Check out these top event registration software for nonprofits.

The Top 15 Event Registration Software for Nonprofits

Your fundraising events are a crucial time for your organization because they can effect overall revenue and donor experience plays a significant role! It all starts with event registration.

Your donors should have a positive mindset after completing your event registration process. After all, that sets the tone for the event’s success.

Finding fundraising event software with spectacular event registration features is no easy feat, so we’ve selected our top 13 picks to help get your search started:

  1. Lumaverse – Best for Data Storage
  2. Mobilize – Best for Driving Engagement
  3. CharityEngine – Best for Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Events
  4. OneCause – Best for Event Purchases
  5. ePly – Best for Event Ticketing
  6. Doubleknot – Best for Ticket Bundles
  7. Salsa – Best for Event Emails
  8. Regpack – Best for Payment Processing
  9. Fonteva – Best for Event Management
  10. Grassroots Unwired – Best for Event Day Logistics
  11. Yapsody – Best for Custom Seating
  12. Gnosis for Nonprofits – Best for Exclusive Events
  13. Brown Paper Tickets – Best for Events on a Budget
  14. TicketStripe – Best for Custom Event Pages
  15. Smartwaiver – Best for Event Waivers

If you’re ready to find the best provider for event registration and create an amazing donor experience, let’s get started!

Lumaverse for peer-to-peer management.

Lumaverse CRM

Event Registration Software Overview

Already part of their CRM solution, Lumaverse event registration software allows your organization to add in registrants and adjust ticket prices as needed.

Because it’s hosted within their CRM, all your data is housed in one central location with an intuitive and streamlined process. You won’t have to worry about data migration and losing any important information. Instead, you can focus on forming stronger connections and fulfilling your mission.

Event Registration Platform Features

Lumaverse’s solutions even allow your organization to add notes and other details to your donor’s registration. This software enables you to 

  • Add registrations to multiple ongoing events
  • Send a print or email proof of registration
  • Record your supporters’ payment information

The multifaceted event registration platform offers features to help your organization run an event smoothly and effectively.

Event Registration Software Pricing

Lumaverse offers 5 different packages so your organization can find exactly what you’re looking for. Prices start at 1,000 contacts for $100/month and increase from there depending on your needs.

If your organization has more than 50,000 constituents, additional contact blocks are available. Simply call or visit their pricing page for additional pricing information!

 Get started with our favorite event management platform, Lumaverse!

Mobilize is the leading event registration and volunteer management solution for mission-based organizations.


Event Registration Software Overview

The Mobilize event registration and management platform is a must-have for mission-based organizations looking to build stronger bases of support for their cause.

This solution drastically grows the reach of nonprofit events by making it easy for existing supporters to get involved and allowing you to tap into the growing Mobilize network of over 2.1 million volunteers that are eager to give back.

Organizations working with Mobilize have seen significant improvements in event engagement, with as much as a 30% increase in event attendance from online signups alone! Beyond the clear registration benefits, however, the Mobilize platform offers valuable tools to engage these supporters during the event and steward them long after it ends.

When it comes to event registration and management platforms, Mobilize is key for growing your supporter base in the long run.

Event Registration Platform Features

We’ve seen that Mobilize empowers nonprofits to connect with more supporters and volunteers than ever before.

Beyond that, the platform also includes a variety of attendee engagement features including automated communications and the ability for all-star supporters to host their own events on your behalf. Members can even subscribe to your community event calendar and communicate with one another through the platform—building support well beyond the initial event they first engaged with.

Event Registration Software Pricing

Mobilize offers a free starter package and custom toolsets of their event management and recruitment features based on your needs. Explore their website for more information.

Mobilize is the leading event registration and supporter recruitment platform for mission-based organizations.
Take a look at NonProfitEasy's robust CRM for event registration software.
CharityEngine is the top event registration software for peer-to-peer fundraising events.


Event Registration Software Overview

CharityEngine’s built-in event registration platform makes it easy to connect all of your organization’s fundraising and event tools. One of the primary event tools provided by CharityEngine is peer-to-peer fundraising software. Peer-to-peer fundraising engages supporters so that your nonprofit can build on your existing relationship. Plus, you can use this opportunity as outreach to expand your audience and start new donor journies. 

