Discover 6 top Christian crowdfunding platforms.

Top 6 Christian Crowdfunding Platforms (To Raise More Funds!)


Raise Money for Any Cause

With Fundly, you can start raising money in minutes.

From schools and education to weddings and honeymoons, people have been using the power of crowdfunding to raise money for every passion, cause, or expense you can imagine. Recently, churches and other faith-based organizations have jumped on the crowdfunding bandwagon to raise money to expand facilities, fund mission trips, support youth groups, and build other projects that go beyond traditional offerings.

The beauty of Christian fundraising is that congregants can unite to support their churches, giving as much as they feel comfortable with to support a common cause.

Like with any campaign, finding the right platform to host a Christian fundraiser is critical to raising awareness and reaching goals.

To help you find the right Christian crowdfunding platform, we’ve compiled a list of 6 top websites:

  1. Fundly
  2. Qgiv
  3. GiveSendGo
  4. Kickstarter
  5. Plumfund
  6. Indiegogo

Learn more about how these websites can help realize your goals and raise more money for your church.

Christian crowdfunding platforms like Fundly allow congregants and churches to raise money.

1. Christian Crowdfunding Website – Fundly


Individuals and organizations alike use Fundly’s crowdfunding platform to raise money, and our website even has a dedicated section for churches and religious organizations.

Creating a professional, unique fundraising page is easy with our platform, and our support team is always there to help if you ever run into any challenges.

With effective features like giving levels, social sharing integrations, crowdfunding updates, and so much more, your church will be equipped with the necessary tools to help your campaign succeed. Plus, you’ll have plenty of room to upload images and videos, tell your story, and keep your supporters updated—all things that make up a successful campaign!

Why It Made Our List

Fundly is a keep-it-all platform, meaning that you don’t have to reach your goals to receive the funds you raise. For churches, every dollar toward your cause will make an impact, so finding a site that doesn’t have strict requirements means that you can still fulfill your project.

Additionally, you can easily adjust your deadline if you want to extend your campaign to raise even more money for your project.

The Cost

Starting a Christian fundraising campaign on Fundly is entirely free. Once you start receiving donations, you’ll pay a 4.9% platform fee as well as 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction.

Qgiv offers online donation software as well as a crowdfunding platform for Christians and nonprofits.

2. Christian Crowdfunding Website – Qgiv


Qgiv is an online donation tool provider that has been creating online giving solutions for churches and organizations for several years. They also have a crowdfunding-style donation form that churches can use to raise money for their cause.

With their page-building tool, users can create a crowdfunding goal, set different giving amounts, and design a fundraising thermometer that tracks their progress. 

Fundraising thermometers are useful tools that allow your church to track significant milestones. Donors will not only be excited to see how far you’ve come, but they’ll also be motivated to give or share your campaign with others. In fact, donors are more likely to give to a campaign that’s close to reaching its goal.

Why It Made Our List

The easy to use donation form builder on Qgiv’s platform is why this Christian crowdfunding platform made our list. Users can create a branded, professional looking page without CSS or HTML knowledge.

Moreover, Qgiv has a whole suite of software from giving kiosks to peer-to-peer fundraising tools that can help your church raise even more!

The Cost

You can build a crowdfunding page for free (plus 3.9% + $0.30 per transaction). If you need additional features or more customization capabilities, Qgiv has packages ranging from $49 to $199 a month.

GiveSendGo is a Christian crowdfunding website that allows congregants and churches to raise money for practically any cause.

3. Christian Crowdfunding Website – GiveSendGo


GiveSendGo is a Christian crowdfunding website that lets churches and congregants raise funds. Of course, the platform accepts campaigns for mission trips and youth groups, but they also welcome fundraisers created by congregants seeking support from their church for medical expenses, memorials, and so much more.

Each fundraising page includes social sharing buttons and a progress bar that shows how far the campaign has come. Aside from giving to the campaign and sharing the page, congregants can use the “pray now” button to show their support.

