Find the best museum fundraising software for your museum!


We get it — you’ve got a lot on your mind when it comes to running your museum. Between staff, collections, and special exhibitions, a lot goes into your operations.

But you’ve got to make sure you have enough revenue to make everything happen.

You need to pay special attention to museum fundraising, especially in planning fundraising events and tracking donors. Luckily, there’s museum fundraising software that can handle the hardest parts of your campaigns, leaving you to other matters that need your attention.

In this post, we’ll share the best 8 museum fundraising software solutions to breathe new life into your fundraising efforts. Let’s get to it!

Museum Fundraising SoftwareBest For
FundlyMuseum Crowdfunding
Museum Donor Data Management
DoubleknotMuseum Fundraising Event Planning
OneCauseCharity Auctions
BonfireT-shirt Fundraising
GiveffectMarketing Museum Fundraisers
Salsa LabsPeer-to-Peer Fundraising
SumacDonor Management
CuseumMobile Donations
Museum Fundraising Software

Fundly is our top pick for museum fundraising software for museums of all sizes.

1. Fundly

Museum Fundraising Software Overview

Especially for museums with smaller staffs and budgets, crowdfunding is a great way to capture small-to-midsized donations from your museum members and other supporters.

With Fundly, you can start a campaign for free and easily share it across social media platforms!

Even if you’ve never launched a crowdfunding campaign before, Fundly makes it easy. You can create an engaging crowdfunding webpage featuring photo slideshows, videos, and text that tell your story. Plus, you can share updates on your campaign progress right on your Fundly campaign page.

To crowdfund for your museum, Fundly is the go-to museum software.

When to Use This Museum Fundraising Software

Because Fundly crowdfunding pages are so easy to share, they can reach a far cry further than just your museum membership list. As such, these types of campaigns tend to bring in more small donations as opposed to fewer large donations. Try launching a crowdfunding campaign to support a special exhibition instead of your annual fund or a large expansion or acquisition project.

Before starting your crowdfunding campaign, make sure you check out examples of well-executed crowdfunding campaigns to get some inspiration and guidance.

Lumaverse offers museum fundraising software for museums and science centers.

2. Lumaverse

No matter the size or budget of your museum, you need a way to keep track of your donors’ information—not only for the sake of organization, but to help you fundraise effectively.

With Lumaverse’s CRM solution, you can not only “manage” your donors’ data—but also take full advantage of it. How? With detailed donor profiles, integrated fundraising platforms, and communication tools to orchestrate email and direct mail campaigns!

The all-in-one management software allows for the seamless transfer of data from one tool to another, meaning you’ll spend less time manually transferring data and more time doing what really matters: building relationships with your donors. Plus, Lumaverse’s built-in data analysis tools can do the strategizing for you, drawing insights about your past fundraising efforts and predicting future trends.

Check out Lumaverse's website for more information about this museum fundraising software.

When to Use This Museum Fundraising Software

Museums looking to streamline their tech stack should consider Lumaverse.

Their compatible products include a crowdfunding platform, volunteer and event management tools, membership management, sign-up forms, and appointment scheduling. Plus, they offer flexible subscription levels, so Lumaverse products are accessible to any size museum.

Doubleknot offers museum fundraising software for museums and science centers.

3. Doubleknot

Museum Fundraising Software Overview

If you’re looking for museum fundraising software that can do a little more heavy lifting, Doubleknot might be the one for you.

Doubleknot’s integrated software helps museums raise money through online donations programmed into your checkout page, onsite donations with mobile POS stations, and complex fundraising events.

When organizing fundraising events with Doubleknot, you can register attendees, sell advance tickets to members, send updates, and follow up afterward with analytics and email marketing tools.

Support your museum programs with Doubleknot museum fundraising software.

When to Use This Museum Fundraising Software

Because Doubleknot is so much more than a fundraising software solution, larger museums in particular can leverage it to handle their biggest, most important events. Think about charity auctions, galas, or other events that you might shy away from because they’re so involved.

With Doubleknot, you can tackle those huge events, integrating your event planning logistics, your donation platforms, and your museum membership list.

Hosting a fundraising event for your museum is easy with OneCause museum fundraising software.

4. OneCause

Museum Fundraising Software Overview

When it comes to fundraising events, you might have already decided exactly what kind of event you need to host to meet your fundraising goals.

If you’ve decided on a charity auction, check out OneCause‘s mobile bidding and auction software.

OneCause lets you ditch paper bid sheets in favorite of smartphones, a medium that your auction attendees are guaranteed to have with them. Mobile bidding isn’t the only smart feature of OneCause’s charity auction solution — you can also procure and tack auction items, organize a raffle, and integrate your social media feeds.

OneCause museum fundraising software facilitates charity auctions for your museum.

When to Use This Museum Fundraising Software

Of course, OneCause is your go-to for charity auctions hosted at your museum. But this software allows you to take your event to the next (virtual!) level, so get creative!

Because you can implement mobile bidding, your donors don’t actually have to attend your event in person to bid. Live-stream the event to get remote participants as close as they can to the action. You can even host your entire auction in cyberspace with online auction features.

