Take a look at our top 8 charity auction software providers that your nonprofit should keep on your radar.

8 Charity Auction Software Providers to Keep on Your Radar


Charity auctions, whether live, silent, or online, can create an incredible amount of revenue for nonprofit organizations. There is, however, a lot of planning and preparation that goes into these events to be sure they run well and result in success.

Luckily, there are plenty of software solutions that can help nonprofits make sure their auction events run smoothly and professionally, and we’ve picked out our favorites.

So, if you’re looking to host a charity auction, you came to the right place! Let’s dive in and take a look at our 7 top charity auction software providers!

Charity auction software from OneCause can help you run a stellar auction event.

1. OneCause – Our Top Charity Auction Software

Charity Auction Platform Overview

OneCause offers innovative charity auction solution that was designed with fundraisers in mind. From item procurement to quick and easy checkout, your auction event is bound to be a success.

Their software goes above and beyond assisting nonprofits with logging item location, auto assigning starting bids and raises, and even selling fixed price items online. Their solution even places a focus on donor management. They’ll help you track donations, create custom thank-you’s, and send email receipts.

They offer easy solutions for online auctions. But don’t worry! If you like the good, old fashioned paper bid sheets, OneCause can help you organize a paper auction, too. With package tent cards and printed receipts, your paper auction is sure to be a breeze.

Best Features of Charity Auction Software from OneCause

OneCause’s mobile app helps your organization stay connected with donors. Their app lets you:

  • Send notifications to donors year-round
  • Track charitable giving
  • Activate mobile bidding for auction events
  • Stay updated with charitable news
  • View receipts from previous events


OneCause knows one size doesn’t fit all so they offer multiple solutions to fit any event.

Take a look at ClickBid's stellar charity auction software and see how it can help your nonprofit host an incredible auction event.

2. ClickBid

Charity Auction Platform Overview

ClickBid focuses on making incredible charity auction events so your donors walk away with a positive experience every single time.

Their mobile bidding software lets your donors easily work their way through the bidding process. With no apps to download and no texts to send, your guests can click a link and instantly begin bidding. This allows for quick, competitive bidding!

ClickBid even offers mass messaging so you can send your supporters updates, reminders, and other notifications to keep them involved in your organization’s ever-growing community.

Best Features of ClickBid’s Charity Auction Software

ClickBid’s charity auction platform comes stocked with incredible features like the following:

  • Mobile check-in and check-out
  • Fund-A-Need display
  • Customizable event landing page
  • Year-long donations


ClickBid offers their annual event license at $795.

Auctria can help your organization manage your event from start to finish.

3. Auctria

Charity Auction Platform Overview

Auctria brands itself as “the engine behind the auction,” meaning their one, centralized software can help with all your auction needs and push your event to success.

With Auctria, your customizable reports and analytics can help your finance team while their extensive donor and donations database can be used by your procurement team. And of course, your fundraising team can use Auctria’s marketing materials to help gain exposure for your auction event.

There’s a lot to manage with Auctria, but that’s why they created their intuitive dashboard! From here, you’ll be able to see everything on screen to help paint a unified picture of your fundraiser.

Best Features of Auctria’s Charity Auction Software

Just one of the best features with Auctria is getting started because it’s so easy it only takes 3 small steps.

  1. Sign up: You’ll create a free account for your organization!
  2. Create your auction: Enter in the details about your next event.
  3. Start organizing: Begin your fundraiser by entering in procured items, reaching out to donors, and creating bid sheets or other forms.


Their smallest package, Lite, is free but limited to one auction, 30 items, and $2,750 in bids while their most popular package, Silver, is $129.95, gives you 4 auctions and limits you to $50,000 per auction.

Keep Auctria's charity auction software on your radar when looking for great providers.

AuctionMaestro offers fantastic charity auction software that can help your organization with any auction event.

4. AuctionMaestro

Charity Auction Platform Overview

AuctionMaestro gives you online registration, event payments, mobile bidding, and more all rolled into one software to present your organization with total event management.

