These 7 Salesforce apps and integrations are top-tier solutions that all nonprofits can use.

Top 7 Salesforce Apps and Integrations for Nonprofits

Large nonprofits using Salesforce to manage donor data, track fundraising campaign progress, and stay on top of their daily operations can get even more from their CRM system by implementing a variety of apps and integrations.

In this post, we’ll walk through our 7 favorite solutions to complement your Salesforce platform:

Salesforce App or IntegrationPurpose
Fonteva EventsEvent Management
BidPalCharity Auctions
SMS Magic InteractText Messaging
Cirrus InsightEmail Management
ArtAppMuseum Management

Each tool provides a unique spin on nonprofit management, so you might find that some apps fit your organization better than others. Or, you may decide to use several of these products in conjunction with one another for a truly comprehensive nonprofit technology system!

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Fundly is the top Salesforce integration for crowdfunding.

1. Fundly — Top Salesforce Integration for Crowdfunding

Anyone can use crowdfunding to raise money, including nonprofits who are already on Salesforce.

If your organization has never used crowdfunding before, let’s recap why it’s such a popular, profitable fundraising tool:

  • Crowdfunding is easy to get started with. In order to launch your campaign, all you need is a worthy cause and a crowdfunding website (like Fundly!). You can be up and running (and raising money) with very little downtime, and you don’t have to be a veteran fundraising expert to achieve an ambitious campaign goal.
  • Crowdfunding puts your campaign in front of new donors. Because crowdfunding primarily lives online, your campaign will benefit from digital word-of-mouth. Even if only a few supporters share your campaign, you can still reach hundreds (if not thousands) of new individuals thanks to your donors’ online networks!
  • Crowdfunding helps you raise money fastThough you don’t have to set a deadline for your crowdfunding campaign when you use Fundly, having a specified end date for your fundraiser can incentivize supporters to make their donations quickly and get the word out. Most crowdfunding campaigns last only 9 weeks!
Through the Fundly Salesforce app, you can transfer all data collected on your crowdfunding campaign page into your CRM seamlessly.

This Fundly campaign is a great example of a nonprofit raising money through crowdfunding. The Austin chapter of Habitat for Humanity has already raised almost $20,000 through their Fundly campaign, with 30+ days to go!

As with any online fundraiser, you’ll collect a lot of donor information throughout your crowdfunding campaign. As you process supporters’ donations, you’ll need a way to guarantee that all their valuable data flows into your Salesforce CRM.

Good news—your organization can use CloudSync to connect your Fundly crowdfunding data with Salesforce CRM! Through this integration, all donor information will automatically file itself in Salesforce, no manual data entry required.

And the best part is you don’t have to be a web developer or even a tech expert to launch a seamless connection. CloudSync and Fundly make it easy to sync up your CRM and crowdfunding platform without any coding or extensive backend configuration.

Fonteva Events is the top Salesforce app for planning and managing events.

2. Fonteva Events — Top Salesforce App for Event Management

Events are a major part of many nonprofits’ fundraising strategies, but fundraisers aren’t the only types of events you might need to plan! From galas to conferences and even quarterly board member meetings, it’s important that your team stays on top of all the logistics that go into event planning and execution.

If you’re in the market for a seamless Salesforce event management solution, Fonteva Events is the top-tier app you’ve been searching for! With Fonteva on your side, you can: 

  • Set up your event registration page. Add multiple ticket prices, set permissions for exclusive options, and offer as many sessions and tracks as you’d like. With Fonteva, your event registration can actually match your event!
  • Market your event. Build out a beautiful, fully branded event microsite to promote your event and get the word out to supporters. You can include as many pages as you need to provide all of your important event details as well as high-quality photos and videos.
  • Generate custom event reports. View your event’s success across a variety of metrics using Fonteva Events’ helpful reports and dashboards. Don’t worry—you don’t have to be a tech guru to use these simple point-and-click analytics tools!

Fonteva Events is a native Salesforce app that allows you to holistically plan every aspect of your event.

Fonteva’s Salesforce app is 100% native, meaning you won’t have to integrate any external platform or transfer data back and forth to use this solution.

