200 Hr Yoga Teacher Training


By Sh’Nere Deas

Yoga has changed my life: mind, body, and spirit. I’m raising money to fund the next step in my journey – becoming a certified yoga teacher.

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Adaptive Surf Project

Screen Shot 2014-06-18 at 11.23.11 AM

By James Samaha

Thanks to many generous donations, our first goal of having three adaptive surfboards built for some local surfers with spinal cord injuries, in the Myrtle Beach SC area, has been achieved! The project called “Adaptive Surf Project” is now on phase 2, “10 for 10.” We are now planning to build 10 more boards for $10,000. Any donation is appreciated and will go directly to paying for these custom boards to be built. Now that we have the first 3 built we will be looking for volunteers to get together once a month or so, (or even more frequently) to help these guys surf. We are hoping to get them out in the water a lot this summer.  Please share with your friends! And thanks for taking a minute to check us out! #adaptivesurfproject #liferollson #sharethestoke #oceancure #wheeltosurf #ASP10for10

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May #FundlyGivesBack Winner


#FundlyGivesBack Winner: 

The search is over! We loved seeing all of your tweets, shares and mentions for #FundlyGivesBack. It’s one of our favorite days because we get to see the Fundly community rally around your campaigns.

We wish all of you could be our May #FundlyGivesBack winner, however, only one of you can win the $100 prize. We’re proud to announce that the winner crushed it on Twitter. This person was in our face and getting their friends to use the #FundlyGivesBack hashtag and tweet @Fundly!

Check out everyone that used the #FundlyGivesBack hashtag. Without further adieu, the winner of #FundlyGivesBack is:

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Our Top 10 Fundraising Ideas For May

graduation_blogBy Samantha Owens

Idea #1: Gift Your College Graduate A Trip They’ll Remember Forever

Raise money to fund a cross-country road trip, a trip overseas to another country, or for a mission trip for them before they start their career.

Idea #2: Make A Special Effort To Show Dad You Appreciate Him

Start a campaign to fund a bigger than usual Father’s Day gift for him – a barbecue, an all-included car-care kit, or even his dream vacation!

Idea #3: Bring Fresh Flowers To The Elderly In Honor Of Spring

Fundraise to bring bouquets to your local retirement, assisted living, or nursing home. Brighten up their day with fresh flowers that will announce spring’s arrival!

Idea #4: Get Your College Student On The Right Track After Graduation

They’ve graduated, and summer will pass before you know it. Start raising money for your college freshman to kickstart them to a debt-free life after college.

Idea #5: Experience The Benefits Of Cycling For Your Commute

Fund the purchase of bicycles and supplies for you and your coworkers. Save the planet, stay fit and healthy, and save money by cycling to work instead of driving.

Idea #6: Help Support Our Troops This Memorial Day

Start a campaign in remembrance of our fallen American heroes for Memorial Day. Donate the funds to help our troops who are away from their families and homes this summer.

Idea #7: Give The Gift Of A Spring Picnic To Someone Who Needs It Most

Raise money to assemble picnic baskets for the many needy and homeless people in your city.

Idea #8: Who Doesn’t Want A Lei Made Of Cash?

Gather some cash to handcraft leis for the graduates in your life, whether they’re stepping out of high school or heading off into life out of college, give them a jumpstart on their financial needs.

Idea #9: Treat Your Friends To Great Baseball Game Seats

Fund a game day to go see your favorite baseball team! Invite as many friends as you can transport and grab great seats, enjoy some stadium food and cheer on the underdog!

Idea #10: Sharing Is Caring, Especially With Books

Raise money to stock a neighborhood mini library. Purchase books, a central container and location to store them in, and enjoy sharing your favorite reads with your neighborhood!


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Guest Blog: How do you make a miracle?

Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 11.19.11 AM

By Ryan George

My great uncle was the kind of man that deserved the title. His characteristically youthful gaze energized those around him, even after the family found out that he had imminent heart failure.

The full danger of Leland’s condition only became clear when he joined the waiting list. Although the median wait time for a heart is 113 days, statics can’t capture the anxiety of waiting.  Getting an organ transplant involves a matchmaking process as complex as any marriage rite.  A whole slew of factors need to line up, like blood type, tissue type, organ size and geographic distance (no mixed metaphor intended.)  

After nearly two years of waiting and a number of false alarms, we got the good news that a match had been found, the logistics had worked, and the world would still be favored with the presence.  He continued to beat the odds for the next 15 years, surviving, as it seemed to us, on a miracle transplant. Because of it, he survived to marry off his youngest son and welcome his first granddaughter into the world.

My uncle’s story is one of many. Today organ transplants are routine, with over 100,000 people in the U.Snow waiting for an organ donation.  Though many advances have been made in the success of organ transplants, the success of the system still relies on the choice of each individual to become a donor.  You can help make a miracle in someone else’s life by registering and promoting organ donation.  Our campaign is dedicated to raising awareness of the every person’s chance to save a life.

There are two things you can do:

  1. Sign up for organ donation in your state: http://www.organdonor.gov/becomingdonor/stateregistries.htm
  2. Give to the cause!  Our charity partner Organs R Us seeks to promote organ donation through athletics.  Find out more here: https://fundly.com/coursera-golden-gate-relay-2014
Towards this end, a team from Coursera will run the Golden Gate Relay, a 191-mile race from wine country to Santa Cruz on May 3-4.  This Bay Area classic tests the mettle of even the fittest of tech companies, and we’re excited to represent the ongoing movement in higher education.  We’ll be handing a baton between 12 runners for more than 24 hours, with every runner covering more than a half-marathon—and we can only hope that no organ donation will be necessary.


