Explore our list of top software for nonprofits to continue fulfilling your mission.

The Best Software for Nonprofits [Rated & Reviewed]

Whether you’re looking for a tool to raise money via mobile giving or event fundraising tools, nonprofit software is essential to every organization’s fundraising efforts.

Nonprofit software can help you manage and plan every aspect of your fundraising. That’s why we’ve created a list of the best nonprofit software solutions for 2020!

RankingNonprofit SoftwareSoftware Type
#1LumaverseDonor Management
#3360MatchProMatching Gifts
#4BoardableBoard Management
#5GivingMailDirect Mail
#6Grassroots UnwiredPolitical Advocacy
#7LeaderosityLearning Management
#8Soapbox EngageSalesforce Apps
#9Salsa LabsNonprofit CRM
#10OneCauseEvent Fundraising
#11Double the DonationMatching Gifts
DonorSearchProspect Research
#13SnowballMobile Fundraising
#14ClearView CRMComprehensive Solution
#15QgivOnline Giving
#17MIP Fund AccountingAccounting
#19AllegianceBroadcast Fundraising
Lumaverse is one of our favorite all-in-one nonprofit software providers.

#1 Best Nonprofit Software: LUMAVERSE

Nonprofit Software Specialty

Lumaverse is a comprehensive nonprofit software solution designed to equip any size organization with the tools and resources they need to maximize their fundraising and donor management efforts.

Through Lumaverse’s nonprofit software, charitable organizations are able to raise more for their causes, better engage with their donors, and craft strategic and data-driven plans.

This nonprofit software provider values respect, growth, innovation, and fun—and empowers organizations worldwide to leverage these characteristics.

Lumaverse comes with a ton of useful features such as:

  • Targeted fundraising efforts
  • Event management and ticketing tools
  • Communications and marketing resources
  • Member, volunteer, and donor management capabilities
  • 200+ default reports, plus custom-built alternatives
  • Web capabilities and nonprofit software integrations

The Lumaverse team works to change the world by providing nonprofits everywhere with these powerful, intuitive, scalable, and affordable tools. Plus, it’s super easy to get started!

Why We Recommend It

Lumaverse’s comprehensive suite of nonprofit software integrates with Fundly, meaning you can transfer data collected from your crowdfunding campaigns to your intuitive fundraising and donor management system with ease.

Even further, Lumaverse offers such a diverse array of tools and services that any organization is bound to find one that fits their needs. Their software is affordable for the smaller nonprofits looking to get started with a simpler solution and continues to grow alongside larger-scale organizations.

Here's a look at our favorite nonprofit software solution, Lumaverse.
Fundly is the best nonprofit software for crowdfunding.

#2 Best Nonprofit Software: Fundly

Nonprofit Software Specialty

At Fundly, we are a leading crowdfunding platform made for nonprofits of all shapes and sizes. From cancer research to marathons, nonprofits can use Fundly’s platform to raise money for virtually any cause. In addition to our crowdfunding platform, nonprofits will also have the option to create peer-to-peer campaigns, where supporters raise money on the organization’s behalf. 

Not only have we helped organizations raise $330 million, but we also capitalize on social sharing as a way for organizations to raise awareness and money for their mission.

Organizations can expect a whole host of features from Fundly including: 

  • Mobile-optimized fundraising pages
  • Excellent customer support
  • Giving levels and perks
  • Customization options (like adding a logo and changing the colors)
  • Multiple social sharing buttons

Plus, creating a campaign on our crowdfunding website is simple; users can easily input images and videos as well as post updates on their fundraising progress.

Why We Recommend It

Fundly is an advanced version of our crowdfunding platform that nonprofits can use to create better crowdfunding or peer-to-peer campaigns. We offer top-notch tools, that organizations of all shapes and sizes will find useful as they promote and share their campaigns. Fundly even has optional VIP packages where our talented staff will help lead you through your fundraiser.

Nonprofit Software Pricing

Fundly is one of the most affordable crowdfunding platforms available. Nonprofits will only pay a 4.9% platform fee and 2.9% + $.30 per transaction for payment processing. Aside from these fees, organizations will keep all the funds they raise without having to meet any specific goals or deadlines.

