search engines will increase the number of people that see your fundraising page, which directly correlates to how much money you raise.

Even with the best crowdfunding website behind you, if you don’t take the time to create a great fundraising page with a captivating description, you’ll have difficulty reaching your goal.

Search engines use word counts to help assess the value of your fundraising page.

Think about it this way: If you created a crowdfunding description that was only 100 words, would it capture your campaign as well as a 500-word description? Search engines will use your description length to help determine how much value you can offer readers.

That’s why it’s important to write a detailed description. While no hard-fast rule exists on how long your description should be, don’t feel obligated to prolong your message to meet a specific word-count. 

Adding “fluff” won’t add any value to your page and can deter donors from contributing to your cause.

Of course, length isn’t the only determining factor for search engines. Your word choice and the quality of the content will also affect your campaign’s visibility. 

As you write your description, consider the terms that potential donors will use when they search online and make sure to naturally include them in your copy.

Final thought: Having a longer crowdfunding description can help increase your ranking on search engines, but beware stuffing your description with “fluff.” Describe your cause in a concise way so donors find value in reading your description.

A shorter crowdfunding description can keep your donors engaged for the entire message.

2. Keep your donors engaged.

In the last section, we mentioned how descriptions with longer word counts appeal to search engines. However, it’s difficult to maintain potential donors’ attention when a description is too long.

Ultimately, your description serves to provide potential donors with more information about your cause and persuade them to give. That can be difficult if people stop reading your message halfway through.

Shorter descriptions are quicker to read, giving donors a chance to learn about your cause completely.

On the contrary, too short of a description won’t provide enough detail for your donors to connect with your cause.

With an adequate description, you can appeal directly to your audience and cover all the main points  potential donors will be curious to know (i.e. why you’re raising funds and how the money will be used).

That’s why we suggested you write at least 300 words. You’ll have enough space to fully explain your cause and your readers won’t feel overwhelmed with too much content.

It’s important that you find a happy medium between being concise enough to hold your donors’ attention and long enough to get your message across.

If you feel you need to write more, that’s okay!  You can keep donors engaged by using storytelling techniques. Use your description to describe the personal story of someone your cause has helped. Donors will see the value in their contributions and develop a deep compassion for your cause.

Final thought: While other components come to play, the right length can keep your donors engaged so they read your message to the very end.

3. Make your description easy to share.

Your campaign description is a useful piece of content to share. You can use variations of the copy to promote your campaign on social media and emails.

If your description is too long or full of “fluff,” it will be hard to use on social media where your posts need to be short and immediately grab attention. 

A succinct description makes it easier for you to share your message on social media sites like Facebook. While Facebook posts have a long word limit, it’s still important to be conscious of your post’s length.

As people scroll through their newsfeeds, they’re more likely to skip posts that are very long. Having a shorter description will make it easy to transfer to a social media post and keep people engaged.

Since your description will be content that engages your donors, you can use the same (or similar) copy to when you ask for donations.

You can you use your descriptions in your solicitation emails or letters to persuade donors to give, especially if you’re using storytelling techniques. These strategies not only help keep donors engaged, but they can also encourage people to act.

Final thought: Sharing your campaign is an important step in raising your goal. If your description is the right length, you can use it in your email solicitations as well as shorter versions in your social media posts.

As you can see, fundraising length plays a big part in the outcome of your crowdfunding campaign. Consider how long your description is and what value it’s providing donors.

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