On CharityEngine’s comprehensive platform, you can start a peer-to-peer fundraising campaign leading up to the event, then link directly to your registration page. This way, it’s easy to measure exactly how successful your peer-to-peer fundraising campaign was for both raising money and promoting your event. 

Connecting your peer-to-peer fundraising, ticketing, registration, and check-in system provides a complete picture of the success of your event’s marketing and execution.

Event Registration Platform Features

With CharityEngine’s easy-to-build peer-to-peer fundraising pages, your campaign’s teams and individuals can easily personalize their fundraising message. Plus, with this complete system, you can run multiple campaigns at the same time. You can then use CharityEngine’s management system to plan the venue, speakers, location, and other event details. These features create a single comprehensive system where your nonprofit can look to find any relevant event information. 

Event Registration Software Pricing

Contact CharityEngine for more information about pricing for their complete event management system.

Check out CharityEngine to learn more about their event registration software for nonprofits.


Event Registration Software Overview

OneCause’s event registration software is a must-have for any organization looking to soar through the registration and check-in processes.

This solution offers easy access to registrant information for your organization because it’s all stored in one, central location.

OneCause knows you have a lot to manage with any fundraising event and while event registration is incredibly important you don’t have time to fuss over the tiny details, so they do that for you!

Event Registration Platform Features

You’ll be able to enter in ticket and fixed price item purchases while accepting additional donations. Plus, your nonprofit will even be able to capture additional guest and payment information during check-in!

Event Registration Software Pricing

Because OneCause knows one size doesn’t fit all, they offer multiple packages to fit any event and need! Contact OneCause today for a quote on their event registration software.

ePly's event registration software can help any association with event registration and management.


Event Registration Software Overview

ePly’s event registration and planning platform is a fantastic tool for any organization looking to take their event management to the next level.

ePly’s platform makes the registration process straightforward for attendees and easily adjustable for organizers and managers.

Every event carries along with it a variety of obstacles that can make event planning and management a frustrating experience. Don’t let this happen to you! Let ePly take care of your registration process so you can focus on the important day-of elements that need your time and attention.

Event Registration Platform Features

ePly offers an excellent form-builder that allows you to craft registration, renewal, or mailing list forms with ease. You can also gather data from these forms and easily categorize them inside real-time analytics reports. Additionally, ePly features a custom conference app that you can tailor to your conference, offering attendees a personalized app they can download for an exciting and inspired event experience.

Event Registration Software Pricing

Depending on what software bundle you choose, ePly will offer different pricing plans. Customers looking for custom event registration platforms can either request a quote based on event size, or they can pay $4 per registrant the day of the event.

Need a great event registration software for your association? ePly's got you covered.
Doubleknot's event registration software can help your organization manage ticketing and RSVPs.


Event Registration Software Overview

Doubleknot’s event registration prides itself on being a seamless and secure registration solution that nonprofits like yours can trust.

Doubleknot lets your organization offer donors every type of ticketing option from discounted tickets to VIP bundles and more!

Plus, Doubleknot’s event registration forms support custom items that require additional costs. For example, your organization can sell a t-shirt with an event registration ticket and your customers can pay one flat fee because Doubleknot will automatically combine the cost of the ticket and merchandise.

Event Registration Platform Features

Your organization can build custom event registration forms so you can collect all the data you need from donors. With Doubleknot, you can allow donors to print their tickets the good, old-fashioned way or you can scan tickets from their mobile devices in an effort to be high-tech.

Event Registration Software Pricing

Contact Doubleknot for a quote on their event registration software.

Doubleknot's online event registration software will help your organization streamline event registration with your event.
Salsa's event registration software will help your nonprofit craft and customize event registration forms.


Event Registration Software Overview

Salsa’s Engage package includes online event registration so your organization can steamline your entire process and keep your data in one location.

With Salsa, your organization can set multiple levels of fundraising tickets at  different prices and offer them in specific time frames, which is helpful for early bird tickets.