#3 Best Nonprofit Software: 360MatchPro

Nonprofit Software Specialty

360MatchPro is a nonprofit software provider that helps large organizations automate their matching gift outreach. As you’re probably aware, matching gifts can be a great source of funds for your nonprofit. However, many supporters aren’t familiar with their company’s specific guidelines or how to submit a request. As a result, many nonprofits miss out on a large portion of their matching gift potential.

With 360MatchPro, large nonprofits can get more insights into their donors’ employers and send out customized matching gift information. This tailored outreach is much more likely to reach your donors.

360MatchPro comes with a ton of useful features like:

  • Matching gift management
  • Email domain screening
  • One-click notifications on donors who submit a request
  • Filters that show the top matching gift opportunities

By customizing the matching gift experience from the top down, your organization has total control over how you encourage matching gifts from your supporters. With a resource like 360MatchPro, there’s nothing stopping your team from maximizing the impact of your giving community!

Bonus! There’s a lot you might not know about matching gift software. Discover more about this excellent fundraising resource by checking out our comprehensive matching gift software guide.

Why We Recommend It

Often matching gifts get pushed to the wayside because nonprofits don’t have the right infrastructure or management tools to actively promote matching gifts. That’s why 360MatchPro is such a great solution.

Their services provide donors with the right tools to create a tailored outreach program that actually works. Additionally, organizations will be able to track submitted matching gift requests to gain a better estimate of the funds they’ve raised.

Nonprofit Software Pricing

If your organization would like to know more about the cost of 360MatchPro, request more information on the website.

Check out 360MatchPro's nonprofit software for matching gifts.
Boardable offers the best board management software for nonprofits.

#4 Best Nonprofit Software: Boardable

Nonprofit Software Specialty

Boardable offers board management software built for any cause. Their software centralizes communication and enables you to find the best meeting times, securely store your documents, create discussion threads, and more. With their comprehensive technology, you’ll empower your board to effectively communicate so that you can focus on leading, not just managing.

Here are a handful of the extensive features Boardable offers:

  • Agenda builder with customizable templates
  • Meetings center to streamline scheduling
  • Polling capabilities for quick decision making
  • Task manager to assign and manage action items
  • Goal tracking to set benchmarks and measure success
  • Reporting to quickly identify accomplishments and areas in need of improvement

Why We Recommend It

In an increasingly digital world, virtual communication is vital for nonprofits. Boardable makes this possible with their easy-to-use board management technology. On top of their intuitive web interface, they offer a mobile app that allows board members to collaborate anytime, anywhere.

Nonprofit Software Pricing

Starting at just $79 a month, Boardable is an affordable solution for any size nonprofit. Plus, they offer a 30-day free trial to help you picture how their software will work for your organization—no credit card required and no strings attached.

Explore Boardable's website to learn more about their nonprofit board management software.
GivingMail is one of our favorite nonprofit software providers.

#5 Best Nonprofit Software: GivingMail

Nonprofit Software Specialty

GivingMail is one of our favorite nonprofit fundraising companies for any organization looking to raise more for their cause. Specifically, GivingMail is dedicated to ensuring fundraising success to all by bringing affordable and accessible direct mail fundraising to small and mid-sized nonprofits.

Here are a handful of the extensive features that GivingMail offers:

  • Multiple formats for direct mail packages
  • Online package design creation and editor
  • End-to-end printing and mailing capabilities

Why We Recommend It

Writing high-quality, effective fundraising letters is an important task on its own. You shouldn’t have to worry about printing, stuffing, and mailing the letters, too!

Instead, by partnering with a favorite fundraising platform like GivingMail, you can save time and energy that can be reinvested into your mission. Plus, it’s all done for cheaper than you would spend on printing and shipping alone.

Nonprofit Software Pricing

GivingMail’s costs vary depending on the fundraising package you choose (and the number of recipients you’d like to send it to). Their pricing can go as low as $0.71 per piece—including postage!

Grassroots Unwired is the best nonprofit software for political canvassing.

