Top 13 Advocacy Software Options for Nonprofits
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Explore the top nonprofit advocacy software options for nonprofits.

Top 12 Nonprofit Advocacy Software Solutions

Explore the top nonprofit advocacy software options for nonprofits.

The Top Nonprofit Advocacy Software

#1: Nonprofit Advocacy Software — Fundly


When it comes to building stronger donor connections and relationships, Fundly CRM has your back and can help you out with online advocacy.

With our donor management and comprehensive reports, you’ll be able to reach every potential advocate and excite them about your cause.

Our comprehensive communication tools make it easy for your nonprofit organization to manage events and take charge of your marketing strategy.

You’ll be able to easily track your donor’s contributions and interactions so you’ll know which strategies are working and which aren’t.

Why It Made Our List

Fundly is a keep-it-all platform, meaning that you don’t have to reach your goals to receive the funds you raise. For nonprofits like yours, every dollar toward your cause will make an impact, so finding a site that doesn’t have strict requirements means that you can still fulfill your project. Additionally, you can easily adjust your deadline if you want to extend your campaign to raise even more money for your project.

The Cost

Fundly CRM starts at just $60/month.

Fundly has helped raise over $330 million to date.

Our Favorite Grassroots Software for Nonprofits

#2: Nonprofit Advocacy Software — Muster

Muster offers grassroots advocacy tools to simplify the donor management process.


Muster’s advocacy software empowers nonprofits to lead their supporters in advocating for the issues that matter most, while also growing their donor base. Muster’s analytics let nonprofits collect data on their advocacy campaigns and their supporters, paving the way for data-driven advocacy and supporter prospecting. 

Use Muster’s robust communication tools to benchmark member engagement and separate supporters into custom lists. Divide supporters based on their location, advocacy interests, or any other way that will set your next advocacy campaign up for success. 

Why It Made Our List

Muster’s flexible communication tools allow your supporters to reach their representatives via social media, email, phone calls, and direct mail to advocate for your organization. Then, Muster’s reporting features let organizations track open and interaction rates for each method, empowering advocacy groups to refine their approach for their next campaign.

#3: Nonprofit Advocacy Software — MobileAction!

MobileAction! is a top advocacy software option for nonprofits.


Designed to work in tandem with Blackbaud’s Luminate Advocacy platform, MobileAction! is a mobile advocacy app developed by the nonprofit technology consultants at DNL OmniMedia.

MobileAction! gives advocacy organizations and grassroots fundraising teams all of the tools they need to engage with supporters on the go. Think of this solution as full-service advocacy software delivered straight to your supporters whenever, wherever.

Why It Made Our List

DNL OmniMedia creates completely custom, branded mobile advocacy apps that are unique to each nonprofit’s needs. They’ll build out a solution that includes whatever advocacy features are most important to your supporters, so you’ll never have to worry about having too few (or too many) tools on-hand.

The Cost

Since each MobileAction! solution is custom-made, you’ll need to contact DNL OmniMedia to discuss project pricing.

#4: Nonprofit Advocacy Software — Salsa

Salsa's nonprofit advocacy software makes managing donor relationships a breeze.


Salsa’s online advocacy software will help engage and educate your supporters. While you use email marketing to inform your supporters, you can use registration forms to publicize your upcoming event. Salsa will help you rally and mobilize your supporters.

Plus, you can build online petitions with Salsa! Create awareness for your cause with one click actions that will lead to thousands of digital signatures. You’ll be able to follow up with your new advocates through an email campaign you create.

In addition to Salsa’s advocacy software, they have several fundraising and donor management tools that can add to your digital advocacy campaigns giving you robust insights into the most effective ways to communicate with donors.

Why It Made Our List

Salsa shares socially! You can make it easy for your supporters to spread the word through Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, and you can find supporters’ profiles through their emails with Salsa’s Social Lookup.

The Cost

Salsa’s digital marketing and online advocacy package starts at just $179 a month!

#5: Nonprofit Advocacy Software — Soapbox Engage

Soapbox Engage is a grassroots advocacy platform that helps your organization get the word out about its mission.


Soapbox Engage’s advocacy software can help you streamline your campaign from start to finish. With a suite of apps designed to work perfectly together, their tools can take your advocacy work to the next level. Their advocacy app, in particular, will help you generate beautiful letters and emails while creating contact lists to organize message blasts.

Plus, their mobile-friendly website templates reassure you that your cause will look great on any device!

Why It Made Our List

Soapbox Engage apps integrate with Salesforce! Save all of your transactions to Salesforce so you can spend less time on data entry and ensure all your donor and advocate profiles are completely up-to-date.

The Cost

With a discount for nonprofits, Soapbox Engage apps are only $49/month. Check out their unlimited plan for even more access.

Fundly has helped raise over $330 million to date.

#6: Nonprofit Advocacy Software — Grassroots Unwired

Grassroots Unwired offers mobile-first nonprofit advocacy software.


Grassroots Unwired offers dynamic advocacy and canvassing tools to nonprofits, progressive political campaigns, and labor unions. Their product is built on the philosophy that mobile-first technology can power the greater good.

With innovative in-person and virtual solutions, Grassroots Unwired has the features your organization needs to create a successful ground game for messaging or fundraising.

Why It Made Our List

Grassroots Unwired is an end-to-end advocacy platform that can help you execute your entire campaign. Their tools can handle virtual and mobile canvassing, donation and data management, canvasser and turf management, and much more.

The Cost

Contact the Grassroots Unwired team for a demo and a quote on their advocacy software solutions.