In addition, Salsa let’s you automate follow-up emails. After a guest registers for your event, they’ll be sent an email that confirms all of their registration details.

Event Registration Platform Features

Building gorgeous event registration forms is easy with Salsa’s online event registration tools. With their drag and drop builder, you can easily customize your layout and include your logo and color scheme!

Event Registration Software Pricing

Contact Salsa for a quote on their online event registration software.

Check out Salsa's online event fundraising software and see what it can do for your organization.
Regpack is the best event registration software for payment processing.


Event Registration Software Overview

You can’t go wrong with Regpack’s comprehensive event registration software. With access to a secure integrated payment system, the payment process your guests complete will be a seamless part of registration. With auto-billing options and payment plans, you are assured to get paid on time.

Regpack is more than just for event registration though. With powerful tools to help manage your nonprofit’s broader donor engagement efforts, Regpack can help you with email automation, payment reporting, and more. 

You can even offer multiple payment plans for your potential event-goers. Giving more options opens up your event to a wider audience. Regpack’s features can also help you encourage registered guests to upgrade their registration level. 

Event Registration Platform Features

Regpack truly stands out with its intuitive conditional logic engine. This tool can individualize the registration process for each user depending on the choices they click. 

For example, if your registration process has a yes or no question, the online form will then adapt based on their answer. If a user answers “YES” that they’ll need extra accommodations, the Regpack form will know to show them form a section for that relevant topic next. This feature allows you to customize the form completely and streamline the whole process overall.

Event Registration Software Pricing

Regpack offers 4 different pricing plans:

  • Starter plan of up to 2,000 applicants: $89/month per each admin. 
  • Essential plan of up to 5,000 applicants: $134/month per each admin.
  • Business plan of up to 15,000 applicants: $224/month per each admin.
  • Enterprise plan starting at 15,000 applicants: Call Regpack for more detail.
Regpack is the best in online registration for events with a effective payment processor.
Fonteva's event registration software will bring your nonprofit's event to the next level.


Event Registration Software Overview

No matter how simple or complex your event registration may be, Fonteva can handle it!

Because their solution was built native to Salesforce, Fonteva allows your organization to streamline your event registration with your event registration without hassle.

Their advanced registration lets your organization customize your event registration forms and gives you access to an advanced pricing engine to help you find the right fees for different fundraising tickets.

Event Registration Platform Features

Fonteva offers payment processing so you won’t have to look elsewhere to accept payments. Instead, Fonteva takes care of you from start to finish! Plus, Fonteva offers mobile passbook tickets so your donors won’t have to print out their tickets.

Event Registration Software Pricing

Contact Fonteva for a quote on their online event registration tool.

Take a look at Fonteva's event registration software.
Grassroots Unwired is a top provider of event registration software.

Grassroots Unwired

Event Registration Software Overview

Grassroots Unwired offers a comprehensive, mobile-first solution for registering participants on the day of your event.

The 4EventDay app was designed with the needs of event organizers in mind. Handle payments, check-in participants, and process day-of registrations, all in one place—and without having to shuffle any paperwork.

Their event registration platform enables smooth, seamless registration that integrates with your CRM. This creates a faster check-in process for customers and collects more robust information for your team.

Event Registration Platform Features

Manage check-in and registration with ease, even when your device isn’t connected to the internet. Throughout the event, continue to fundraise and sell merchandise right through the app. Plus, customize the mobile app to be branded with your organization’s logo and colors.

Event Registration Software Pricing

Contact the Grassroots Unwired team for a quote on their event registration software.

Visit the Grassroots Unwired website to learn more about their event registration software.
Take a look at Yapsody's event registration software.


Event Registration Software Overview

Yapsody will do wonders for your event’s online registration.

With Yapsody, your online ticketing store is completely customizable. Your organzation can brand your store, select a custom URL, and customize the checkout process.

And of course, they offer safe and secure transactions to protect your nonprofits and your donors against any possible fraud!

Event Registration Platform Features

You’ll even be able to create seating charts for specific ticket types! You’ll also have the option to designate handicap accessible seating and configure permission-based hold categories. Plus, you’ll be able to scan tickets through Yapsody’s mobile app!

