Employee Engagement Means Fundraising Success

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Successful businesses know that defining charitable giving as a core value benefits their bottom line in more ways than just community appreciation. It also fosters team building, strengthens the engagement levels of individual employees and aligns company objectives with employee values. America’s Charities, an organization that encourages workplace philanthropy, advises that businesses leverage new strategies that empower employees to participate both inside and outside workplace walls. In anticipation of the release of their report, Snapshot 2014: Trends and Strategies to Engage Employees in Greater Giving, we thought it was a great time to start thinking about ways to encourage employers to engage staff in charitable causes.

Social Giving Pays Off
Some giving campaigns produce mediocre results because they utilize outdated methods that don’t engage employees. Society is more socially connected than ever, and businesses that leverage that connection are more successful in reaching their giving objectives. Organizers should include social networking as part of their giving strategy. Encourage employees to post and update their own social media pages with information about the charitable campaigns in which they are involved. In return, businesses receive free, widespread community recognition and positive public branding.

Increase Charity Options for Greater Opportunities
Another effective way to engage employees is allowing them to choose a charity to support. Companies that use this method receive far greater employee participation than those that dictate only one or two main organizations. While issuing a large check to one charity may sound impressive, businesses can gain greater media exposure and community goodwill by issuing smaller amounts to more organizations.

Incorporate Non-Monetary Donations
Many businesses still focus charitable efforts around monetary donations. However, others find they have better engagement when they allow employees to choose the method of participation. Rather than soliciting donations, allow employees to organize fundraising walks or build homes for the less fortunate.

Encouraging employees engagement in charitable giving campaigns does more than just help the community. It also gives employees a greater sense of purpose and creates a bond of partnership with their employers. The end result is employees who are passionate about coming to work and have a greater sense of employer loyalty.

Gretchen Barry is Director of Marketing and Communications for NonProfitEasy. She can be reached at gretchen.barry@nonprofiteasy.com.