Why It Made Our List

GiveSendGo is a Christian crowdfunding platform that focuses on building a community of faithful supporters. By giving both churches and congregants the option to fundraise for a variety of categories, crowdfunders can receive the spiritual and monetary support they need.

Each month, 10% of the money they make gets put back into active campaigns on their site.

The Cost

Creating an account is free. You’ll only pay 2.9% +$0.30 per transaction if you use Stripe as your payment processor or 3.5% + $0.30 per transaction if you use Amex.

Learn how you can use Kickstarter as a Christian crowdfunding website.

4. Christian Crowdfunding Website – Kickstarter


If your church is fundraising for a creative project (think: music or art), Kickstarter is a great option. To create a crowdfunding campaign, your church will have to set a goal and add perks to your page so that supporters receive a gift once your campaign is completed.

Kickstarter, an all-or-nothing crowdfunding platform, requires campaign creators to reach their set goal before receiving any funds. This approach can be beneficial as your supporters are more likely to share the page with their networks if they want to see your project realized. 

Churches can use Kickstarter to help raise money for their Christian music album, to create artwork for their facilities, or for any other creative project.

Why It Made Our List

Kickstarter made our list of top Christian crowdfunding platforms because, even though the platform isn’t directly targeted to faith-based organizations, churches can raise money and awareness for creative projects.

The Cost

Interested in starting a campaign on Kickstarter? If you reach your goal, you’ll pay a platform fee of 5% of the total funds raised as well as a payment processing fee of 3% +$0.20/transaction.

Churches can raise funds on Plumfund's Christian crowdfunding platform.

5. Christian Crowdfunding Website – Plumfund


Plumfund is a personal crowdfunding website that congregants can use to raise money for their church, mission trip, or youth group.

The platform is easy to use and campaign creators can even add wish lists to their fundraising page to directly ask congregants for what they need. This feature helps supporters see how their money will be used so that they’re less hesitant about contributing.

Why It Made Our List

While Plumfund’s website is geared toward personal fundraising, individuals can create a campaign to support their church. The fundraising pages come with many features like wish lists, crowdfunding updates, and social sharing capabilities that help fundraisers share their story and reach more supporters.

The Cost

Campaign creators don’t have to pay any set-up or platform fees. Any online payments accepted through WePay or PayPal will be charged a third-party payment processing fee of 2.8% + $0.30 per transaction.

Check out the Plumfund website to learn how your church can start a crowdfunding campaign.
Indiegogo, while not specifically a Christian crowdfunding platform, can be used by churches for creative projects.

6. Christian Crowdfunding Website – Indiegogo


Indiegogo is a crowdfunding website that churches can use to raise money for creative projects or products. If you want to create digital copies of your sermons or release a Christian album, you can create a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.

The platform offers flexible features that allow you to decide if you want to host a keep-it-all or all-or-nothing campaign. Additionally, donors can include perks or giving levels in their fundraiser to generate excitement and motivate congregants to give.

Why It Made Our List

Indiegogo makes our list of top Christian crowdfunding platforms because users can customize their campaign to fit their fundraising needs. Since creators have the option to choose what type of campaign they want to launch, they’ll have a better chance at reaching their goals.

The Cost

Indiegogo charges a 5% platform fee in order to raise money on their platform. Users will also pay a third-party payment processing fee of 3% + $0.30 per transaction.

Choosing the right Christian crowdfunding platform will depend on your church’s needs and the reason you’re raising funds.

Ultimately, you should choose a website that offers features to set your campaign up for success.

If you want more information on how to raise funds for churches and other faith-based organizations, check out these additional resources:

  • How to ask for donations. A huge part of your crowdfunding campaign will be asking for gifts from your congregants. Learn the strategies you need to make your pitch—whether you’re asking online, in-person, or over the phone.
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Raise Money for Any Cause - Start Your Fundly Fundraiser
Raise Money for Any Cause - Start Your Fundly Fundraiser