Top Mobile Bidding Software Solutions (Recently Reviewed)


With the 21st century comes new, innovative ways to host fundraising events and connect with your donors. You can add to a peer-to-peer fundraiser by creating an online page or spice up your next charity auction event by investing in the convenience of mobile bidding.

If adding on mobile bidding software sounds like the right step for you, you’ve come to the right place.

Lucky for you, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of our top mobile bidding software solutions so you can easily begin your search and find the provider that’s right for your organization.

OneCause is a great mobile bidding software solution.


Mobile Bidding Software Platform Overview

OneCause lets nonprofits further their cause by means of convenience. Don’t be fooled, their paperless solution does more than just let donors place bids — it helps your organization out, too!

Their software can aid your nonprofit for every task on the auction spectrum. From logging silent auction item location to viewing donor contributions to sharing your event on social media, OneCause has all these options and more.

With OneCause, you’ll be able to give your guests (remote or in-person) a truly unique and fun event while raising money for your cause.

Best Features of this Mobile Bidding Software

The OneCause mobile bidding app keeps your donors engaged throughout the year. With this app, you can:

  • Send notifications to your donors year-round
  • Track your donations
  • View receipts from previous events
  • Access open auctions
  • Stay updated on charitable news

Mobile Silent Auction Pricing

OneCause knows one size doesn’t fit all, so they’ve created multiple packages to fit any event. Contact them today for a quote on the OneCause mobile bidding software.

OneCause offers comprehensive mobile bidding software for any organization.

Handbid offers mobile bidding software that will streamline the auction process from start to finish.


Mobile Bidding Software Platform Overview

Handbid’s secure mobile bidding software is designed to increase your auction’s revenue by creating an immersive, engaging user experience. This platform provides your guests with tools to guide them through every step of your auction, from check-in to checkout, allowing your team to focus more on hosting a great auction and less on managing logistics. 

Handbid’s mobile bidding tools were designed with user experience and quick setup in mind, so you can maximize engagement without hassle. With the user-friendly (and very secure!) app, bidders can access your auction from anywhere, allowing your nonprofit to run hybrid and virtual auctions with ease. Handbid’s mobile app also improves in-person gatherings by sending push notifications alerting supporters when they’re being outbid so they can enjoy the rest of your event without missing updates about their favorite auction item.

At the end of your auction, guests will be able to check out faster than ever through Handbid’s app. Guests are automatically taken to their checkout page where they can pay using credit or debit card, Apple Pay, or Google Pay. This means less lines and waiting around, creating an organized checkout experience.

Best Features of this Mobile Bidding Software

Handbid’s mobile bidding software comes stocked with all the helpful features you need to host your next auction event, including:

  • Guestlist management so you can pre-assign paddles and speed up check-in
  • Search tools and QR codes so bidders can quickly find and bid on items
  • Real-time push notifications so users know when they’ve been outbid
  • Gamification tools, including fundraising thermometers and live leaderboards to create an immersive auction experience

Mobile Silent Auction Pricing

Handbid offers an array of packages, so you can tailor your plan to fit your nonprofit’s needs. You can also customize your solution with add-on features, and sign up for custom training and on-site support to give your auction a head start.

Snowball is one of our favorite mobile bidding software providers.


Mobile Bidding Software Platform Overview

Snowball Fundraising offers a complete suite of affordable (yet robust!) fundraising tools for small- to mid-sized organizations. And if your organization is looking for top mobile bidding tools, they’ve got you covered!

The Snowball team ensures a highly engaging charity auction experience for your guests by providing intuitive and user-friendly text-to-bid, mobile-friendly, and online bidding functionality.

This way, your event attendees can bid on-the-go from wherever they are, and from whichever device they prefer.

Best Features of this Mobile Bidding Software

Snowball offers a suite of powerful mobile bidding tools that also contains the following key features:

  • Event registration and ticketing functionality through the traditional Snowball platform
  • Real-time notifications to alert a user when they’ve won or have been outbid
  • “Purchase now” options for raffle tickets and other instant buys
  • Flexible, highly secure, and user-friendly payment processing tools

Mobile Silent Auction Pricing

Snowball’s mobile bidding software is available as an add-on to any existing Snowball fundraising plan. Contact their team for a quote to get started!

Here's a look at Snowball's mobile bidding software.