#6 Best Nonprofit Software: Grassroots Unwired

Nonprofit Software Specialty

Grassroots Unwired offers a comprehensive range of solutions that bridge traditional advocacy with groundbreaking technology. While their software can benefit a variety of groups including nonprofits, labor unions, and peer-to-peer fundraising coordinators, where Grassroots Unwired really shines is their political canvassing software.

The team at Grassroots Unwired has created powerful digital solutions for canvassers to build relationships, collect information, and even register voters on the spot.

Their Canvassing App revolutionizes the workflow of in-person door knocking, but when circumstances don’t safely allow for physical interaction, Grassroots Unwired also offers a best-in-class option for virtual conversation. With the I C Voters app, canvassers can still have meaningful and productive interactions through seamless video calls.

Some of the available features on Grassroots Unwired’s political canvassing apps include:

  • Instant verification of voter contact information
  • Scalability for any size campaign
  • Powerful turf-cutting and canvasser management for campaign organizers
  • Real-time reporting tools for organizers and canvassers
  • Multi-lingual scripts that can be updated on the fly

With Grassroots Unwired, your advocates will have access to solutions as innovative and progressive as your campaign.

Why We Recommend It

Grassroots Unwired leverages technology to facilitate a faster, broader, and more convenient experience for both canvassers and voters. While other advocacy software may offer peer-to-peer texting or phone capabilities, I C Voters is the best tool for powering the face-to-face interactions your campaign needs.

Nonprofit Software Pricing

Grassroots Unwired offers scalable solutions for your organization. If you’d like more information about specific pricing, contact the Grassroots Unwired team today.

Check out Grassroots Unwired’s website for more information about their nonprofit software.
Leaderosity is the best nonprofit software for learning management.

#7 Best Nonprofit Software: Leaderosity

Nonprofit Software Specialty

Leaderosity is a comprehensive learning management system (LMS) that enables your nonprofit to educate and train your staff, members, volunteers, and constituents. This completely digital platform offers crucial features such as: 

  • Personalized learning paths and notifications
  • Event registration and e-commerce options
  • Training assistance provided by The Nonprofit Leadership Alliance
  • Administrator access for your organization

With Leaderosity, your nonprofit can maintain consistency with its educational content and training materials available for the appropriate audiences. For example, you can ensure all of your volunteers across locations and chapters have access to the same high-quality training content before they start working at your organization.

Why We Recommend It

Leaderosity was designed by The Nonprofit Leadership Alliance, a nonprofit organization serving other nonprofits. They understand first-hand the challenges that nonprofits face regarding training and providing educational materials to the appropriate audiences. 

Due to this understanding and their expertise on the subject, along with an LMS platform, The Alliance offers assistance in the process of developing or implementing training programs on Leaderosity’s platform. They’ll help you ensure the content is engaging and drives success for your audiences.

#8 Best Nonprofit Software: Soapbox Engage

Nonprofit Software Specialty

Soapbox Engage develops top Salesforce apps for nonprofits that use the world’s most popular cloud-based CRM platform. If you’re already on Salesforce, you know that integrated apps and add-ons are the perfect way to customize your toolkit and make the most of all your data. However, it can be tricky for smaller organizations to get up and running quickly with tools designed specifically for nonprofits.

Soapbox Engage apps for Salesforce are designed to address a wide variety of needs and help nonprofits truly make the most of the platform. Best of all, they put the power of data analytics in the hands of even small organizations.

Soapbox Engage offers apps that serve functions like:

  • Online donation processing
  • Event registration and ticketing
  • Custom form building
  • Customized online directories
  • eCommerce tools
  • Petition and target action advocacy tools

Previously, the process of choosing the right apps and add-ons at the right prices was a time-consuming barrier to entry for small nonprofits moving to Salesforce. With the Soapbox Engage suite of apps, organizations can start using affordable and highly effective tools in no time.

Plus, the Soapbox Engage donations app includes a built-in matching gift search tool from 360MatchPro! It’s easier than ever to make the most of Salesforce and corporate philanthropy opportunities.

Why We Recommend It

Salesforce apps for nonprofits span an extremely wide range of price points and functionalities. The Soapbox Engage suite does what few other providers do: offer high-quality apps for Salesforce that aren’t complicated and aren’t too expensive for smaller organizations.