And though Fonteva Events is an end-to-end Salesforce solution, it’s also user-friendly enough to be used by event-planning teams of any size and skill level. Whether you’re brand new to planning events or have been in the fundraising event game for years, Fonteva can come through with all of the tools you need to succeed.

Bonus: Learn more about Salesforce event registration by reading this helpful post from the event experts at Fonteva! You’ll learn how to optimize your event registration page and use your Salesforce CRM to its fullest potential.

BidPal is the top Salesforce app for charity auction management and mobile bidding.

3. BidPal — Top Salesforce App for Charity Auction Management

While highly profitable, charity auctions are often a complicated undertaking. Think about it: to pull off a successful auction, your organization needs to manage item procurement, registration and checkout, event promotion, and your online auction logistics (if you choose to host one), among many other elements.

With so much to keep in mind, you’ll need a top-notch charity auction software to lend a hand—say hello to BidPal!

BidPal's Salesforce app and mobile bidding tool can help you drive donations by simplifying the auction process.BidPal offers all-inclusive fundraising auction and mobile bidding software that can assist with every aspect of your auction planning and execution. You can use BidPal’s software to:

  • Procure the perfect items. Use your BidPal software to generate auction item solicitation letters, track an item’s procurement status, create item bundles or packages, and group related items by category to keep your auction displays as organized as possible.
  • Pair your in-person event with an online auction. Extend the bidding window by offering an online auction before, during, and even after your silent or live auction event. BidPal enables you to create a branded auction site to house all of your item details; that way, even out-of-town supporters can get involved with your fundraiser.
  • Simplify the silent auction bidding process. BidPal’s revolutionary mobile bidding tools empower your guests to place—and even automate!—silent auction bids using their smartphones. Without the hassle of paper bid sheets, you can keep your auction running longer and promote even higher bids!

The best part of having a powerhouse platform like BidPal on your side? With all of the complex auction logistics taken care of, your team will have more time to devote to guest engagement, ensuring a seamless, successful event night.

And since all of your auction and donor data will be stored automatically in your CRM thanks to BidPal’s handy Salesforce app, you won’t have to worry about manual data entry, either. Auctions have never been easier!

SMS Magic Interact is the top Salesforce app for sending and managing text communications with your donors.

4. SMS Magic Interact — Top Salesforce App for Text Messaging

Your donors are busy individuals, so it’s vital that you find an effective way to connect with them when they’re on-the-go. One of the best ways to do that is by taking advantage of the most universal communication channel there is—text message!

With SMS Magic Interact, you can develop supporter relationships by reaching donors wherever they are through the power of SMS messaging. SMS Magic simplifies communication, helping you to:

  • Send single or bulk text communications. You’ll be able to send texts to any object stored in Salesforce (as long as it has a working mobile phone number attached, of course). You can even view two-way text histories for each object, so you never forget where you are in conversation.
  • Automate text campaigns. Build out personalized text templates using merge fields and then automate those messages through workflows and process builder. Thanks to SMS Magic, you can still employ communication best practices (such as using a donor’s first name), even when managing bulk campaigns.
  • Monitor communication analytics. SMS Magic comes complete with advanced reporting tools to guarantee your text communication strategies are always improving. Manage open rates, responses, opt-outs, and more through SMS Magic’s simple customer portal.

With SMS Magic Interact, an SMS communication Salesforce app, you can quickly create single or batch text message campaigns.

As with all donor engagement and communication efforts, it’s crucial that your data connects with all of the records you store in Salesforce.

Since SMS Magic Interact was built to work seamlessly with Salesforce CRM, you can easily access and manage both sets of data at once, increasing productivity for everyone on your team!

Cirrus Insight is the top Salesforce integration for easy email management.

5. Cirrus Insight — Top Salesforce Integration for Email Management

Cirrus Insight understands that most nonprofit teams rely on their email inboxes, not their CRMs, to stay on top of donor relationships and one-on-one supporter communications. That’s why their team designed an innovative, intuitive integration to bring the power of Salesforce right to your inbox!