Double the Donation's search tool is a great add-on for your mobile bidding software.

Double the Donation

Mobile Bidding Software Platform Overview

Double the Donation’s gift matching database is a perfect software addition for your organization’s charity auction.

This database can easily be integrated into your website or created as a separate webpage so that your donors can check to see if they are eligible for a matched gift.

Matching gifts are a part of corporate philanthropy programs in which a company will match a portion (or the total gift!) of the donations made by their employees.

This means that during your charity auction, the donation portion of bids, tickets, or additional donations made by your donors could be increased through their companies. The donor simply searches their company’s name in the database, fills out the eligibility form, and that’s it!

Best Features of this Mobile Bidding Software

Double the Donation’s software is perfect for finding money you may not have known was available. This software offers:

  • A hosted matching gift page with a customizable look and feel.
  • Unlimited users of the database.
  • An embedded plugin that’s easily added to a charity auction’s donation page or registration form.

Mobile Silent Auction Pricing

Double the Donation’s basic plan has an annual fee of $299 and the premium plan is $499 per year. You can try out either of these plans for free with a 14-day risk-free trial.

Double the Donation's matching gifts database is a great addition to your mobile bidding software.

Check out ClickBid's mobile bidding software solution for nonprofits.


Mobile Bidding Software Platform Overview

ClickBid’s mobile bidding software helps your organization manage your entire auction event while on-the-go.

This software offers easy bidding for your guests with no apps to download. They’ll simply click on a link and start bidding right away! Plus, don’t forget you’ll be able to mass message your supporters to provide updates, reminders, and other notifications.

ClickBid places their focus on donor experience so your supporters will leave your event with a positive mindset.

Best Features of this Mobile Bidding Software

ClickBid’s platform comes stocked with plenty of helpful features:

  • Mobile check-in and check-out
  • Fund-A-Need display
  • Customizable event landing page
  • Year-long donations

Mobile Silent Auction Pricing

ClickBid offers their annual event license at $795.

Check out AccelEvents' mobile bidding software.


Mobile Bidding Software Platform Overview

AccelEvents’ intuitive mobile bidding software helps nonprofits create convenient silent auctions for their donors. Previous AccelEvents users describe the software as a “home run” for those running auctions, so you won’t want to miss out on them.

AccelEvents takes a different approach to mobile bidding. Forget downloading an app and using up space on bidders’ phones; all your donors have to do to place a bid is send a text!

With AccelEvents, your bidders can participate from anywhere around the globe as long as they have cell reception.

Best Features of this Mobile Bidding Software

AccelEvent’s mobile bidding allows:

  • Donors to bid by texting
  • Donors to bid from anywhere in the world
  • Donors to receive outbid notifications
  • Pre-event bids

Mobile Silent Auction Pricing

AccelEvents’ packages are priced by $1 a ticket, $1 per participant, or 1% of your donations.

See how Accelevents mobile bidding software can help your nonprofit host an amazing auction event.

Take a look at BiddingOwl's mobile bidding software to see how it can help your organization.


Mobile Bidding Software Platform Overview

If your nonprofit hates dealing with paper files and prefers a more modern approach to charity auctions, BiddingOwl is the provider for you!

BiddingOwl offers exclusive mobile bidding software to keep up with your bidders’ favorite devices and minimize the amount of hardware your organization needs to keep track of.

As long as your supporters have smartphones, they can place bids through BiddingOwl’s website.

Best Features of this Mobile Bidding Software

BiddingOwl’s mobile bidding software accepts the following currencies:

  • USD
  • CAN
  • GBP
  • EUR
  • AUD

Mobile Silent Auction Pricing

BiddingOwl is free!

BiddingOwl's mobile bidding software can provide your event attendees with another way to bid.

BiddingforGood offers a comprehensive mobile bidding software for nonprofits.


Mobile Bidding Software Platform Overview

BiddingForGood helps your organization bring your silent auction event to life through mobile bidding. By inspiring easy bidding for all donors, no matter if they’re in attendance at your event or not, is sure spark an increase in monetary profit.

BiddingForGood provides you with a mobile-friendly website for easy navigation and easy bidding on smartphones.

BiddingForGood encourages online registration and checkout with their bidding software so your donors can enter, enjoy, and leave all at their preferred paces.

