Learn more about our favorite online waiver software with this guide.

Online Waiver Software: Our 6 Favorite Providers Reviewed

Learn more about our favorite online wavier software solution.

Back in the year 2000, the Electronic Signatures in Global National Commerce Act (or the E-Sign Act, for short) was signed into law. This act institutes that digital signatures are just as legitimate as those on paper—given that they meet certain qualifications as noted in 15 U.S. Code § 7001 (a) (1) & (2).

Since that time, digital waivers (tools used by organizations and companies to create, distribute, and store legal agreements with customers or constituents) have become the new norm. Not only this, but online waivers have further evolved over time to help organizations create more complete and informative waivers, add additional identification precautions, and overall improve the processes for collecting waivers.

This evolution of technology has also brought about a number of providers who all advertise the best and most effective digital waivers. So how do you know which organization is actually the best? What are the key differences between top solutions? Where should you invest your hard-earned money?

These are the questions that led us to create this guide. For your convenience, we’ve compiled the top online waiver software in one convenient list and reviewed each in great detail. In our opinion, these six waiver providers take the proverbial cake:

  1. Smartwaiver
  2. WaiverFile
  3. CityGro
  4. WaiverSign
  5. CleverWaiver
  6. Wherewolf

Now, are you looking for online waiver software to help your organization better create and process your agreements? Let’s dive in to learn more—starting with our #1 pick, Smartwaiver.

Smartwaiver is the top digital waiver software provider for all organizations.

1. Smartwaiver – Best All-in-One Online Waiver Software For Any Organization

Overview of this Online Waiver Software

Smartwaiver prides itself on its online waiver software being straightforward and easy to use. They make it easy for your organization to include all of the waiver elements you need without paying extra for them. Plus, Smartwaiver’s simple implementation, an accessible check-in process, and simple data collection make the job of administrators smooth and painless.

With Smartwaiver, your organization will have all of the capabilities you need to create a fully-equipped online waiver with tools like:

  • The waiver editor. Customize your waiver with your organization’s brand colors, logos, and fonts to provide a seamless user experience.
  • Waiver templates. Create and store as many waiver templates as you need to speed up the waiver crafting process, or transform an existing paper waiver to digital format.
  • Custom questions. Construct custom questions with dropdowns, yes/no buttons, checkboxes, or other answer options. Then, flag participants when specific answers are chosen.
  • Safety videos. Embed safety videos into your waivers to ensure participants watch them before attending your event or activity.
  • Signature and initial boxes. Add multiple initial or signature boxes throughout the body of the waiver and instruct participants to draw or type their signature.

Smartwaiver makes it easy for anyone to get started. Simply send your existing waiver text to the Smartwaiver team who will convert it into a digital waiver format, or start from scratch with their intuitive waiver building tools.

Then, you can easily distribute your digital waiver with an embedded waiver widget or custom button for your website, or text and email links. You can also prompt participants to sign in person with a QR code or by using the Smartwaiver kiosk app.

Seamless integrations with MailChimp, Constant Contact, and Emma further streamline the process of transferring participant contact information into your marketing tools, while additional Smartwaiver integrations help you save time by automating other tasks, too.

Then, easily store the data you collect from your online waivers in the highly secure online waiver vault, and pull any one you need with just a few clicks of a button.

Why We Love this Online Waiver Software

All of Smartwaiver’s innovative features are available regardless of the plan you choose. Many software solutions advertise a vast array of features but require you to scale up your solution plan to access them all. With Smartwaiver, you can quickly unlock any of the features you need, and pick your plan simply based on how many waivers you need.

While competitors may advertise an easy-to-use system, their complicated implementation and convoluted pricing tiers make them second to Smartwaiver in just about all aspects.

Online Waiver Software Pricing

Smartwaiver’s pricing depends on the number of waivers you’ll need signed. Their plans begin with the Basic for only $15 for up to 100 new signed waivers each month and increase incrementally to $250 for 5,000 waivers.

The best part of Smartwaiver’s pricing is the flexibility. You can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time based on your volume, which makes it perfect for seasonal businesses. Plus, you can get started for free with a 30-day no-risk trial—no credit card required.

WaiverFile is the best online waiver software for events.