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Our Top 10 Fundraising Ideas For April

Our top 10 fundraising ideas for april

By Veronica Olah

Idea #1: Raise Awareness For Autism Awareness Month

April is National Autism Awareness Month. Show your support and help raise awareness and money for autism research, prevention, treatments, etc. When everyone comes together to support a cause, it goes even further. Want to support autism awareness right now? Donate a tweet here: https://fundly.com/autism-tweets.

Idea #2: Start An Office Tradition 

Who doesn’t love a little team bonding? Collect money  from your co-workers to start a new office tradition. The money can go towards drinks, food, a venue, etc. Take the initiative, everyone – including your boss – will think you’re brilliant!

Idea #3: Plan A Summer Trip 

With Spring break over summer is on the horizon! Itching to get out of town this summer? Raise money to go on a summer trip, with your family, friends, team or local group. Explore this wonderful world we live in…just don’t forget to send us pictures!

Idea #4: Get Some Help With Funding For Your Wedding 

Wedding season is almost here! We know paying for a wedding gets expensive – heck, many couples don’t go on a honeymoon because it just doesn’t fit the bill. Why not collect funds so you can have your dream wedding because you deserve it!

Idea #5: Host A DIY Party With Your Girlfriends 

Hosting a DIY party is such a fun and creative way to hang with your friends while doing something crafty. Crowdfund the supplies by asking your girlfriends to chip in money. Tip: Pinterest is always a good source to find your craft.

Idea #6: Make Someone Happy. Because Pharrell Said So

Why not do a random act of kindness for someone special? . Collect money to fund a makeover and shopping spree for someone you love that is starting a new career, has made a big change in their lives, or simply wants a fresh start.

Idea #7: Share Your Love For The Planet

Are you passionate about saving the Earth? We’ll it’s time to put that love to good use! Keep the spirit of Earth day alive by collecting funds for volunteer efforts, community gardens, wildlife preservation or simply organize a day in the park with family and friends.

Idea #8: Surprise Someone For Graduation 

Do you have a friend or family member who’s graduating high school or college? Travel can be expensive. Raise money to surprise them for graduation – who doesn’t like surprises?!

Idea #9: Get Your Mother The Most Meaningful Mother’s Day Gift

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching – trust us it will be here before you know it! What do you get for the mother that has everything? In lieu of gifts, start a campaign to raise money for her favorite nonprofit or charity.

Idea #10: Go To Your Favorite Music Festival

Spring and summertime mean one thing for music lovers: music festivals! However, festivals aren’t cheap (i.e. Coachella, Stagecoach, etc). Between travel expenses, tickets, food and drinks you’re out of pocket a few hundred bucks! Collect funds from your family and friends to get to that festival!

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 Veronica Olah is Community Manager at Fundly.

Guest Blog: Help The Homeless Guy Blogger Get A New Laptop

Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 12.38.58 PM

By Kevin Barbieux

My first experience being homeless began in February of 1982.  Since then I have accumulated some 15 years experience living on the streets, and a few more years living in halfway houses and other facilities. In 2002 I began blogging about my life as a chronically homeless person, first by using public library computers, and then with hand-me-down laptops as they were donated. One of the first things I learned as a homeless person is that the realities of  homelessness are a mystery to most people who have never been homeless themselves.  I write about homelessness so to give others a better understanding of the people who call the streets their home. I have been working as a homeless advocate ever since. My blog is http://thehomelessguy.blogspot.com.  

Some things I have done as a homeless advocate include participating in the creation of The Contributor, now the largest street newspaper in the country, sat on the Nashville Homelessness Commission and worked on the Mayor’s Task Force on Homelessness. I have also given talks whenever asked, usually at churches and universities.

Still, my strength is in advocating by way of the internet.  It reaches the widest audience. But as we all know, the way people use the internet changes as the technology grows. Ten years ago, blogs were very popular, yet that popularity has diminished over the years. Now video, specifically YouTube, has become the most accessed source for information, news, and entertainment. So to continue with my advocacy it is necessary that I expand into video as well.

The issue I am currently having is that the laptop I currently own does not have the functionality necessary to create the multimedia, mainly video, necessary to stay on the forefront of homeless advocacy. So, I have begun this Fundly account in an attempt to raise the funds necessary for a new and better laptop – and perhaps a new camera too if enough funds come in.

Thanks to Fundly, we are more than half way to the goal.


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Guest Blog: The New Jeff Campaign

By Jeff Newell

Jeff is raising money to attend the 2014 Your Weight Matters Convention so he can learn to overcome his obesity and develop a knowledge to help others.

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April #FundlyGivesBack Winner


#FundlyGivesBack Winner: 

The hunt is over! We loved seeing all of your tweets, shares and mentions for #FundlyGivesBack. It’s one of our favorite days because we get to see the Fundly community rise to the top and rally around your campaigns.

We wish all of you could be our April #FundlyGivesBack winner, however, only one of you can win the $100 prize. We’re proud to announce that the winner crushed it on Instagram and Twitter. This person was thanking their donors over social media and had supporters sharing her campaign for #FundlyGivesBack like it was going out of style. :)

Check out everyone that used the #FundlyGivesBack hashtag. Without further adieu, the winner of #FundlyGivesBack is:

Winner: Christ The King Elementary School Fundraiser 

Congrats to Nancy, you blew us away on social media.

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