Use Bonfire's museum fundraising software for a t-shirt-based fundraiser.

5. Bonfire

Museum Fundraising Software Overview

No matter the size of your budget or any other fundraising initiatives you decide to undertake, a T-shirt fundraiser is never a bad idea. And if you choose a T-shirt manufacturer that offers fundraising-specific services, like Bonfire, then you get an even better deal.

With Bonfire, you pay nothing upfront to design, market, and sell your T-shirt. Instead, a small portion of your proceeds go to the platform in processing fees after your campaign ends, and you get all the profits.

Sell t-shirts to raise money for your museum using Bonfire's museum fundraising software.

When to Use This Museum Fundraising Software

The great thing about Bonfire is that T-shirt fundraisers can stand on their own or complement other fundraising efforts.

You can design a T-shirt for a new exhibition and collect some extra donations that way, or you can offer a T-shirt as a perk for your next crowdfunding or capital campaign.

Giveffect's full package includes museum fundraising software.

6. Giveffect

Museum Fundraising Software Overview

Sometimes, you need to think outside the box when launching a fundraising campaign. Giveffect‘s all-in-one nonprofit solution gives you the opportunity to be flexible with your fundraising by offering a multitude of popular fundraising features in one software package!

You can sell tickets and register guests for the most traditional fundraising events like charity galas and golf tournaments, but you can also launch your own peer-to-peer fundraising, crowdfunding, team fundraising, or corporate fundraising websites with Giveffect.

Whichever type of fundraising effort you undertake, Giveffect helps you develop branded webpages and integrate your marketing plan with your fundraising strategy.

Streamline your museum fundraising with Giveffect all-in-one museum fundraising software.

When to Use This Museum Fundraising Software

Giveffect can deliver when you need something a little different. If your usual fundraising efforts are losing steam or you’re raising money for a new kind of project, it might be time to shake things up.

You don’t even have to think too far into the future if you decide to implement Giveffect. Because the same provider offers so many different features within the same software package, it’s not as hard to switch to a different strategy within the same software solution after you’ve already learned it!

Salsa Labs offers museum fundraising software as part of its all-inclusive suite of nonprofit software,

7. Salsa Labs

Museum Fundraising Software Overview

Larger museums in particular might be looking for an all-inclusive software solution that offers a strong fundraising feature.

With Salsa Labs‘ full suite, you get online and peer-to-peer fundraising software along with donor management, online advocacy, and digital marketing solutions.

Museums ready to take on huge fundraising goals need more than just fundraising software to achieve their goals. They also need integration with their member profiles and marketing. Far-reaching campaigns are best when they’re streamlined, and Salsa Labs can offer that as a suite of integrated products.

Organize fundraising events and track membership with Salsa Labs' museum fundraising software.

When to Use This Museum Fundraising Software

Museums looking to undertake their biggest fundraising campaign yet should consider Salsa Labs. Whether it’s a major acquisition or an expansion to a building or annual fund, you’ll need an all-inclusive solution to pull it off.

Of course, huge fundraising campaigns require more than smooth software solutions. Make sure you nail down your fundraising strategy before you invest in software to help carry it out.

Sumac nonprofit software translates easily into museum fundraising software.

8. Sumac

Museum Fundraising Software Overview

When museums run fundraising campaigns, the first and most important group of individuals they reach out to is their museum members. So when shopping for museum fundraising software, you need to make sure you find a solution that integrates with membership management.

Though Sumac is primarily a nonprofit software, it offers the fundraising and donor management features that museums need to manage successful fundraising campaigns.

Sumac helps you streamline online fundraising through customizable online donation pages and email marketing, then integrate your results and analysis with your donor profiles.

Incorporate your CRM into your fundraising efforts with Sumac museum fundraising software.

When to Use This Museum Fundraising Software

Sumac’s nonprofit software is easy to transition into museum software because of the emphasis on donor management, especially considering how important your museum members are to your fundraising.

This software makes it easy for you to keep your members at the forefront, where they should be!

Get your visitors involved in fundraising while they're in your exhibits with Cuseum museum fundraising software.

9. Cuseum

Museum Fundraising Software Overview

Some museums might need software to facilitate fundraising as well as on-the-ground operations for visitors.

Cuseum integrates museum donations with content management and curated mobile tours. The visitor’s app reminds them to donate before they leave the building and encourages them to become members.

The visitors who turn into donors are those who have amazing experiences at your museum. When you implement software to meaningfully engage your visitors, you’ll increase your chances of in-app donations and membership registrations!

Cuseum museum fundraising software operates on your visitors mobile devices while they're in your museum.

When to Use This Museum Fundraising Software

Cuseum offers day-to-day benefits for your museum visitors and for you, with detailed reports and membership management features.

The positive relationship with your visitors lays the groundwork for your fundraising efforts!

Museum fundraising requires a lot of coordination, which museum fundraising software can help with! Finding the right solution for your institution is essential to make sure you get the most out of your museum software.

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