Integrated tools are the whole reason the Salesforce platform has proven itself to be so useful for nonprofits. Soapbox Engage believes every nonprofit deserves access to value-creating tools. Explore their guide to Salesforce donation apps for more information and examples of apps in action.

Nonprofit Software Pricing

For nonprofits, Soapbox Engage apps start at $49/month per app, and unlimited packages start at $199/month. Explore their site for more information and customization options.

Top software for nonprofits from Soapbox Engage are perfect for Salesforce.
Salsa Labs is the best nonprofit software for donor management.

#9 Best Nonprofit Software: Salsa Labs

Nonprofit Software Speciality

Salsa Labs offers comprehensive donor management, fundraising, marketing, and advocacy software solutions designed for nonprofits. With their scalable technology suite, organizations of all sizes can:

  • Manage donor profiles and engagement.
  • Build online donation forms.
  • Launch petitions and targeted letter campaigns.
  • Create peer-to-peer fundraisers.

With Salsa, you’ll not only be able to manage your donor relationships; you’ll also be able to track and enhance your campaigns through smart, easy-to-use fundraising tools.

And since all of your supporter and campaign data is stored in one place, you can draw from all of the most important sources when crafting in-depth reports and dashboards.

Why We Recommend It

In order to design fundraising campaigns and outreach strategies that truly meet your supporters where they are, you need to have a solid understanding of your donor base.

With Salsa, you can get to know your donors on an individual basis by creating fully fleshed-out constituent profiles. Capture everything from basic personal details to custom fields to have all the insight you need in one convenient location. Then, create supporter lists based on shared qualities to instantly tailor your efforts!

Nonprofit Software Pricing

Salsa’s packages start at $179 per month, which will give you access to their marketing and fundraising modules. If your organization wants to use Salsa’s CRM, plans start at $249 per month.

With Salsa, nonprofits can create custom constituent profiles to track valuable donor data.
OneCause is our top nonprofit software for fundraising events.

#10 Best Nonprofit Software: OneCause

Nonprofit Software Specialty

OneCause has fundraising event management software that helps organizations plan and organize various fundraisers. From golf tournaments to galas to charity auctions, OneCause has the tools needed to make your event run smoothly.

Some of the top-notch features that you can expect from OneCause include: 

  • Mobile bidding tools for charity auctions
  • Event RSVP and registration tracking
  • Marketing and promotion tools
  • Table assignments and seating arrangements

Plus, OneCause is launching a peer-to-peer platform to bring even more social engagement to their event software.

Why We Recommend It

OneCause has plenty of mobile options to make it even more convenient for guests to give at your fundraising event. For instance, OneCause helps organizations simplify their silent auctions by providing a paperless experience; donors can bid using their mobile phones and receive updates when they’ve been outbid.

Nonprofit Software Pricing

OneCause offers several packages that vary in pricing. If you’d like to know more information about specific price points, contact OneCause today.

OneCause offers best-in-class nonprofit software for fundraising events.
Double the Donation is the best nonprofit software for matching gifts.

#11 Best Nonprofit Software: Double the Donation

Nonprofit Software Specialty

Double the Donation offers matching gift tools to small to medium-sized nonprofits (larger nonprofits should consider 360MatchPro). With the matching gift tool, a donor can search his employer’s corporate philanthropy program to learn about specific guidelines and steps to submit a request.

The best part is that nonprofits can embed this tool into their:

  • Dedicated matching gift page
  • Online donation forms
  • Confirmation screens
  • Thank you letters

The more places organizations promote this matching gift tool, the better chance they have of encouraging donors to submit a request.

Why We Recommend It

Double the Donation has integrations with some of the leading online donation tools so you can place this tool directly into your forms without switching providers.

Plus, organizations will have access to Double the Donation’s database, an up-to-date list of hundreds of corporate matching gift and volunteer grant programs. 

Nonprofit Software Pricing

The basic plan starts at $299 per year which gives organizations a web-hosted matching gift page. If you’re interested in the embedded matching gift tool, the premium plan is $499 per year.