2. WaiverFile – Online Waiver Software for Events

Overview of this Online Waiver Software

WaiverFile is a digital waiver solution perfect for organizations that host events like birthday parties. With WaiverFile, customers can sign waivers from your website in advance from their tablet, computer, or mobile device, or they can sign at a kiosk on-site at the event.

With WaiverFile’s online waiver software, you also gain access to:

  • A check-in dashboard to track which event attendees have signed the waiver as well as who has checked in at the event.
  • Integration opportunities with MailChimp, Constant Contact, Signpost, and others to streamline the collection of marketing data.
  • Repeat customer auto-fill to allow customers to create a password so that their information will be saved to auto-fill future waivers for fast and convenient signing.
  • Automatic archive to export archived waiver data in a zipped file that can be accessed at any time by the site admin.

When you set up your digital waivers, the software walks you through adding all of the standard and custom questions you need for participants to answer. Plus, you can require participants to answer some questions and assign other questions as optional.

Why This Online Waiver Software Made Our List

WaiverFile was built specifically for birthday parties. Therefore, it’s especially effective for group activities. You can assign someone to be the party manager or group organizer for the event, and that person will be able to ensure everyone has signed their waivers. If your organization tends to host a ton of events, you’ll likely want to consider WaiverFile!

Online Waiver Software Pricing

WaiverFile pricing depends on the number of waivers and the level of security you’ll need. Their startup plans begin at $15/month for the standard waivers or $25/month for HIPAA-compliant forms, with plans increasing to more than $199/month. You can also add extra storage and photo/attachment capabilities for between $4.99 and 19.99/month.

CityGro is the top online waiver software solution for marketing.

3. CityGro – Online Waiver Software for Marketing

Overview of this Online Waiver Software

CityGro focuses on helping other businesses connect with their customers and increase revenue by enhancing customer loyalty. That’s why they included digital waivers among their features for data collection and marketing.

With CityGro, you can either upload a PDF waiver or start by creating a new one from scratch. CityGro waivers are teeming with possibilities due to the unlimited fields available in the digital waiver creation process. Once signed, each waiver is stored within a customer profile for future use.

CityGro offers multiple methods to sign the online waiver, including:

  • On your website
  • Via mobile phone
  • On an on-site kiosk
  • From an email or text link

Digital waivers are a fantastic opportunity to collect information about customers, and CityGro helps you put that information to good use.

Additionally, you can send texts or emails to your customers to market new opportunities or re-capture lapsed supporters, track customer trends such as engagement frequency from supporters, and streamline your data to other systems on the CityGro API.

Why This Online Waiver Software Made Our List

While CityGro may have slightly less functionality in the waiver creation process than other waiver-specific providers, it’s a perfect solution for businesses looking to enhance their marketing strategies and retain more customers through the use of digital liability waivers.

The emphasis on customer loyalty and marketing are really what set CityGro apart from the others. This software can help you grow your email list and build relationships with customers using a tool that you needed anyway—waivers!

Online Waiver Software Pricing

CityGro’s waiver packages start at $50/month for less than 50 waivers, although their most popular plan costs $150/month for unlimited waivers. For more detailed pricing information, you’ll need to contact their sales team.

WaiverSign is the top online waiver software for small business owners.

4. WaiverSign – Online Waiver Software for Small Businesses

Overview of this Online Waiver Software

WaiverSign offers unique and innovative features that make the waiver signing and collection processes easy for both business owners and customers.

For example, business owners can craft their waivers using an easy-to-use waiver editor that allows for strategic branding, custom fields, and multiple languages. You can also gain access to powerful tools to help you better run your organization, including:

  • Data exports to export the data you collect about each customer for your records. You can also save the waivers themselves as PDFs for safekeeping.
  • Age parameters to customize the age ranges that customers must fall into in order to sign the document.
  • A dashboard to provide quick insights as to who is signing your documents, their ages, genders, and any other information you’re interested in tracking.

WaiverSign also integrates with a ton of reservation software to make it easy for customers to register and sign their online waiver in a single sitting.

Why This Online Waiver Software Made Our List

With WaiverSign, your customers can complete multiple digital waivers at once. For instance, if an adult with two children is registering, they don’t need to fill out three separate waivers. They can simply select the number of people registering on the digital waiver, and fill everything out at the same time.