With Cirrus Insight, you’ll be able to keep your CRM up-to-date without having to manually log information gathered in emails into your Salesforce platform. Cirrus Insight allows you to:

  • View Salesforce records in your inbox. No matter what email client you use, Cirrus Insight enables you to view all the most pertinent Salesforce data right in your inbox. That way, when you open a donor’s email, you’ll instantly be able to view their giving history, relationships, and other vital details without leaving Gmail, Outlook, or any other email host.
  • Send smarter emails. Use Cirrus Insight’s suite of email tools to manage your communications more effectively. Send Later, Open Alerts, Reply Tracking, Mail Merges, and more are all available directly in Salesforce, giving your team the flexibility you need to engage with your supporters strategically.
  • Save time by using templates. Cirrus Insight comes equipped with a library of “marketing-approved” email templates that save your team time and standardize organization-wide communications. If their templates don’t cut it, you can build your own to start email campaigns that are unique to your nonprofit.

The Cirrus Insight Salesforce integration puts Salesforce directly in your inbox.

Cirrus Insight is already used by a wide variety of businesses and organizations, but this tool is especially useful for nonprofits. After all, constituent relationships are at the core of what your nonprofit does, and without solid donor, volunteer, and member relationships, your cause would likely come to a halt.

By streamlining email communications, Cirrus Insight makes it easier to engage with your supporters and manage these important relationships long-term!

Geopointe is the top Salesforce app for managing maps and territories.

6. Geopointe — Top Salesforce App for Mapping

For organizations who work in a number of geographic areas, being able to map your data means greater insight into your constituents and more intentional efforts across the board. If that sounds like a need your nonprofit has, Geopointe might be the Salesforce app for you!

With Geopointe, your organization can map everything, from territories where donors are most active to driving routes and more. For instance, you can use Geopointe to:

  • Visualize geographic data. Whether you’re assessing major gift prospects in a local neighborhood or viewing concentrations of donors across multiple countries, Geopointe can put all of your geographic data in view based on the metrics that matter to your team.
  • Optimize travel plans. En route to a conference? Visiting beneficiaries across your region? No matter where you’re going or how many stops are on the way, Geopointe can help you find the best route using built-in Google Maps functionality.
  • Use geographic data to inform campaigns. By studying Geopointe’s analytics, you can determine the most effective fundraising and engagement strategies. From your data map, you can instantly launch Salesforce campaigns, create objects, or update single or mass records at once.

Geopointe is a Salesforce app that enables you to create custom map views of your supporter data.

When you know where your donors are, you can develop fundraising tactics that reach them perfectly. And with Geopointe, you can do more than see a donor’s location; you can analyze location-based trends, prospect information, and relevant demographics!

And don’t worry—Geopointe’s helpful mapping and territory management tools are (of course) mobile-ready thanks to the Salesforce1 mobile app! That way, you can put your data to good use on-the-go and meet your supporters wherever they are.

ArtApp is the best Salesforce app for museum, gallery, and artifact collection management.

7. ArtApp — Top Salesforce App for Museum Management

For museums, managing your nonprofit looks a little different than many other types of organizations. Since you’ll undoubtedly have such specific needs, there’s a highly specific Salesforce app ready to help you out. Meet ArtApp!

ArtApp was designed specifically for museums, galleries, and art studios in need of a Salesforce collection management solution.  Stay on top of all of your curation and data management needs by using ArtApp to:

  • Manage online or on-site collections. Whether you’re displaying artifacts at a gallery or hosting an online manuscript or photo database, you’ll need a way to log all of the pieces in your extensive collections. ArtApp can help you manage records of everything within your Salesforce system.
  • Track consignments and loans. You can attach QR code labels to physical items or art pieces to ensure you always keep track of your artifacts, no matter where in the world they end up. For organizations with a constantly rotating inventory, staying on top of an item’s location is paramount, and ArtApp can help!
  • Publish your database to a public site. If you want to keep the world updated on what your museum has in stock, ArtApp allows you to publish your artifact listings to a branded public website. However, if you’d rather not publish some (or all) of your content, this step is completely optional.

ArtApp is a unique Salesforce app designed for museums.

ArtApp offers multiple versions of its application so that every user—including artists, small nonprofit museums, and large government organizations—gets exactly what they need from their interface. You can easily upgrade your solution as your nonprofit’s curation needs evolve, too!

Now that you know which Salesforce apps and integrations can boost your productivity and profitability, your organization should be well on your way to a more powerful CRM system.

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