Best Features of this Mobile Bidding Software

BiddingForGood allows donors to setup outbid notifications via text message and personalize their bidding experience while nonprofits can:

  • Enable remote support for mobile bidding at an event
  • Sell tickets online
  • Promote their listings to BiddingForGood’s network of over 450,000+ individuals
  • Manage seating arrangements
  • And more!

Mobile Silent Auction Pricing

BiddingForGood starts at just $249!

BiddingForGood's mobile bidding software can assist your nonprofit with your next auction event.

If your nonprofit is looking for intuitive mobile bidding software, check out SchoolAuction.


Mobile Bidding Software Platform Overview

SchoolAuction knows your staff would rather focus on your silent auction event than spend hours on end computing data into software or organizing seating arrangements.

They created their mobile bidding software to help your nonprofit keep up-to-date and provide convenience and ease to your donors.

Your bidders can relax and enjoy the social aspects of your auction event instead of running around from item to item to check their bids; they’ll be able to simplify the act of bidding by placing bids on their phones.

Best Features for Mobile Bidding Software

SchoolAuction allows your organization to use traditional and modern elements in your auction events like:

  • Mobile bidding and paper bid sheets
  • Online registration and in person registration
  • Digital catalogs and print catalogs
  • Emailed receipts and paper receipts
  • And more!

Mobile Silent Auction Pricing

SchoolAuction’s standard plan starts at $1,000 a year.

See how SchoolAuction's mobile bidding software can help your organization.

See how WinningCause's mobile bidding software can help your nonprofit.


Mobile Bidding Software Platform Overview

WinningCause focuses on making sure your organization is running the best auction event possible.

WinningCause’s mobile bidding software helps you reach and appeal to as many of your donors as possible by making participation in your auction event easier than ever.

With their Cash Back program, WinningCause will even match up to 9% of your silent auction’s profit and they’ve found that organizations who use their software over competitors save up to 50% of their profits because they don’t need to pay unnecessary fees with WinningCause.

Best Features of this Mobile Bidding Software

WinningCause even offers three different plans:

  • Bid Sheets plan
  • Ultra Competitive plan
  • Better Than Free plan

Mobile Silent Auction Pricing

Registration with WinningCause is free!

Check out WinningCause's mobile bidding software.

Charity Auctions Today offers stellar mobile bidding software for schools and nonprofits.

Charity Auctions Today

Mobile Bidding Software Platform Overview

Charity Auctions Today focuses on helping your organization gain as much as you can by following your event through to its potential. They’ve worked on their software to simplify the mobile bidding process by looking at previous data and other issues.

Charity Auctions Today registers guests on site in under 30 seconds for your event. From there, bidders will receive a link to their mobile-friendly website to start bidding.

But don’t worry! This doesn’t mean your remote bidders are excluded! You can add on extra bids as long as you have their phone numbers and can register them via text message.

Best Features of this Mobile Bidding Software

With Charity Auctions Today, when the event concludes, invoices are created and sent out to guests immediately. Bidders can:

  • Make payments from any location
  • Register their credit cards and pay automatically

Mobile Silent Auction Pricing

Charity Auctions Today’s start plan is free while their Pro Plan is $497 per auction and their Ultra Plan is $597 per auction.

See how Charity Auctions Today can help your nonprofit with your next auction event.

360MatchPro is a perfect platform addition to your mobile bidding software.


Mobile Bidding Software Platform Overview

The addition of 360MatchPro’s matching gift automation platform could make your organization’s next charity auction twice as successful.

This software is used to raise more money from matching gifts, engage with your donors, save your staff time, and create an overall better experience for your organization’s matching gift drives.

360MatchPro can help your organization’s next charity auction be more successful, but also all your future charity auctions, your general donation pages, and all of your donation efforts.

Best Features of this Mobile Bidding Software

360MatchPro is a comprehensive matching gift service with features such as:

  • Opportunities identified for donors’ matching gift eligibility based on their email domains.
  • Automated emails sent to donors based on eligibility status.
  • AES-256 data encryption to secure the information of your donors.
  • Portal customization to match the branding of your organization.
  • A dashboard with aggregated matching gift statistics.

Mobile Silent Auction Pricing

Contact 360MatchPro for a quote on this software.

360MatchPro is a great addition to your mobile bidding software technology.

Now that you know our favorite mobile bidding software providers, you’re sure to pick one you’ll love and host a stellar auction event! Happy bidding!

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