Double the Donation's matching gift search tool helps donors find more information about their employer's program.
DonorSearch is the best nonprofit software for prospect research.

#12 Best Nonprofit Software: DonorSearch

Nonprofit Software Specialty

DonorSearch is a nonprofit software provider that provides prospect research and wealth screening services. If your organization doesn’t have the resources to hire an in-house prospect researcher, DonorSearch’s services can help!

They’ll work with hospitals and other healthcare facilities, colleges and universities, and other nonprofits to help them find ideal prospects and supporters with the capacity (and willingness) to give major gifts.

Why We Recommend It

DonorSearch has a responsive support team and provides excellent training courses to help you raise even more. They have courses for basic and advanced training. In addition, they can provide your organization with insights into your donors.

Additionally, DonorSearch will create a tailored plan that is based on your organization’s goals. For instance, if you want to focus on boosting your planned giving efforts, DonorSearch can help you identify the donors that are more likely to support you long term.

Nonprofit Software Pricing

For more information on DonorSearch’s pricing and plans, organizations will need to contact the team and request a customized quote. However, their training and support services are free. Plus, your subscription will come with unlimited prospect searches.

With the prospect research tool from DonorSearch, nonprofits can search for potential donors.
Snowball is the best nonprofit software for mobile fundraising.

#13 Best Nonprofit Software: Snowball

Nonprofit Software Specialty

Snowball is a mobile donation tool that helps organizations simplify the donation process. What sets this nonprofit software apart from other mobile fundraising tools? Snowball has a unique two-click giving method that works like this:

  • The donor clicks on the donation amount he wants to give.
  • The donor will be directed to a pre-written email with his desired donation amount and the name of the organization.
  • Once the donor hits “send,” his gift is confirmed.

It’s that simple! Plus organizations can incorporate this process on online donation forms, via text-to-give, and through email.

Why We Recommend It

Every product that Snowball creates is focused on providing donors with a convenient and enjoyable giving experience. In fact, they’re one of the few nonprofit-specific donation tools with a passwordless login system.

Basically, this means that donors don’t have to enter a password every time they want to contribute. Verification of donations is made through the donor’s email account, making Snowball more secure and enjoyable than most mobile donation tools on the market.

Nonprofit Software Pricing

Snowball has a basic plan that doesn’t require any upfront costs with the exception of payment processing. Payment processing is only 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction. For more robust features like text-to-give and the two-click donation buttons, organizations will pay $499 per year.

@Pay's donation process only takes three simple steps to complete.
Let ClearView CRM's comprehensive suite of nonprofit software solutions make all of your efforts more effective.

#14 Best Nonprofit Software: ClearView CRM

Nonprofit Software Specialty

ClearView CRM is not just a CRM. It goes above and beyond because of its capacity to act as a multichannel fundraising tool built around a powerful donor database. ClearView CRM is an online giving page, a donor portal, an event management and registration program, and a business intelligence and analytics tool all in one.

Why We Recommend It

Because ClearView CRM allows you to merge all of your fundraising and marketing strategies into one comprehensive central database, all branches of your team have access to the same relevant data as everyone else.

Your nonprofit’s fundraising strategy will be effective and consistent because all of your staff is aware of what stage of the solicitation process each donor is: there’s no need to worry about making repeat asks or missing a piece of a donor’s engagement when talking to them.

Nonprofit Software Pricing

Because ClearView CRM is customized to each nonprofit, you need a consultation to get an estimate. Contact the SofTrek team to learn more.

Let ClearView CRM's extensive suite of nonprofit software features help your nonprofit through every aspect of soliciting your supporters.
Qgiv is a nonprofit software that offers diverse online giving tools.

#15 Best Nonprofit Software: Qgiv

Nonprofit Software Specialty

Qgiv is an all-around fundraising platform that offers nonprofits their pick of top-of-the-class online giving software.

From online fundraising forms, event registration, peer-to-peer fundraising, and more, the sky is the limit with their software solutions.

Since they offer several types of plans, nonprofits of any size can find the package that works for their team.

Why We Recommend It

Qgiv makes fundraising fun with their gamification tools (leaderboards, badges, thermometers, and more).

