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10 Top Fundraising Consulting Firms [Rated and Reviewed]


Is your organization looking for expert advice to boost your fundraising efforts? Look no further than fundraising consulting firms! From fundraising campaigns to donor stewardship to training, nonprofit consulting firms offer critical assistance to organizations in need.

Not only are these experts full of valuable information, but many consulting firms focus on a particular area of expertise to offer your organization specialized services. 

To help you find a consulting firm that best fits your needs, we’ve created a list of our favorite fundraising consultants. Whether you need help with prospect research, fundraising software, or a capital campaign, you’re bound to find the right consulting firm with our comprehensive list.

Fundraising Consulting FirmArea(s) Of ExpertiseRanking
Aly Sterling PhilanthropyCapital campaigns, strategic planning, and executive searches#1
DNL OmniMediaWeb design and development, donor management, and data migration#2
Averill Fundraising SolutionsLeadership training, capital campaign direction, executive search#3
Brian Lacy AssociatesAnnual giving consulting#4
Big DuckDigital communications and team building#5
Campaign marketing#6
Shift CharityDigital marketing and awareness#7
Westfall GoldEvent consulting and planning#8
Aspire Research Group Prospect research and wealth screening#9
Evans Consulting GroupFundraising strategy#10
Aly Sterling Philanthropy is our top overall fundraising consulting firm.

1. Aly Sterling Philanthropy – Top Overall Fundraising Consulting Firm

Fundraising consulting firm overview

Aly Sterling Philanthropy is the leading fundraising consulting firm in the the Midwest and has worked with organizations across the United States. Their team of consultants aim to provide viable solutions that organizations can seamlessly integrate into their current fundraising infrastructure.

In addition to finding the most sustainable solutions, Aly Sterling Philanthropy takes every organization’s specific needs into account so that no plan is the same. 

Expert services

Among the many services that Aly Sterling Philanthropy provides, the consultants focus on four essential areas:

  • Fundraising Solutions: The team at Aly Sterling Philanthropy can conduct a feasibility study, which will provide insights into your donors’ giving behaviors and valuable supporter feedback.
  • Strategic Planning: By focusing on bigger picture challenges, these consultants can help you stick to your core goals and improve your organization’s infrastructure from the inside.
  • Executive Search: If your organization is looking for expert professionals to join your team, Aly Sterling Philanthropy can help with every aspect of your search—from drafting a job description to managing interviews.
  • Board Catalyst: Aly Sterling Philanthropy can conduct workshops to help energize and strengthen your board members. That way, your directors are prepared to take on any challenge that might arise.

Aly Sterling is a full-service consulting firm with a whole host of nonprofit services.

When to use this fundraising consulting firm

With such a wide range of services, Aly Sterling Philanthropy is a consulting firm that organizations of all shapes and sizes can use. If you’re looking to launch a capital campaign, the consultants can help your draft your case for support and conduct unbiased feasibility studies to ensure your success.The Philanthropy Blueprint is a 6-step process that Aly Sterling consultants use to asses nonprofits.

Why they made our top spot for overall services

Aly Sterling uses their unique Philanthropy Blueprint, a five-step process to gain a deeper understanding of their clients needs. The process helps the consultants assess the areas where organizations need the most help and create a plan of action.

The consultants take the time to fully understand the organization before suggesting any solutions so your nonprofit can rest assured knowing that you’re receiving the best support possible.

Plus, Aly Sterling’s team will help you every step of the way, which means they’ll guide you through how to implement their strategies once they create a plan.

DNL OmniMedia is the top fundraising consulting firm for digital services.

2. DNL OmniMedia —Our Top Digital Fundraising Consulting Firm

Fundraising consulting firm overview

DNL OmniMedia is a consulting firm that helps organizations with online marketing and fundraising solutions. The DNL OmniMedia team works with nonprofits to optimize their goals and improve their fundraising potential by setting up online donation pages.

The certified consultants have experience working with leading web platforms like Blackbaud, WordPress, and Salesforce. 

DNL OmniMedia has a whole host of services for organizations looking for technical support.

Expert services

DNL OmniMedia can help your organization with services that support your online fundraising efforts. This consulting firm’s services include:

  • Digital marketing: From event planning to social media to design, DNL OmniMedia has the expertise to help build awareness for your nonprofit and craft a marketing strategy that matches your organization’s goals.
  • Web development and technical strategy: The consultant team will work with your organization to create technology solutions that are easy to use and fit with your nonprofit’s existing process.
  • Data migration: With years of data migration experience, the DNL team can help you migrate data to a new CRM (constituent relationship management) or CMS (content management system).

