Guest Blog: Raw Dairy Farm


By Molly Freund

My husband and I have been traveling the country working and learning on organic farms for the last 2 years. We are involved in the raw dairy movement and want to bring fresh raw dairy products to more and more people as the movement grows! Helps us start our dream by donating to our potential farm in the Midwest. We’ll offer raw milk, cheese, butter and yogurt! Help the food freedom movement and bring fresh organic dairy to our area. 

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Guest Blog: Downtown Birmingham Snow Picture for a Cause

By AJ Fennell

AJ, a dental resident at University of Alabama at Birmingham, took a bird’s eye view picture of Birmingham covered in snow. The picture went viral on social media so AJ turned to crowdfunding to help a fellow resident battling lung cancer.  

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How Important Is Pricing When Choosing A Crowdfunding Platform?


Fees Matter Less Than You Might Think

With so many crowdfunding options the search process can quickly make your headspin, especially when it comes to pricing. This guide is to help reveal everything to consider when comparing pricing on crowdfunding sites.

Fundraisers naturally want to keep the most amount of donated money and rightfully focus on the fees as a major part of their decision. Unfortunately, evaluating a crowdfunding platform based solely on price can be deceiving. We’ve seen many people fall into the pricing trap because there isn’t clear information on how to evaluate fees, and often times low isn’t the best way to go. So let’s get to it!

Consideration 1: What Features Do You Need To Reach Your Goal?

A common end goal goes something like: “I want to withdraw the most amount of money I can at the end of my fundraiser.”

Lower fees is only one of the factors that contribute to helping you raise and keep the most money for your fundraiser. Crowdfunding is largely about promoting a story, and better promotional tools can significantly increase the amount of money you raise. When looking at different example campaigns, ask yourself how easy it is to make a donation or share the page on a social network. When you start your own campaign, ask yourself how important page customizations and personalized emails are to your goal. Often times sites with lower fees lack some of the core promotional pieces necessary to tell and share your story.

The bottom line is that stronger promotional features usually lead to more money donated, which in turn nets you more money raised. Here’s an example:


Consideration 2: How Important Is User Experience?

It turns out that user experience is a huge factor in how much money you can raise. For starters, the crowdfunding site needs to be well designed, secure, and help tell your story well. Rich media should be prominent, and visitors to your campaign will expect to see how their money will make a difference.

Pay attention to how easy it is to find the donation button and how frictionless it is to complete a donation. Make sure to investigate what prompts donors are shown after they donate – this plays a huge role in getting your campaign more exposure. Donors feel better when they are personally thanked and updated during the campaign, so we highly recommend sites that incorporate these features into the platform.

It’s now more important than ever to see how your page looks on a mobile phone. In many cases more than half of your visitors will be viewing your page from Facebook or an email on a mobile device and you’ll lose donors instantly if the page isn’t optimized.

Consideration 3: The Fine Print on Pricing & Fees

The one thing all crowdfunding sites have in common is fees that go to support the teams of people that develop and maintain the site.

A crowdfunding platform fee is usually split up into two parts:

  • Payment Processor Fee: Crowdfunding sites generally partner with a payment processor company to give you a great payments experience. Common payment processors include Wepay or Paypal and they specialize in processing your credit cards, keeping your donations secure, and making withdrawing your funds as frictionless as possible. The payment processing company charges a small transaction fee to campaign owner for this service.
  • Crowdfunding Transaction Fee: This platform fee is controlled by the crowdfunding site and may vary based what the platform thinks is fair. This fee covers business expenses such as salaries, rent, utilities and insurance.

The most common platform fees:

$0 Fee/Free. Be careful of sites that market that they don’t have fees. You will still be charged a 3% transaction for the payment processing fee. Instead of charging you for the crowdfunding transaction, these sites will instead automatically add a “suggested donation” (i.e platform fee) to the donation amount. Every donor must then decide to keep, change, or opt-out of this before completing their transaction This creates friction and it’s likely to cause a drop off in donations because of this less than optimal experience.

Goal Oriented Transaction Fees. Some crowdfunding sites will charge a significantly higher fee if the fundraising goal is not met. Even though you keep the money raised, it often comes at a premium. This makes choosing an appropriate goal that much more important. As with the flat fees, calculate a few different scenarios to see if the premium is worth it.

Flat Transaction Fee. Some sites offer a lower transaction but add a flat transaction fee on top of it. It may seem lower but it can actually net you less if the majority of your donations are $20 or less. For example:


Anticipate what your typical donor will give and run the numbers to see which option makes sense.

