Read all about the top 5 wealth screening software providers for nonprofits.

Top 5 Wealth Screening Software Providers for Your Nonprofit


Wealth screening is a valuable first step to prospect research. By knowing your donors’ wealth standing, you can tailor your asks to segments of your database or identify major donors.

But as valuable as wealth screening is, it’s not always easy to wade through an entire ocean of records on the search for your most valuable donors.

With wealth screening software, you get to put your donor data in capable, automated hands for fast results while you focus on driving your fundraising campaign. To make that your reality, check out our analysis of the top 5 wealth screening software providers to find the perfect one for your nonprofit.

DonorSearch offers quick, accurate wealth screening software.

1. DonorSearch — Our Top Wealth Screening Software Provider

Wealth Screening Software Provider Overview

DonorSearch is the go-to wealth screening software. With its Integrated Search feature, you receive an exhaustive breakdown of your prospect’s wealth information and philanthropic history.

And the best part is that by combining automated and manual research verification, DonorSearch’s wealth screening is 90% accurate. Compare that to the industry standard of around 70% for machine-generated data. That kind of edge can take your donor research strategies to the next level.

Best Features of DonorSearch’s Wealth Screening Software

DonorSearch’s wealth screening software service is highly customizable:

  • DonorSearch will screen new prospect lists overnight for a morning-after delivery.
  • You can submit batch screenings at any point during your contract term.
  • Live audience analysis and daily patient screening turn around fast, useful information for specific campaigns or segments of your donor population.


Contact 410-670-7880 or [email protected].

DonorSearch maintains a highly accurate automatic and manual wealth screening software system.

Double the Donation's top wealth screening software identifies matching gifts opportunities from a database of over 20k companies.

2. Double the Donation

Wealth Screening Software Provider Overview

Double the Donation’s top-ranked wealth screening software hones in on matching gifts opportunities by giving your nonprofit access to the matching gifts information of over 20k companies worldwide.

Best Features of Double the Donation’s Screening Software

When your supporters search Double the Donation’s matching gifts database, they don’t simply learn if their employer offers a matching gifts program. They also learn key information like:

  • Their employer’s minimum or maximum matching gift threshold.
  • Deadlines for submitting a matching gift request.
  • Constraints on their matching gifts program (like whether or not their employer matches gifts to faith-based causes).


Check out Double the Donation’s pricing page for up-to-date costs.

While not technically a wealth screening service, Double the Donation helps donors maximize their wealth by identifying opportunities for matching gifts.

NPO Authority partners with DonorSearch's database, producing versatile wealth screening software.

3. NPO Authority

Wealth Screening Software Provider Overview

Pulling from DonorSearch’s proprietary database, NPO Authority offers bulk screening for a minimum of 100 donors per batch. Like its partner DonorSearch, NPO Authority also combines electronic and manual screening for a 90% accuracy rate. Screening for planned gifts is also available.

Best Features of NPO Authority’s Screening Software

With Integrated Search and Gift Search, NPO Authority expands the ways you can find likely prospects:

  • You can search for common nicknames, not just first names, which widens your search.
  • You can screen prospects for their past gifts, finding trends that are invaluable for your planning.
  • You can research annual reports that name donors and gift recipients, looking for connections to new prospects through existing donors.


Pricing packages range from a $1,200 annual contract with unlimited access to searches, training, and online tools to a $1,495 annual contract complete with a free consultation and 1,000 records screened at once.

NPO Authority's partnership with DonorSearch makes its wealth screening software flexible and expansive.

If your goal is to focus on high net value prospects, Timetric is the wealth screening software for you.

4. Timetric

Wealth Screening Software Provider Overview

Timetric’s WealthInsight service focuses your attention on high net worth individuals. You can request detailed profiles of your prospects from just a list of their names, or you can provide criteria and request a list of names and profiles that match your guidelines. However your list comes to be, Timetric’s WealthInsight also keeps track of your prospect’s networks to look for other potential donors.

Best Features of Timetric’s Screening Software

Timing can be an important factor when sending asks. Timetric’s WealthInsight keeps on top of significant events in high net worth individuals’ lives so you can time your asks around them. Some significant events for donation that Timetric tracks are, for example:

  • Liquidity events, so you know when your prospects come into new wealth.
  • Donation events such as parties and galas, so you know when your prospects are in a charitable spirit.
  • Other events based on custom profiles of prospects’ interests, philanthropic and otherwise.


Direct sales inquiries to [email protected].

With Timetric's wealth screening software, you can focus on high net value individuals.

iWave looks for connections to the causes your nonprofit supports with its wealth screening software.

5. iWave

Wealth Screening Software Provider Overview

PROscreen, a subset of iWave’s umbrella service Prospect Research Online (PRO), focuses on both potential donors’ capacity to give and their inclinations toward your specific organization or industry. The PROscreen tool rates prospects on their likelihood and ability to give to your organization. As an added bonus, the software integrates with a few popular CRMs.

Best Features of iWave’s Screening Software

iWave doesn’t want you to wait around. To save time and gather the most well-rounded information possible, PRO pulls from a wide array of databases to collect specific subsets of information linked to statistical propensity for charitable giving:

  • VeriGift, to better understand your prospect’s charitable giving history.
  • The Federal Election Commission and Elections Canada, for political contributions.
  • Thomson Reuters, diving into insider transactions and securities.


Fill out the online contact form to start a conversation about iWave and its products, including PROscreen.

iWave's PROscreen wealth screening software solution integrates with many common CRMs.

Whether you’re a small nonprofit looking for your first major donors or a large organization ready to automate the process, there’s a wealth screening software solution out there for you. Take your time to research and find a software that will let you focus on the matters that need your attention more.

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