If your organization is already using tools like Blackbaud, Salsa, Drupal, WordPress, or Salesforce, DNL OnmiMedia can create customized solutions to help maximize your return on investment.

When to use this fundraising consulting firm

Organizations that are looking for custom technology solutions should seek help from DNL OmniMedia. Whether you’re a small nonprofit who needs help migrating to a new CRM or a larger nonprofit who needs help developing a unique giving experience, this consulting firm has the knowledge to help.

Averill Fundraising Solutions is our top choice for capital campaigns.

3. Averill Fundraising Solutions

Fundraising consulting firm overview

With experience in every corner of the nonprofit sector, Averill Fundraising Solutions can be your go-to for capital campaign consulting no matter who or what you’re fundraising for.

The Averill leadership team has consulted with notable established education, healthcare, faith-based, human service, artistic and cultural, and civic nonprofits.

Averill Fundraising Solutions are fundraising consultants who can help with leadership and campaign direction.

Expert services

Since Averill is a full-service fundraising consulting firm, their expert services run the gamut from before your capital campaign begins to long-term strategy:

  • Campaign planning and feasibility studies: Before you send your first solicitations, Averill will prep your team for success in your capital campaign by assessing how prepared you are to handle the undertaking.
  • Campaign direction: Whether you’re fundraising for your annual fund or another project, Averill will stay with you every step of the way to help your leadership make smart directorial decisions.
  • Embedded staffing: Averill will embed staffing for partners if you need more help on the ground from day to day. You can bring on Averill staff both in the interim during times of need and long-term for assistance with training.
  • Leadership learning and executive search: Looking for your new leadership team but don’t know where to start? Ready to refresh your executives and volunteers on industry best practices? Averill can help, offering workshops and retreats as well as recruiting strategy.

When to use this fundraising consulting firm

Call Averill before you undertake your next capital campaign — that means before you even start your planning. From beginning to end, Averill will be with you every step of the way. 

Brain Lacy is a fundraising consulting firm with annual giving services.

4. Brian Lacy & Associates

Fundraising consulting firm overview

With over 30 years of data service experience, Brian Lacy & Associates has helped organizations maximize their fundraising potential and engage their donors.

The consultants at BL&A have a mission to “help charities be better,” and they achieve this by providing organizations with strategies to improve their year-round fundraising efforts and research donors.

Brian Lacy and Associates can help your nonprofit with online solicitation efforts.

Expert services

This consulting firm focuses on two core areas of service: annual fundraising and data tracking.

Brian Lacy & Associates also offers a full list of services, including:

  • Audits
  • Online and mobile fundraising
  • Solicitation consulting
  • Temporary program management

Along with the services listed above, organizations can also receive prospect screenings and get access to multiple lists of potential donors.

When to use this fundraising consulting firm

Brian Lacy & Associates serves organizations with a focus on healthcare, higher education, and religious missions. If your organization is looking for a way to boost your annual fund and create fundraising initiatives for the entire year, this consulting firm is right for your organization. 

Learn more about Brian Lacy and Associates and their services on the website.

Big Duck is a great fundraising consulting firm for organizations looking to boost their communications.

5. Big Duck

Fundraising consulting firm overview

Big Duck is a fundraising consulting firm that focuses on helping nonprofits raise money through effective communications. Their team is so passionate about communications that they created the Brandraising Benchmark to measure a nonprofit’s public awareness.

This team works with nonprofits to craft the perfect outreach strategy through attractive branding, campaign management, and training.

Here is an example of some of the communication materials they've created for Atlanta Community Food Bank.

Expert services

There are three main service areas that Big Duck helps organizations with:

  • Branding: Big Duck works with your organization to create a cohesive brand. They can also help boost your social media presence to build awareness.
  • Campaign strategy: Whether you need to raise awareness or money, Big Duck can help create an effective fundraiser. The consultants will develop a campaign from the ground up so you can reach your goals.
  • Team Building: Big Duck also helps organizations train their staff so that they’re equipped with the right tools to raise money and communicate with donors properly.

When to use this fundraising consulting firm

If your organization is looking to re-haul your fundraising brand or improve your outreach, Big Duck has the services to help you. They worked with organizations in education, healthcare, and arts and culture.

 Check out more of Big Duck's fundraising consulting firm services on their website.

Pursuant is a fundraising consulting firm with marketing and creative consulting services.

6. Pursuant

Fundraising consulting firm overview

Pursuant was founded to help nonprofits reach more supporters and raise more money. The fundraising consultants achieve this by gaining a better understanding of their clients’ donors.

