Matching gifts- Top 3 tips for raising more money

Matching Gifts: Top 3 Tips for Raising More Money!

While there are many different ways for your nonprofit to give your matching gift strategies a boost, the following tactics serve as general best practices.

Take a look at these top three tips for matching gift success!

  1. Make it easy for donors to find more information
  2. Track your progress
  3. Attend a nonprofit conference for more inspiration

Matching gifts tips - Make it easy for donors to find more information about matching gifts

1. Make it easy for donors to find more information

In an ideal world, all of your donors would work for companies that double their donations and they would all submit matching gift requests without your nonprofit having to do anything.

But alas, our world is imperfect, and many donors are unaware that their employers even offer matching gift programs, much less what the process is for submitting a request.

Your nonprofit’s job, therefore, is to make matching gift information easily accessible to your supporters.

You can let donors know about matching gifts:

  • On your website.
  • Throughout the donation process.
  • Within your social media posts.
  • In email newsletters.
  • In thank-you letters and emails.

The possibilities are endless. When you give donors the chance to learn more about matching gifts, you’re enabling some of them to potentially double their donations.

Matching gifts tips - Track your progress

2. Track your progress

You won’t know how effective your matching gift marketing strategies are unless you track your progress over the course of months or years.

While there are numerous metrics you should be measuring in general, taking the initiative to keep up with the number of matching gifts you receive is crucial to determine your matching gift success.

We won’t go too far in depth here, but the basic metrics you’ll need to measure include:

  • How many matching gifts you receive from donors’ employers.
  • The value of those matching gifts.
  • The percentage of matching gifts you received out of the total number of donations that came in.
  • The percentage increase in value of matching gifts over time.

Measuring these metrics will help you plan for the future and adjust your marketing strategies as you go along.

Matching gifts tips - Attend a nonprofit conference for more inspiration

3. Attend a nonprofit conference for more inspiration

Sometimes, it’s useful to get out of the office and take a walk.

But it’s even better to get out of the office to attend a nonprofit conference! These conferences are a great place to learn about anything from stewardship to donor acquisition to — you guessed it — matching gifts.

Find a local conference that you and members of your team can attend to learn more about how to incorporate matching gifts into your fundraising efforts. Not only will you gain many new insights, but you’ll also expand your network of colleagues that can share their own tips and tricks.

These matching gift tips are great to keep in mind when you’re planning your matching gift marketing strategy. By reaching out to donors in different ways, tracking your progress over time, and attending a nonprofit conference to get a fresh perspective, you can achieve matching gift success!

And don’t forget to check out our guide to matching gifts to learn even more!