April #FundlyGivesBack Is Happening Now!


We’re Reducing Processing Fees On All Donations To Your Campaign Today!

The hunt is officially on – your spring #FundlyGivesBack is here! For the next 24 hours our processing fee is 6.9% so get as many donations as you can. AND when you share your campaign using #FundlyGivesBack you’ll be entered to win $100 towards your campaign.

Enter To Win Our Contest

The more shares, tweets and mentions the higher chance you have of winning! We’ll be on the hunt all morning and night to find the campaign that’s sharing the most. Don’t skip a beat - make sure to follow us on social media  (FacebookTwitter and Instagram) because we’ll be sharing every story that comes our way!

Make sure to check our hashtag board throughout the day to see where you stand on the leaderboard and what other campaign owners are doing.

Not running a Fundly campaign but still want to be a part of #FundlyGivesBack? You can help by donating to a campaign in your area or browse by a category that interests you. Sharing the hashtag gets you into a contest too!

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World Autism Awareness Day


April is officially here! It kicked off with April Fool’s Day yesterday (hopefully you didn’t get pranked too hard)! But now it’s all about Autism. Today, April 2nd marks the seventh annual World Autism Awareness Day. Blue lights will be lit across the globe in honor of World Autism Awareness Day. Today is meant to raise awareness and funds, educate the community, promote and support Autism.

Autism is a disability that affects how a person communicates and socially interacts. We need your support to raise awareness and funds, educate the community, promote and support Autism. You can be a part of something amazing today. Join us and help raise awareness for Autism!

We’re running a speical crowdfunding campaign where you can donate a tweet to help raise awareness. The currency is social! Make sure to get your social networks involved so we can help spread awareness for Autism.

Have you ever done something to make someones day? Share your autism kindness act here.

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March #FundlyGivesBack Winner


#FundlyGivesBack Winner: 

You really sprung ahead (wink wink) this month with your tweets, shares and likes for #FundlyGivesBack! You should be proud because this month’s #FundlyGivesBack was better than ever, which makes it even harder to pick a winner but we can only award one $150 prize. The campaign that stood out the most absolutely crushed it on Twitter. They were always updating, tweeting,  mentioning their campaign and used the #FundlyGivesBack hashtag like it was going out of style for Spring :)

Check out everyone that used the #FundlyGivesBack hashtag. Without further adieu, the winner of #FundlyGivesBack is:

Winner: Helping Netta Crush Cancer 

Congrats to Shauna, you and your mother have an incredible support team!

March #FundlyGivesBack Is Happening Now!


We’ve Lowered All Processing Fees On Donations To Your Campaign Today For #FundlyGivesBack!

Team Fundly has been hard at work brewing up a something special for this month’s #FundlyGivesBack. For the next 24 hours our processing fee is 6.9% so get as many donations as you can.

Enter To Win Our Contest

Not only will we be lowering your fees, but when you use the hashtag #FundlyGivesBack on social media and you’ll be automatically entered into our contest to win $150 towards your campaign.

Make sure to check our hashtag board throughout the day to see where you stand on the leaderboard and what other campaign owners are doing. The Fundly team will be manning our FacebookTwitter and Instagram all day to help drive more people to your campaign page. Make sure to follow us and send us a shout out so we don’t miss your story!

Not running a Fundly campaign but still want to be a part of #FundlyGivesBack? You can help by donating to a campaign in your area or browse by a category that interests you. Sharing the hashtag gets you into a contest too!

Happy fundraising!




Guest Blog: Help Me Save Lives In Ghana Africa

By Tyra Ward

Tyra is going to Africa in June to volunteer as a nurse. She’s been working as an ER nurse at Long Beach Memorial Medical Center for 3 years now. In Africa, she’ll be volunteering with IVHQ to treat patients with malaria, AIDs and patients who are malnourished.

Check Out This Campaign

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Spring Fling: #FundlyGivesBack


Spring Refresh Just Got Twice As Nice With A #FundlyGivesBack

Out with the old, in the the new – starting with this month’s #FundlyGivesBack. On Tuesday, March 25th we’re lowering the processing fee on every donation your campaign receives.

For 24 hours our pricing will be 6.9% instead of 7.9%. Of that total, 3.9% is for our platform (normally 4.9%) and 3% is for credit card processing.

After last month’s #FundlyGivesBack blew up on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram we’ve decided to up the ante for March. In addition to a lowered processing fee we’re giving $150 to the campaign that gets the most social mentions, retweets and shares using the #FundlyGivesBack hashtag. We want your campaign to be in our face!

The Fundly team will be manning our FacebookTwitter and Instagram for 24-hours to help drive more people to your campaign page. Make sure you follow us now to get a jumpstart for Tuesday so it will be easier for us to share your campaign.