With more insights into your organization’s supporters, Pursuant seeks to help create long-term fundraising solutions.

Expert Services

Pursuant has a wide range of services that provide donors with data-driven solutions. Some of their services include:

  • Prospect research and wealth screening.
  • Donor stewardship strategy.
  • Design and creative development.

They use modern techniques to help organizations reach out to donors in effective ways.

When to use this fundraising consulting firm

Pursuant works with large nonprofit organizations in a wide range of markets, including: ministries, hospitals, health and human services, and higher education.

Your organization should consider working with Pursuant if you’re looking for support in multiple areas.

Learn more about the consulting services at Pursuant.

The fundraising consulting firm Shift Charity has a ton of marketing services for nonprofits.

7. Shift Charity

Fundraising consulting firm overview

The objective at Shift Charity is to help organizations develop fundraising strategies and campaigns that can help fund important causes.

They focus on digital fundraising so your organization can maintain a strong online presence and reach donors where they are. 

Expert services

Shift Charity can help organizations increase their fundraising potential and boost awareness by:

  • Creating digital fundraising and content strategies.
  • Implementing effective online marketing.
  • Building advertising plans around email and social media.

The team at Shift Charity has years of experience working in the nonprofit industry, which means they can offer you valuable insights into your fundraising challenges.

When to use this fundraising consulting firm

Shift Charity is a great option for smaller nonprofits looking to gain a larger online presence.

Check out the top fundraising services at Shift Charity.

Westfall Gold is a fundraising consulting firm that specializes in events.

8. Westfall Gold

Fundraising consulting firm services

Westfall Gold’s signature strategy is the major donor event. Through a combination of research and experience, this fundraising consulting firm has helped organizations plan and execute large-scale events.

When organizations are looking to connect with their major donors, Westfall Gold can help them create a multi-day event. 

The fundraising Consultants at Westfall Gold can help plan and manage your event.

Expert services

The services at Westfall Gold go beyond just booking a venue; your organization can expect help with your event from start to finish in the following areas:

  • Nonprofit collateral design
  • Major gift prospect research
  • Guest and speaker schedules

When you work with WestFall Gold, you’ll be partnered with a Senior Consultant that will guide you through every step of the process and ensure that your event runs smoothly.

When to use this fundraising consulting firm

Partnering with Westfall Gold is a good option for larger organizations that need extensive help creating a large, multi-day event.

The Aspire Research Group is a fundraising consulting firm that focuses on prospect research.

9. Aspire Research Group

Fundraising consulting firm overview

Aspire Research Group specializes in prospect research and wealth screening to help organizations identify donors with the capacity to give.

This consulting firm sticks to three core values to help provide the best services to their organization: think like a fundraiser, pursue growth and learning, and be passionate and determined.

Learn more about the services at Aspire Research Group.

Expert services

Aspire Research Group offers a ton of features surrounding donor data, including:

  • Identifying prospects
  • Creating a stewardship strategy
  • Implementing a donor management plan

Along with the features mentioned above, they also provide custom solutions to meet your nonprofit’s specific needs.

 When to use this fundraising consulting firm

Nonprofits of all shapes and sizes can seek help from Aspire Research Group. If you’re interested in gaining deeper insights into your donors and pinpointing key prospects, this firm is a great option.

Evans Consulting is a consulting firm that can help with fundraising strategy.

10. Evans Consulting Group

Fundraising consulting firm overview

Founded in 1991, Evans Consulting Group helps organizations navigate the challenging waters of nonprofit fundraising. Every consultant on the team has years of experience working with nonprofits to create effective solutions.

Evans Consulting Group believes in helping organizations by working with them to come up with the best solutions. 

Expert services

From fundraising to communications to coaching, Evans Consulting Group is chock full of services and resources to assist your organization. Some of their most popular services include:

  • Strategic planning to help your organization create concrete goals
  • Board training and executive coaching
  • Wealth screening and prospect research
  • Online communication strategies

As a Giving Institute Member, the Evans Consulting Group consultants adhere to a strict set of standards to provide organizations with the best service.

When to use this fundraising consulting firm

Evans Consulting Group focuses on helping organizations in faith-based institutions, health and human services, and higher education. If you’re looking to work with a consultant that values team work and coming up with solutions together, this consulting firm is right for your organization.

Learn more about the fundraising consulting services at Evans Consulting Group.

There you have it; our top list of fundraising consulting firms to can boost your awareness and help you raise more money. With this list, you’re bound to find the perfect consultant that fits your nonprofit’s needs.

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