We Hope Our Guide Helps You Find The Right Crowdfunding Platform For Your Needs

We know the number of crowdfunding options is overwhelming and that pricing is a probably the biggest differentiator when making a decision , so we hope that these details make the process a bit less daunting. If you’re interested in learning about the Fundly approach to crowdfunding, please visit our features and pricing pages to learn more. We understand this can be overwhelming so we’re here to answer any questions you may have.

will Will Chang is Head of Product at Fundly.

Guest Blog: Library Dances Pilot Performance

By Cecily Stewart

Library Dances hopes to bring the best of all worlds together and create innovative performances that will both educate and inspire! 50 San Marcos students and 10 professional dancers are prepping for the premiere of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” and “The Give of the Magi” and they need your help to get the program off the ground. 

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Show Us Who You Love ♥ Photo Contest




Enter For A Chance To Win A $100 Giftcard And A Personalized Valentine From Fundly

Simply post a pic with you and your loved one with #FUNDLYLOVECHAIN to be automatically entered—and featured on this site!

Here’s How:

1. Head to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

2.Take or send us a photo of you and a loved one (BFF, boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse, pet, etc.) and tag them in the picture to show them how much you love him/her.

3. Use the hashtag #FundlyLoveChain to share on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

4. Love had no limits – You can enter as many times as you want by posting and tagging your loved ones. Just make sure to keep the love chain going



#FundlyGivesBack Winner: Delivered With Love


#FundlyGivesBack Winner: Delivered With Love

We had such a successful #FundlyGivesBack and were literally blown away by all your amazing campaigns. It was tough to pick a winner but we can only award one $100 prize. The campaign that stood out the most absolutely crushed it on Facebook and Twitter. They were always updating, tweeting, sharing, and mentioning their campaign and used the #FundlyGivesBack hashtag like it was going out of style :)

Check out everyone that used the #FundlyGivesBack hashtag. Without further adieu, the winner of #FundlyGivesBack is:

Winner: The Holden Flynn Fund 

Congrats to Nicole and Trey, you have an amazing support team!

Stay Up To Date On Future Contests And Fundraising Tips! 

(Hint…Hint: something may be coming sooner than you think! ;-)

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Guest Blog: 100 Pounds For Education

Screen Shot 2014-02-04 at 3.14.00 PM

By Alejandra Vila

I been working with youth for over 20 years now, I’m 43 years old and very passionate for life and my work. However, my  doctor recently told me that if I do not lose weight I will end with a heart attack. Since I don’t want to die and need motivation to change my daily habits, I’ve turned to crowdfunding.  Kids and education are my most important passions in my life, so here is the deal: For every dollar you donate, I will lose a pound, my goal is 100 pounds in a year that will translate to $10,000 dollars in donations to Community Schools in the Bay Area.
If 100 people donate $1 dollar per every pound I lose, in December 2014 I will weigh 200 pounds and local community schools will have a grant for $10,000 dollars. During the month of January I did very well and had lots of support. The scale is now a friend and a great tool, I always think “how much money will the kids in community schools will get…” and then jump into the scale… if you check the pictures there is an answer: 14 pounds that means with 23 supporters (so far and counting) I raised for the month: $322.00.
What are United Way of Bay Area Community Schools?
Community schools supports the complex needs of kids and families in poverty. United Way’s Community Schools transform public schools into neighborhood hubs where healthcare, food pantries, after-school programs, family engagement and parent education classes are available directly on school campuses. United Way’s education goal is to partner with schools and districts in low-income communities across the Bay Area to transform 200 schools into community hubs by 2020. (See more at:
What is it about community schools that inspires me?
The answer is simple in a very complex world. Losing weight is usually a very personal goal that is fueled by vanity, social norms and health concerns but usually a selfish act of taking care of self for own gain. I think I can turn that around using the health and well being of youth as beneficiary of my own personal gains and also create a system that will keep me accountable and motivate to reach my goal. As an extrovert, nothing is worth doing unless I have an army of supporters behind me. So here it is my lifelong passion for youth and education wrapped in a commitment to become healthier, live longer and be cuter! Everyone wins but specially the kids of our community schools here in the Bay Area. Drop me a line, donate and most of all, do change that matters to all and to you. Welcome to my journey as educator…

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February #FundlyGivesBack Is Happening Now!


We’ve Lowered All Processing Fees On Donations To Your Campaign Today For #FundlyGivesBack!

All of us at Fundly are really feeling the love this week and wanted to give you something special for this month’s #FundlyGivesBack. For the next 24 hours our processing fee is 6.9% so get as many donations as you can.