#7: Nonprofit Advocacy Software — Doubleknot

Doubleknot is an excellent nonprofit advocacy software provider for associations and charities.


Doubleknot offers integrated solutions for medium to large associations, advocacy groups, and nonprofits.

Doubleknot provides membership management, event management, registration, online fundraising capabilities, and communications functionality all within one integrated system.

Why It Made Our List

You can even encourage your supporters to share your online petitions and other information with Doubleknot’s social sharing buttons! Getting the word out to new supporters only helps your cause.

The Cost

Contact Doubleknot for a quote on their software.

Other Grassroots Software Providers

#8: Nonprofit Matching Gifts Software — Double the Donation

A matching gifts tool like Double the Donation is an important addition to any advocacy software.


While Double the Donation is not an advocacy software, it is a vital part of an advocacy group’s fundraising and outreach arsenal. Ask your supporters to use their employers’ matching gifts programs to maximize the impact of their donations to your organization.

Double the Donation allows nonprofits to customize either a web page hosted by Double the Donation or a plugin embedded into your organization’s own website, which are both powered by Double the Donation’s unparalleled matching gifts resource database.

Why It Made Our List

By removing the guesswork from and raising awareness for corporate philanthropy, Double the Donation allows your supporters to financially contribute to your organization beyond their means. Their donations are what keeps your organization afloat, so make sure you can fundraise to your utmost potential.

The Cost

Double the Donation offers different packages depending on the needs and size of your organization, ranging from $299/year and up.

#9: Nonprofit Advocacy Software — Blue State Digital

Blue State Digital offers unique grassroots advocacy software for all kinds of campaigns.


Blue State Digital understands advocacy through and through. With their website development and QuickDonate services, they’ll help you build a campaign that makes a “real impact for real people.” Looking to make lasting change, Blue State will help you establish strong relationships with your supporters and help them to help you.

With Blue State’s software, you can learn how your supporters can use their influences–monetary and social–to help gain support for your cause!

Why It Made Our List

Blue State can even help design and perfect your campaign website to maximize your cause’s exposure!

The Cost

When you’re ready to start, shoot them an email or give them a call to discover their pricing options.

Fundly has helped raise over $330 million to date.

#10: Nonprofit Advocacy Software — Action Network

The Action Network is an affordable nonprofit advocacy software solution.


Mobilize your supporters with Action Network’s online advocacy software and make your forms mobile-friendly!

And now for the part that makes your life so easy: built-in mass email. You can email groups of ten or groups of a million supporters with their email system that’s equipped with targeting and deliverability strategies.

Why It Made Our List

Action Network was made for organizers by organizers! They understand all that goes into rallying advocacy for a good cause so they’ll help you do so with their intuitive online toolkit.

The Cost

Action Network starts at just $10 a month!

#11: Nonprofit Advocacy Software — Votility

Votility's grassroots advocacy software will help your nonprofit grow its community.


Interested in reaching further than your current donor base? Votility’s advocacy software is made for organizations that want to go above and beyond when it comes to spreading awareness about their cause.

Plus, you can avoid searching for up-to-date contact information for local officials and instead select individuals from a database to target.

Why It Made Our List

With Votility, you can customize landing pages to match your branding. From there, you can encourage your supporters to email your local officials.

The Cost

Votility encourages nonprofits to schedule a demo in order to determine a price.

#12: Nonprofit Advocacy Software — EveryAction

EveryAction offers nonprofit advocacy software that simplifies the donor management process.


With EveryAction’s one-step advocacy tools, you can easily convert supporters into donors and grow your donor base by simplifying the process.

They’ll even help you deliver the right messages to the right addresses. EveryAction will draw supporters’ information from your online advocacy forms so you don’t waste time creating yet another email list. Their experts make sure your messages don’t end up in anyone’s spam or junk folders with automatic retry mechanisms.

Why It Made Our List

Don’t leave social media out of the loop! EveryAction can help you navigate Twitter’s potential to make your cause of the utmost importance. Let your supporters get involved by tweeting directly at important personas on your behalf!

The Cost

While some of their resources are free, their services are priced contractually and are personalized for each organization.

#13: Nonprofit Advocacy Software — Ujoin

Ujoin is a unique and powerful nonprofit advocacy software provider.


Ujoin creates branded, mobile-optimized action pages for targeted email, twitter, and click to phone call actions. It integrates with social media and has a legislation tracking dashboard that can be displayed on any website.

Influence city and county councilors, department chairs, state or federal legislators, or any decision-maker. Brand your own action pages, influence decision-makers, get policy wins.

Why It Made Our List

Ujoin integrates with other apps, is mobile-optimized, and integrates with social media. It also has open pricing and a great privacy policy.

The Cost

Plans start at $99 per month and go up to $249.

Successful Nonprofit Advocacy Campaigns for Inspiration

Habitat for Humanity Global Village

See how Habitat for Humanity used Fundly's nonprofit advocacy software for their fundraiser.

By leveraging Fundly’s nonprofit advocacy platform, Habitat for Humanity was able to raise over $14,000,000 toward their Global Village fundraising campaign!

With the platform’s intuitive social sharing tools and customizable donation pages, Habitat for Humanity was able to engage supporters with ease.

A Ray of Hope

Check out how A Ray of Hope leveraged Fundly's grassroots advocacy software platform to make their mark.

So far, A Ray of Hope has been able to raise over $250,000 of their fundraising goal with Fundly’s grassroots advocacy software.

By including a compelling call to action and keeping supporters updated with their progress, the organization has already made huge fundraising strides.

Fundly has helped raise over $330 million to date.

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