Event Registration Software Pricing

Yapsody’s regular pricing runs at $0.59 + 1.75% per ticket sold for general admission and $0.98 + 2.49% per ticket sold for reserved seating. They also have special pricing for their loyalty programs.

Check out Gnosis for Nonprofits' event registration software.

Gnosis for Nonprofits

Event Registration Software Overview

From one-day events to multi-day, multi-session events, Gnosis for Nonprofits makes event registration simple.

Gnosis for Nonprofits’ event registration software is built directly into their event management solution and even features a calendar system so you can stay on track 24/7.

You can even encourage online event registration with the help of their one-click registration process that can be promoted in your organization’s email blasts.

Event Registration Platform Features

Gnosis’ event registration can even compensate for the addition of resources. This way, you can automate pre-ordering for things like meals or merchandise. Plus, you’ll able to restrict certain tickets and events to specific individuals, making your events exclusive.

Event Registration Software Pricing

Contact Gnosis for Nonprofits for a quote on their event registration tool.

See how Gnosis for Nonprofits' event registration tool can aid your nonprofit.
See how Brown Paper Tickets' event registration software can help your organization with your next event registration process.

Brown Paper Tickets

Event Registration Software Overview

Brown Paper Tickets prides themselves on being more than a simple, DIY event registration service.

Brown Paper Tickets has assisted with an array of events from small, 10-person events to enormous and complex fundraising efforts, so they can handle whatever type of fundraiser you throw at them!

You can, of course, add additional donations to your event registration forms with their services so donors can give when they’re feeling generous.

Event Registration Platform Features

Your nonprofit can order printed tickets for just $0.10 each or encourage your attendees to use Brown Paper Tickets’ mobile app to show their tickets at the door!

Event Registration Software Pricing

Brown Paper Tickets is 100% free. They even cover credit card processing!

See how Brown Paper Tickets can help your organization with their event registration software.
See how TicketStripe's event registration tools can help your organization manage your RSVPs.


Event Registration Software Overview

TicketStripe’s easy to use software simplifies event registration for any nonprofit’s fundraiser.

Their services let you customize and brand your event page with your color scheme and logo to grasp your donors’ attention and trust!

With their mobile-optimized forms, your supporters can purchase tickets from laptops, tablets, and mobile devices.

Event Registration Platform Features

Their intuitive dashboard offers real-time reports so you can determine which ticket packages are most popular and how many page visitors are registering for your fundraising event!

Event Registration Software Pricing

TicketStripe’s platform is free for nonprofit event organizers with a service fee of $0.50 + 1.50% per ticket sold and a payment processing fee of $0.30 + 2.90%.

Check out Smartwaiver for your next event registration software.


Event Registration Software Overview

Smartwaiver is the perfect addition to your event registration process. With Smartwaiver you can create important digital waivers for adventurous events.

You can customize your waiver to match your organization’s brands, logos, and fonts, and then embed the form directly onto your website. 

Some people will surely forget to sign the waiver online, so make sure they can do so during the check-in process at your event. Turn your tablet into a waiver kiosk with the free Smartwaiver kiosk app.

Event Registration Platform Features

With Smartwaiver, you can add as many custom questions as you need and even flag participants when a particular answer is chosen from some questions. Plus, include additional signature or initial sections throughout the body of the waiver.

Once people have registered for your event and signed the waiver, you can easily search for signed waivers by last name, birthday, or custom tags that you’ve assigned. Export the data collected in your waivers to a CSV file or individual PDFs for safekeeping.

Finally, integrations with MailChimp, Constant Contact, and Emma make it easy to automatically transfer participant contact information into your email marketing strategy. 

Event Registration Software Pricing

Smartwaiver’s basic plan is priced at $15 per month and allows for 100 new signed waivers. As you increase in the number of newly signed waivers you need, you can always scale up!

Keep in mind, your donor experience is a huge and important element of any event because if your donors don’t have a good time, they’re more likely not going to come to your next event and donate again. But now that you have our top 11 event registration software providers, there’s nothing standing in your way of an amazing event registration process to kick off a stellar event.

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