How To Get Supporters To Your Crowdfunding Campaign


Many people think that once they start a crowdfunding campaign, all their financial woes will disappear. If only it were that easy! One of the biggest challenges in running a successful crowdfunding campaign is knowing how to market it. Though you don’t have to be a marketer, you do have to expand your vision and feel comfortable reaching out to your family and friends, social network and community circles.

Before getting supporters, it’s important that your campaign looks nice and portrays what you’re wanting to raise money for. At Fundly, we encourage all campaigns to include at least one image or video, a description of why you’re fundraising and add a few giving levels as incentives. We’ve broken down a few of our best tips to help you get supporters.

Step 1: Recruit Your Inner Circle Of Family and Friends

When initially starting a campaign it’s important to recruit your core supporters first, this includes yourself, family and friends. This “inner circle” will be the the root of your crowdfunding campaign so make sure to make them feel connected and passionate about why you’re raising money. When you’re communicating and sharing your campaign be descriptive and excited, this will help them want to back you 100%.

How To Reach Your Inner Circle:
Email is a great way to share your campaign with family and friends. Make them feel special by personalizing each one, this may take more time but will pay off in the long run. And if you want some traction immediately, try sending them a text with your campaign URL.

Step 2: Spread Out To Your Social Circle

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+ are super helpful towards marketing your campaign. A good place to start is to focus on the social media platform that you use most frequently and where you have the most number of followers.

Once your “inner circle” has supported you it’s important for them to market your campaign on their social networks as well. People are interested in what others are doing on social media and generally if someone donated or supported a cause, they want to share it with their network – think of it as a chain reaction!

Actionable tips:

  • Use hashtags. Let’s say you’re raising money for autism awareness. Make sure to use hashtags such as #autism #autismspeaks #autismawareness
  • Make sure to post pictures. We’ve noticed that when people post pictures on Twitter, your tweet becomes more popular and noticeable.
  • Give a shout out on social media to “thank” your supporters or donors – publicly making them feel special will give them a reason to share your post or retweet. It’s the little things that matter!

Step 3: Tap Your Community Circles

Once you’ve gained the support from you and your “inner core’s” network, it’s time to get the creative juices flowing. Tapping into community circles are important because it allows you to reach a broader audience that have similar interests. An easy way to start is by asking yourself what types of communities does your campaign fall into?

Questions To Help You Find Your Communities:

  • What is your campaign raising money for? If you’re a college basketball team raising money for nationals, you would look into sports, basketball, the college where you play and alumni communities.
  • Is there a local chapter you can connect with?
    • For example, if you’re raising funds for your local San Francisco church, you could look into local SF communities, other church parishioners, church member forums, etc.
    • Another example would be If you’re raising money for a community project, you could look into Junior Leagues in your area, local volunteers programs, community leaders, town/city hall, community forums, etc.

Example: Bringing Your Circles Together

Let’s say you’re a fashion and lifestyle blogger and need to raise $5,000 for blog expenses.

Step 1: After you create a campaign page, you send a personal email to your family and friends (aka: “inner circle”) telling them about your fundraiser and why it’s important for you to raise the funds.

Step 2: Next, you tap your extended network, which is your social network. With your fashion blog, you might have a stronger following on Twitter and Instagram so you would post there first so more followers will see it.

Tip: Make sure your content is different everytime you post, people don’t like reading the same material over and over. Make them want to support your cause.

Step 3: Other than using hashtags in your tweets, Facebook and Instagram posts, you could try to reach out to fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogging communities, as well as relevant clothing and product brands, to see if they’ll help share your campaign and support your cause.

We love hearing about your campaign and the kinds of communities you love. Share the communities you’ve had success with in the comments below.


 Veronica Olah is Community Manager at Fundly.

Guest Blog: Help Amy Launch Her Tea Store


By Amy Blackthorn

Hi, my name is Amy and I just used Fundly to fund the startup of my tea shop, Blackthorn Hoodoo Blend, I learned about Fundly last year when my dear friend Eleanor started a funding campaign to turn the blueberry farm she stewards into York PA’s first Food Forest Farm.

When I decided I wanted to take my love of tea and many years of tea blending experiments to the public, Eleanor encouraged me to consider funding the start up costs of my tea shop through Fundly.  She stressed how easy Fundly made it to set up my campaign and all of the control that the site’s proprietary features granted me.

Let’s back up.  

I started blending my own teas and sharing them with the people I love, six years ago.  After each new person experienced the flavors and emotions I put into each and every blend, I kept hearing, “You should go into business!”  but I kept my day jobs.In February, after much soul searching and long conversations I decided to take a leap of faith and leave a stable but miserable and emotionally toxic job. It was the best thing I could have done.

I returned to my love of tea to soothe my soul and relieve the stress of the last few months. A friend said that watching me blend tea was like getting to watch your favorite painter work because of the joy it brought me. It reminded me of the old saying about once you are doing what you love, you’ll never work again.

