Fundly Reviews

Fundly Reviews [Updated May, 2017]

Here at Fundly, we love hearing from our fundraisers and the people who give to their campaigns. If you’re looking for some honest feedback about Fundly’s crowdfunding platform, look no further! Here are the top Fundly reviews taken from top review sites.

Fundly Reviews from Double the Donation

Double the Donation wrote a glowing review of Fundly’s crowdfunding software and included it in their article, “The Best Crowdfunding Websites for Individual Fundraising.” One highlight said:

Fundly is the leader in crowdfunding! With incredible features that can help you design your crowdfunding page, extensive options to reach out to your friends and family, great support, and affordable fees, Fundly is our first choice for crowdfunding software!

Fundly reviews from Double the Donation

Fundly Reviews from Card Payment Options

Card Payment Options gave Fundly an “A” as an overall rating. Fundly scored 4.5 out of 5 in the combined categories of:

  • Sales and Marketing
  • Costs and Contract
  • Complaints and Service
  • BBB Rating

According to the main review:

Similar in structure to Kickstarter or Indiegogo, Fundly offers nonprofits the ability to create an online profile and solicit donations directly from a community of donors.

Fundly's reviews on Card Payment Options rank overall and in the individual categories

Fundly Reviews from gave Fundly a 7.9 score, with the main review stating that,

Fundly makes starting a campaign simple with the help of their Quick start guide as well as email customer support providing tips and campaign help throughout a campaign’s launch.

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Fundly Reviews from CrowdsUnite

CrowdsUnite has multiple reviews from different Fundly users.

CrowdsUnite has aggregated Fundly reviews and given the following scores:

  • Overall – 7.4
  • Customer Support – 8.8
  • Ease of Use 8.9

Check out Fundly's reviews on CrowdsUnite.

One user, a man who used Fundly to finance the production of his CD said that Fundly was,

Very easy to use. I’ve told many people about you guys.

Fundly Reviews

Another user that used Fundly to raise money for their nonprofit organization said that Fundly was,

Easy to set up. Great integration with Facebook, Twitter, Email. The best part is that they have set-up their back end so that the funds can be received and receipted directly from us as a non-profit…Great support team that is really listening to their community and evolving daily.

Fundly Reviews

Now that you’ve seen Fundly reviews on these top 4 websites, you’re probably interested in starting your own campaign.

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