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Top 5 Event Management Solutions to Enhance Your Event


May 2020 Update: If your organization had planned events for this season and don’t know what to do now, don’t panic. Click here to learn more about how Pathable can help you take your event from in-person to virtual.

It goes without saying that here at Fundly, we’re all about the fundraising event. Whether you’re hosting an event to celebrate the success of your crowdfunding campaign or to push your peer-to-peer fundraiser to new heights, fundraising events can help you raise money and boost supporter excitement.

But before you can launch your next show-stopping event, you’ll be in need of event management software to help you stay on top of event logistics and track valuable guest data before, during, and after your fundraiser.

In this post, we’ll break down our 5 favorite event planning solutions, each with a unique take on event management:

  1. Fundly — For Peer-to-Peer Event Management
  2. Fonteva — For Salesforce Event Management
  3. OneCause — For Charity Auction Management 
  4. DipJar — For On-Site Donation Management
  5. Pathable — For Event Mobile Apps

With all of these options, your organization is sure to find the perfect event management solution for your needs!

Fundly can help you plan out every aspect of your peer-to-peer campaign, including event management.

1. Fundly: Top Choice for Peer-to-Peer Event Management

Peer-to-peer fundraising has become a staple in the nonprofit world. By mobilizing your supporters and inspiring them to raise money from their networks, your organization can quickly exceed your fundraising goals.

But to truly capitalize on the power of peer-to-peer, you’ll need to host a fundraising event to go along with your campaign—and Fundly can help!

Fundly’s peer-to-peer platform enables your nonprofit to build a main fundraising page as well as recruit teams of fundraisers with their own individual campaign pages. 

You can also use Fundly’s user-friendly platform to stay on top of your fundraising event using features such as:

  • Simple sharing. Promote your fundraising event directly from your campaign page! Send emails to invite your guests, post to social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, or update your page with photos, videos, and of course, an appealing event description.
  • Merchandise sales. Want to add a fun twist to your event? Sell merchandise before, during, and after the event using Fundly’s simple product fundraising tool. You can offer items as fundraising incentives during the campaign or set up a merchandise table at the event.
  • Hands-on assistance. For nonprofits who are truly looking to maximize their fundraising potential, Fundly offers a truly unique VIP service with one-on-one training, fundraising coaching, and more. A team of Fundly experts will be by your side throughout your campaign and help teach you skills to improve your fundraising long-term.

Fundly’s peer-to-peer platform is free to get started with. If you opt in to their Fundly VIP services, you’ll be able to choose between two affordable options starting at $1,200 per campaign.

Interested in seeing more peer-to-peer options? Scope out all the best peer-to-peer platforms by reading our thorough list of the top peer-to-peer fundraising solutions.


Assemble Events by Fonteva is the most comprehensive Salesforce event management app available.

2. Fonteva: Top Choice for Salesforce Event Management

For Salesforce users, you can plan strategic events without ever leaving your CRM. All you need is the perfect event management app—enter Assemble Events by Fonteva!

Fonteva is known for providing high-quality, completely comprehensive Salesforce solutions. Assemble Events is definitely no exception, as this powerful tool can help your nonprofit use your Salesforce data to design virtually any kind of event. 

With Fonteva, you’ll be able to customize your event management from start to finish with features to help you:

  • Create distinct registration forms. Whether you’re planning a multi-session conference, a series of events, or just a one-day fundraiser, you can build registration forms that allow individuals (or groups!) to sign up in a way that makes sense for your event.
  • Set pricing levels. With Fonteva, you can set multiple price points for your tickets, including general admission, VIP tickets, members-only prices, or even individual exclusive offers. You can even segment your data to determine different prices for different constituent lists.
  • Build event microsites. Fonteva’s platform generates unique event microsites to promote your event, share important event details, accept registrations, and even sell merchandise. You won’t need any web design skills, either; Fonteva makes setting up your site as simple as possible!

The best part about Fonteva’s event management app? It’s completely native to Salesforce, so it’s guaranteed to work seamlessly with your CRM, no integration required.

For pricing information and more, contact Fonteva via their website!

Are you a Salesforce user hoping to streamline your event planning? Learn more about managing events in Salesforce by reading Fonteva’s helpful guide!


OneCause's silent auction and event fundraising software can help nonprofits manage events intuitively.

3. OneCause: Top Choice for Charity Auction Management

Silent, live, online—OneCause can help you plan and execute fundraising auctions of any kind!

Though versatile enough for any type of event, OneCause’s event fundraising software is specifically designed to streamline and enhance charity auctions. 