Not only does this save the customer’s valuable time, but it also makes storage and organization of the waivers more convenient for you as a business owner!

Online Waiver Software Pricing

WaiverSign costs $10/month and includes 50 free waivers monthly, with additional waivers costing $0.10 each. Or, they offer custom pricing for Enterprise plans for businesses with more than 50,000 waivers per year.

5. CleverWaiver – Online Waiver Software for Waiver Management

Overview of this Online Waiver Software

CleverWaiver is a top online waiver software provider designed to help businesses create, collect, store, and manage their digital waivers more effectively. With this online waiver software, you can fully customize the experience for your users with:

  • Signatures and initials
  • Custom fields
  • Photo attachments
  • Strategic branding

CleverWaiver also offers additional advanced features including waiver renewal for repeat customers, email notifications and copies of waivers sent via email, and a Star Micronics Printer partnership.

Once a waiver has been signed, you can store it securely by connecting your Dropbox or Google Drive accounts. Then, all information gathered in your waivers can be automatically transferred to the cloud in PDF format.

Why This Online Waiver Software Made Our List

CleverWaiver supports seamless integration with Stripe Payments, meaning you can easily connect your Stripe account and accept payments within your digital waiver. This can be extremely convenient for businesses that want to connect their registration and waiver-signing processes.

Online Waiver Software Pricing

CleverWaiver pricing plans begin at $9.99/month for 70 waivers and increase to more than $499.99/month for unlimited waivers. Plus, you can try any plan for free with a 30-day free trial.

Wherewolf is the top digital waiver software for tourism.

6. Wherewolf – Online Waiver Software for Tourism

Overview of this Online Waiver Software

Wherewolf’s four-tiered software solution is designed for tourism-based organizations that require waivers to enter facilities or participate in events. These tiers offer a variety of services that organizations can use depending on their needs. Here’s a basic breakdown of each one:

Tier 1: Lite – Smaller operations may use this option to keep costs and set-up time low. This tier includes a pre-arrival waiver to be signed by guests in advance, automated emails encouraging post-attendance feedback, and integration options with reservation software like Xola, PeekPro, and Booking Boss.

Tier 2: Essentials – Organizations with the Essentials plan gain access to the Wherewolf iPad check-in app, trip manifests, and marketing and analytics suite. This tier assists organizations who want to check in guests on-site. Plus, this software helps keep track of guests and draw valuable conclusions from powerful marketing analytic insights.

Tier 3: Elevator – This third tier combines the key features offered with the Lite and Essentials, giving guests the option to sign their waiver pre-arrival or on-site. With this plan, you can track and organize your guests and streamline information with reservation integrations.

Tier 4: Equipped – Wherewolf Equipped offers all of the features available in the Elevator, plus some add-ons to help larger organizations further manage their data. This tier offers trip management to help record groups of guests, assign staff, and allocate equipment for trips. Plus, a multi-location feature helps organizations with multiple sites configure and collect waivers specific to each site location.

Why This Online Waiver Software Made Our List

Wherewolf goes above and beyond traditional online waiver software offerings with their TourismTiger service. This service builds high quality and engaging websites for tour and activity providers, which you can then embed your digital waivers into your business’s website. If you’re looking for a complete website overhaul along with your online waivers, Wherewolf would be a great choice.

Online Waiver Software Pricing

Wherewolf offers multiple pricing packages with differing numbers of waivers and features. Their most popular pricing plan is the Equipped (for up to 10,000 waivers) for $299/month, although they also offer a Lite plan with limited functionality and up to 400 waivers for free.

Digital waivers should be a seamless part of the registration or check-in process for just about any organization. All you need is the right software—and with these top providers, you can’t go wrong.

But if you’re not sure where to start, we suggest giving Smartwaiver a try. Their innovative cloud-based online waiver technology is the industry-leading solution, with fair pricing plans and full functionality for all. Plus, they know what they’re talking about when it comes to waivers—they’ve had more than 90 million digital waivers signed since their inception in 2012.

For more information about online waiver software that will ease the management process for your business, check out the additional resources below:

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