Nonprofit Software Pricing

Qgiv’s plans start at just $0/month with a 3.95% + $0.30 transaction fee.

Donately puts customization first with their nonprofit software platform.

#16 Best Nonprofit Software: Donately

Nonprofit Software Specialty

Donately’s top nonprofit software platform puts customization into the hands of organizations just like yours.

Using their easy-to-navigate tools, you can quickly build intuitive giving forms and pages that seamlessly match your branding.

Because their software is designed to be hassle-free, they lead the pack with their intuitive interface.

Why We Recommend It

Donately offers users expert support whenever they encounter technical issues or fundraising bumps in the road.

Nonprofit Software Pricing

Donately charges just 3% of your first $100k in fundraising revenue; after that benchmark, their fees decrease as you raise more money.

MIP Fund Accounting is the best nonprofit software solution for all of your accounting needs.

#17 Best Nonprofit Software: MIP Fund Accounting

Nonprofit Software Specialty

MIP Fund Accounting by Community Brands is an accounting software created specifically for nonprofit organizations. Nonprofit organizations have complex accounting needs, from the various sources of income to multiple projects requiring funding. The right accounting software can make the biggest difference.

With MIP Fund Accounting, your organization can:

  • Track, report, and manage fundraising income
  • Record payroll and timesheet information for employees
  • Plan projects with better financial decisions
  • Choose between cloud-based or on-premise software solutions

Specialized accounting software for nonprofits is key because of the specific necessities for nonprofits. Between taxes and fundraising, generalized accounting software just won’t do.

Why We Recommend It

MIP Fund Accounting is a flexible solution that is customizable for each individual organization. Your ledger can track all of the specific grants or programs that you choose. Plus as your human capital, payrolls, etc. change, MIP Fund Accounting will grow alongside you.

You can customize your accounting reports and dashboards are customized with the specific data you want to track. Plus, view balances and reports from your mobile devices!

Nonprofit Software Pricing

MIP Fund Accounting by Community Brands offers scaled packages on a subscription basis. For more information about specific price points for your organization, contact the MIP Fund Accounting team today.

Check out MIP Fund Accounting, one of Fundly's top picks for the best nonprofit software solutions.

#18 Best Nonprofit Software: Doubleknot

Nonprofit Software Specialty

Doubleknot turns event ticketing for museums, zoos, nature centers, and camps into a painless experience for everyone.

Your tickets will be branded to your organization with your color scheme and your logo! This way, your tickets will be immediately recognizable to donors who know your organization.

Doubleknot even lets your organization sell general admission, group, and VIP tickets onsite with their Sales Station POS.

Why We Recommend It

Doubleknot gives your organization all the tools and features you could need. Between checkin options with scanners, customizable tickets, and more, there’s nothing Doubleknot can’t help you with!

Nonprofit Software Pricing

Contact Doubleknot for a quote on their online and on-site ticketing and admissions software today.

See how Doubleknot's solutions can help your organization.
Allegiance is the best nonprofit software for broadcasting organizations.

#19 Best Nonprofit Software: Allegiance

Nonprofit Software Specialty

Allegiance offers a wide range of nonprofit software, but the majority of their tools are targeted towards public and religious broadcasters.

Some of the tools that they offer include:

  • Donor relationship management
  • Radio traffic reports
  • On-air pledge forms
  • Marketing and communication

These tools were made specifically for nonprofit broadcasters to interact with donors and raise more money for their mission.

Why We Recommend It

With such a wide range of tools available, broadcasters can have all their donor information, fundraising tools and communication tracking all in one place. As such, it will be much easier for nonprofits to organize their information and create improvements to their fundraising strategy.

Nonprofit Software Pricing

The most popular package at Allegiance is $199 per month and includes their CRM, data tracking, and on-air pledging software. They also have plans ranging from $99 to $249 per month.

Allegiance offers plenty of services for broadcasting nonprofits.

There you have it; a selection of the best nonprofit tools to help you boost your fundraising and build better donor relationships. Not only do these software providers have top-notch features, but they’re also affordable so you can get a return on your investment.

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