Not only can their solution help you bring in more bids, but it can also help you accept additional donations through their mobile bidding app or by using their text-to-give software! On top of all of that, take a look at these killer event management features:

  • Unlimited event support. If your organization relies on events to raise money, don’t let your event management app slow you down! OneCause allows you to plan as many events as you need throughout the year, no additional fees or expansions needed.
  • Online auction catalogs. Instead of spending money to print paper auction catalogs, file everything online so donors can access your auction items anywhere, anytime. You can even host online auctions so that anyone can browse and bid on items directly from your OneCause event site.
  • Donor management tools. Keep track of donor interactions, including contributions, bids, and automated acknowledgements, within your software. You can also integrate their tool with your CRM so that all data is visible in one place.

For pricing information, you can view OneCause’s event fundraising packages on their website.

Planning a charity auction? OneCause can walk you through the process step by step with their foolproof guide to maximizing bids during a live, silent, or online auction.


DipJar can help nonprofits manage on-site donations at events through their digital giving kiosk and helpful dashboard tools.

4. DipJar: Top Choice for On-Site Donation Management

If fundraising is your event goal, you’ll want to give guests as many options to give as possible. One of the best ways to do that? Offer on-site giving kiosks!

DipJar’s simple, secure giving kiosk enables event guests to dip their debit or credit card into the kiosk to instantly make a donation to your cause. 

But DipJar’s solution doesn’t stop at accepting in-person gifts. DipJar allows you to fully track all on-site donations, allowing you to manage these transactions using their intuitive dashboard. Additionally, you’ll have access to these great features:

  • Custom pre-set donation amounts. You can adjust the pre-set giving amount on your kiosk from your dashboard to quickly adapt to different events or donor demographics. That way, you’ll always ask for an amount that’s feasible and profitable.
  • Professional branding to your organization. You want your giving kiosk to stand out at your event, which means designing it to fit your nonprofit’s personality. Change the color, add a logo, or include additional marketing materials such as a branded sign.
  • Full donation security. DipJar abides by Payment Card Industry standards, so your donors’ payment data will always be secure. Though there are always risks when making online transactions, DipJar takes all the necessary precautions to keep your donors safe!

DipJar’s products start at $399. You can also contact their sales department to work with their team individually to determine the best event fundraising solutions for your organization.

Want to learn more about giving kiosk best practices? Read DipJar’s helpful post on raising more with your donation kiosk!


Read on to learn why Pathable is one of our favorite event management software options.

5. Pathable: Top Choice for Event Mobile Apps

May 2020 Update: If your organization had planned events for this season and are facing difficulties, don’t panic. Click here to learn more about how Pathable can help you take your event from in-person to virtual.

Event management software shouldn’t be built just to help you plan your event. It should also help you run your event, minute by minute. The easiest way to make your event planners, vendors, and attendees happy? A custom mobile event app.

Pathable does custom event apps better than anyone – they’ve taken their dedication to increasing engagement and building relationships and created software from it.

Pathable’s passion for community shines through in their custom app’s most important features:

  • Badge scanning. Whether you’re a vendor keeping track of leads or an attendee working towards continuing education credits, Pathable’s badge scanning capabilities take the stress out of keeping things organized.
  • Gamification and live polls. Keep your attendees excited and involved by appealing to their competitive spirit. When they earn points for getting scanned, visiting booths, watching panels, or sharing photos, they’ll be more likely to do more of all of those things. May the most engaged attendee win!
  • Discussion forums. Your attendees’ engagement shouldn’t end just because the event has. When attendees can keep conversations going year-round thanks to your app and its built-in forums, your organization and event can remain front-of-mind all year round.

Pathable has three tiers of pricing – Container Basic, Container Pro, and White Label. Check out their website to determine which option your organization needs.

Need some help cleaning up your nonprofit website? Check out these top nonprofit websites to get some inspiration for your own!

There you have it! With these tools, your organization will never worry about planning a lackluster event again.

Now that you’re all set with the perfect event management tool, get started planning by checking out these amazing event fundraising resources:

  • The Ultimate Guide to Peer-to-Peer Fundraising. Learn why peer-to-peer fundraising is the strategy everyone’s trying by checking out our in-depth guide.
  • Walkathon Guide. Perfect for all ages and all types of organizations, walkathons are a powerful way to raise money and bring the community together for your cause. Read our guide to planning your own walkathon!
  • Charity Auction Guide. There’s a reason charity auctions are one of the most classic fundraising events. Learn how to bring in more guests (and bids!) at your upcoming silent or live auction.

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Learn more about the 7 communication channels that can engage supporters.

7 Channels to Engage Your Supporters

Did you know that nearly a third of the world’s population made some kind of charitable donation in 2015? And that the amount of donations is growing every year (4.1 percent in 2016 and a projected 4.3 percent in 2017)?