Enter To Win Our Contest

But that’s not all, we’ve taken it a step further! Use #FundlyGivesBack on social media and you’ll be automatically entered into our contest to win $100 towards your campaign. We told you it was going to be good!

Make sure to check our hashtag board throughout the day to see where you stand on the leaderboard and what other campaign owners are doing. We’ll be on social media browsing your campaigns and tallying up all the shares, retweets, likes and mentions.

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Happy fundraising!



*Total processing cost will be 6.9% instead of 7.9%. The 6.9% includes the 3% credit card fee (not something we can control), and a reduction of our rate from 4.9% to 3.9% – simply a give-back from us to you! Learn more about the inspiration behind #FundlyGivesBack. 


Love Is In The Air: #FundlyGivesBack


We’re Making Valentine’s Day Easier This Year With #FundlyGivesBack

All of us at Fundly are feeling the love for Valentine’s Day and wanted to give you something for this month’s #FundlyGivesBack. Get your emails ready to send out because on Wednesday, February 12th we’re lowering the processing fee on every donation your campaign receives.

For 24 hours our pricing will be 6.9% instead of 7.9%. Of that total, 3.9% is for our platform (normally 4.9%) and 3% is for credit card processing.

But that’s not all, we’re taking it a step further and have a special surprise contest for using the #FundlyGivesBack hashtag on social media. You never know, it could make your Valentine’s Day that much better! Make sure to stay in the loop so you can win big!

We’ll be manning our social media Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram non-stop to share as many stories as we can. Your success is our number one priority and we hope that helps makes a difference in your fundraising efforts.




Our Top 10 Fundraising Ideas For Valentine’s Day


Idea #1:  Valentine’s Day Party For Your Kid’s Classroom

The annual school Valentine’s day party is right around the corner. Make sure everyone in the class can give and receive cards, and that the party itself is property supplied with great candy, snacks and beverages. Try collecting funds from class parents and PTA members through a Fundly crowdfunding page and post photos of the event afterwards to share with classmates and parents.

Idea #2: Valentine’s Day Party For Your Teen

It’s an awkward time of year for teenagers. They aren’t quite old enough to take their special someone out for a fancy prix fixe, but they’re old enough to want to do a little something special. Instead of sending them out on a group date like any other weekend, how about offering to host a party at the house and rally a group of parents to throw in for food and drinks.

Idea #3: For (mostly) The Guys

Guys (and some gals), getting flowers for your special lady is a given. But what about the many special ladies who paved the way for your current squeeze? That’s right, what about collecting funds from you guy friends to play Romeo for the women at your local retirement community to make their Valentines extra special.

Idea #4: For All The Single Ladies

Valentine’s Day, Schmalentine’s Day right? Well, why not celebrate being unattached with your besties. Raise money from your friends to host a singles-only party to fund your own roses, chocolate, bubbles and food. And make all of your friends in relationships totally jealous of your extra fun party they’re not invited to.

Idea #5: Group Date!

Skip the typical Vday pre-fix this year and host a special dinner made from the heart, or a private chef in town. Collect money from friends to buy ingredients, then have the kitchen ready when they arrive to do some serious cooking together. Or perhaps the less culinarily inclined may want to splurge on hiring a private chef to cook up a storm and serve you and your friends a prix-fixe meal that beats any booked-up restaurants by a mile.

Idea #6: Group Valentine’s Weekend

Better yet, gather your favorite couples and treat yourselves to a couples retreat. With Valentine’s day on the friday of a long weekend, this year is the perfect time to get away. Easily collect travel expenses and make it happen.

Idea #7: Gift Your Loved One’s Charity

We know Valentines Day is all about your special person, but there’s no reason you can’t spread some extra love and help your local charity, children’s hospital or volunteer organization with a donation.

Idea #8: Visit Your Local Animal Shelter

Our little fur baby friends need love, too! Swing by on your way to dinner and spend a half hour hugging, petting and nuzzling the rescued pets that are always looking for extra attention. If you fall in love on the spot, create a campaign and start collecting donations to adopt!

Idea #9: For Your Momma

Everyone’s #1 Valentine deserves a special gift this year. Gather your dad, siblings, cousins and anyone else who knows mom is the most special lady and pool funds to get her a showstopping present.

Idea #10: Whatever Your Heart Desires

If we left anything off the list let us know and we’ll be sure to include it! We look forward to seeing which ideas become successful fundraisers this month.

Have a great Valentine’s Day idea? Start raising money and make it happen!

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