So I sat down and began turning my favorite scented oil recipes into teas that conveyed the emotions I felt when smelling perfume and the stage was set. My goal was to create tastes and flavors that transform people’s lives and bring magic to their worlds.  I created blends that I knew would lift the soul, inspire romance, comfort, and uplift. I had the confidence and the business plan to create the tea line and business of my dreams. Now all I needed was start up capital.

Power of crowdfunding.  

Enter the amazingly helpful Eleanor again, with a reminder of how powerful crowdfunding is, and how unique Fundly is among the multitude of crowdfunding platforms and the stage was set. I started sourcing tea ingredients and packaging, developing interesting launch ideas, and set an easily attainable campaign goal for myself. Using the tools that Fundly gives to help encourage donations and interaction, I had my first two donations before I had even finished setting up the campaign. Boy was I stunned!

My original goal of $300 had me fully funded in the first 24 hours! I decided that bumping my goal up to $400 would allow me to start with a wider selection at first and inspire more friends and family to donate. Boy did it! Friends, family and now complete strangers had taken up the cause of spreading the word on my campaign because they believed in me, and wanted my teas!

Fundly made it easy to understand how to make what I wanted to do happen. I am awed by and thankful for the support shown by my friends — and even complete strangers — for this little dream of mine: to make people happier and healthier through tea. I wake up every day knowing that people believe in me. Blackthorn Hoodoo Blends is in business now because of a friend’s encouragement and Fundly’s unique features.  Thanks Fundly!

Check Out This Campaign

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Our Top 10 Fundraising Ideas For March

march_hero_imageBy Samantha Owens

Idea #1: Start A Bracket Or Throw A Party For The March Madness Games

This one’s a no brainer – collect all your March Madness bracket funds online. Not into the games? Why not pool together money to throw a party for the final four. Make sure you have all the snacks and drinks you could want, kick back on the couch and cheer on your favorite team.

Idea #2: Spread St. Patrick’s Day Cheer With Shamrock Shakes

Shamrock shakes are a phenomenon during March. Instead of rolling up to the drive-thru to get one, spread the luck of the Irish to the neighborhood! Collect money to buy the materials needed to get a shamrock shake on every doorstep. Your neighbors will count themselves lucky, indeed.

Idea #3: Set Off On A Camping Or Backpacking Trip

As the weather warms up, it’s the perfect time to go on an extended camping or backpacking trip. Take a break, unplug, and enjoy the quiet nature has to offer. Collect funds to travel through small towns, eat at new places, and see new sights.

Idea #4: Get Away From The Daily Grind During Spring Break

Spring break is the perfect time to get out of Dodge. Collect funds to travel to visit friends, explore new cities, and make new adventures. It’s also a great time to give back to your community or one like it. Volunteer at a community center or other nonprofit to help the people within it.

Idea #5: Start A Community Garden

In a few months, the farmer’s market will be a regular occurrence, with fresh fruit and vegetables at every stand. Raise money to start a small community garden in your city or neighborhood. Plant all sorts of vegetables and herbs and work side by side to harvest fresh, healthy food for your community.

Idea #6: Surprise A Friend Or Loved One With A Complete Makeover

In the interest of starting over, most people like to start with their appearance. Collect money to fund a makeover and shopping spree for someone you love that is starting a new career, has made a big change in their lives, or simply wants a fresh start.

Idea #7: Handcraft Warm Items For Those Who Don’t Have A Warm Place To Stay

Even with spring just around the corner, it’s still very cold in many parts of the United States. Collect money to throw a knitting/crocheting party and donate the scarves, hats, and gloves you make to a homeless shelter near you, or even across the country.

Idea #8: Redesign A Tired Space

Do you have a friend or family member who is unhappy with one of the rooms in their house? Whether it could just use some TLC or a complete overhaul, collect money to fund the painting, carpentry, design, or other work that needs to be done.

Idea #9: Start The Journey To Restoring A Historical Landmark

Want a bigger goal? Many historical landmarks fall into disrepair from neglect, old age and abandonment. Take one under your wing and raise money to historically renovate it. You never know what you’ll find in its rooms and hallways.

Idea #10: Run A Race With A Purpose

If you’re planning on running a race this month, start a campaign to collect sponsorships for the cause you are most passionate about. You’ll run with a purpose and feel great about helping out with the cause you love most, plus garner pre-race support from your personal connections.

Have a great fundraising idea? Start raising money and make it happen!

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Guest Blog: Raw Dairy Farm


By Molly Freund

My husband and I have been traveling the country working and learning on organic farms for the last 2 years. We are involved in the raw dairy movement and want to bring fresh raw dairy products to more and more people as the movement grows! Helps us start our dream by donating to our potential farm in the Midwest. We’ll offer raw milk, cheese, butter and yogurt! Help the food freedom movement and bring fresh organic dairy to our area. 

Check Out This Campaign

Inspired by Molly’s story? Start raising money, we’d love to hear your story!

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