Today there are more and more ways to get people engaged in your nonprofit’s cause and many different platforms where to engage with donors.

Mobile is definitely the latest craze when it comes to fundraising with mobile donations increasing 45 percent during the holiday season of 2014 and 2015. The popularity of mobile and its effectiveness in increasing donor engagement is the reason many nonprofits are focusing their fundraising efforts on mobile.

Channels like social media also help nonprofits connect with their donor base while live chat provides a personalized and professional way to respond to donor interest in real time. YouTube videos can help you create a compelling case for action and blogs can help build an organization’s story and increase donor engagement.

Here’s a breakdown of how and why to engage your donors on these channels:

1. Mobile apps

Mobile apps can have a great impact on donations. Consumers use them for a variety of purposes including learning about a social or environmental issue (56 percent) and making a donation (48 percent).

People who download mobile apps tend to spend more time on them than they do on mobile websites, giving your nonprofit more time to communicate with your potential donor and convince them to give to your cause.

Since downloading the app takes an extra step than visiting the website, app users tend to also be more committed. Nonprofits can tailor messages to their donors, send push notifications about upcoming events or fundraising drives and maintain their donor informed and engaged through their app.

2. SMS

The penetration of mobile phones worldwide means that mobile is an increasingly viable platform for fundraising. SMS messages have impressive 98 percent open rates and 91 percent of texts being opened within three minutes. Therefore, growing your SMS donor list is a smart investment for any organization.

The nonprofit SAWA-Australia changed their underactive email campaign to a text campaign and saw positive results including increased attendance at fundraising events. Covener Matthias Tomczak said that text messaging “is a valuable tool to increase our donation income.”

In addition to letting donors know about upcoming events through text, you can also launch a text-to-give program that allows donors to give by entering a text code. This is fast and for all the demographics.

3. Mobile website

As the whole world goes mobile and more and more donations are made on a mobile device, it’s crucial that your organization’s website is optimized for mobile use.

Mobile sites that are slow to load (more than two seconds) with broken text, confusing landing pages and poorly cropped photos will not instill much faith in your potential donors.

By the way, mobile-friendliness is also a factor in your website’s Google ranking – another reason to take mobile optimization seriously. Your website’s donation page should be easy to fill out on mobile by offering dropdown menus and enabling auto-fill.

4. YouTube for Nonprofits

Video is an effective way to get supporters engaged. It helps you tell the story of your organization and the people affected by it.

YouTube offers a nonprofit program that provides several tools to help nonprofits increase their outreach and meet their goals. Their program allows nonprofits to add donation cards to their video and to link to their website’s landing page. They also offer production and editing services and technical support.

The World Food Program’s YouTube fundraiser resulted in feeding 500,000 children at schools in one day and the video had half a million views.

5. Live chat

Using live chat to communicate with website visitors is a great way to increase donations. Live chat is especially relevant when you consider the rise of online giving over more traditional forms of giving.

LiveChat, Inc. CEO Mariusz Cieply explains that “…live chat provides the ability to target potential donors who are browsing the website and to address them by name with tailored messages.”

In addition, “Providing the ability to start a chat with a real person validates the entire experience and improves the credibility of the organization.”

A professional live chat agent can answer donor questions and effectively guide them through the donation process.

6. Social media

Social media is an important tool for reaching donors and its use is growing. By 2018, 33 percent of the world’s population is expected to be social media users.

Many nonprofits and organizations are aware of its influence, which is why 95 percent have a Facebook page, 83 percent have a Twitter account and 40 percent use Instagram.

There are lots of ways to use social media:

• Social media is an ideal place to post photos and videos that reflect your organization’s work and inspire people to donate
• You can create fundraising events and post them on Facebook where they can be viewed and shared by followers.
• Add the Donate button to your organization’s Facebook page to make it easier for donors to give directly through social media.
• Create a unique hashtag for your fundraising program on Twitter so people can find links and references to it easily as well as spread the word to others.

7. Blogs

Content plays an important part in getting buy-in for your nonprofit’s cause. Posts with compelling stories about how donor contributions have made an impact, featured stories of people served by the organization and informational articles that include facts about why your organization’s work is so important can all contribute to a reader’s desire to donate.

Having a blog can also improve your nonprofit’s ranking in a search engine, making it easier for people to find you. Blogs are highly shareable on social media and also provide a platform for people to comment and discuss, increasing the buzz about your work.

By knowing how to make the most of each of these channels, you can significantly increase you donor engagement and attract new donors. Did you have experience with any of the channels mentioned above? Did you manage to improve the success of your fundraising efforts? Share your comments!

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