Your organization will be able to better connect with your attendees by tracking their basic information like addresses and contact information, but you can also take your donor relationships to the next level by making note of their biographies and preferences.

And don’t think they forgot about your item management! After all, what’s an auction without items to auction off? With AuctionMaestro, you can track your item name, description, photo, and value while making note of its category, item solicitor, and location.

Best Features of AuctionMaestro’s Charity Auction Software

If you’re interested in hosting an online auction, AuctionMaestro is the software for you. With an easy setup and high security, it’s hard to turn down. Throughout your auction, your bidders can set AutoBids which automatically ups their bid if they’ve been outbid, and your organization can:

  • Offer a “Buy it Now” option for different items
  • Customize a list of highlighted items
  • Close out items at different times
  • Accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and Amex
  • Customize email receipts


Contact AuctionMaestro for a quote on their charity auction software!

See how AuctionMaestro's charity auction software can help your nonprofit.

SilentAuctionPro's charity auction software can assist your nonprofit with auction events.

5. Silent Auction Pro

Charity Auction Platform Overview

Silent Auctio Pro is a charity auction software that provides organization with a complete solution for successful auction events. Plus, it’s multi-user so your entire staff can use this product!

Their interest in simplicity is clearly translated with their internet-based software. From any of their tools, which can be accessed on a internet-connected device, you can post items for online and mobile bidding, streamline your check-in and check-out, and project leaderboards.

They focus on digital, which means you won’t have to print out spreadsheets, which quickly become outdated. Instead, you can record and manage data in real-time all from an internet-connected device.

Best Features of Silent Auction Pro’s Charity Auction Software

Silent Auction Pro gives you plenty of resources when creating an auction like:

  • Online and printed program guides
  • Online and mobile bidding websites
  • Customizable bid sheets
  • Bidder paddles
  • Customizable print and email thank-you’s


Their standard package, known as AuctionCore, is listed at $99 per event.

See how SilentAuctionPro's charity auction software can help your organization raise even more funds.

VisualAuction can help your nonprofit host a successful auction event.

6. Visual Auction

Charity Auction Platform Overview

Beyond Solution’s charity auction software, known as Visual Auction, offers multiple membership levels, default bid increments, and unlimited categories for every auction your nonprofit hosts.

Visual Auction knows your organization thrives off donations and needs them to further your cause so they provide multiple options for revenue from listing fees to membership fees to credit card support.

In addition, you can add up to 4 images to any bid and view items based on lists like sold items and items currently up for sale.

Best Features of Visual Auction’s Charity Auction Software

Visual Auction provides detailed reports so you can see just how well your auction event went. You can cuztomize reports by:

  • All auctions
  • Individualized auctions
  • Transaction history
  • Customer history
  • Winning bidders


Contact Beyond Solutions for a quote on Visual Auction.

Check out Visual Auction's charity auction software.

 See how WeDo Charity Auctions' Software can help your nonprofit.

7. WeDo Charity Auctions

Charity Auction Platform Overview

WeDo Charity Auctions live by the slogan, “Every Bid Counts!”  They’ve designed their software with nonprofits and their causes in mind.

With a focus on ease and success, WeDo lets your organization set up guest lists in just minutes, manage ticket and auction items in one centralized location, and create simple check-in and check-out processes to give your donors satisfactory experiences.

They even offer in-event messaging so you”ll never lose contact with your bidders.

Best Features of WeDo’s Charity Auction Software

WeDo makes tech gurus out of everyone, even those who are the most hesitant at a computer. They offer:

  • Real-time event management and a mobile bidding platform
  • Professional and branded event pages
  • Branded features to fit your nonprofit’s mission


Contact WeDo for a quote on their charity auction software.

See how WeDo Charity Auctions' software can help your organization create an incredible event.

AuctionWorx's charity auction software can help your organization raise more money at your next auction event.

8. AuctionWorx

Charity Auction Platform Overview

RainWorx recognized a need for comprehensive charity auction software so they designed and created AuctionWorx. With dozens of features, AuctionWorx focuses on making your auction the most successful it can be.

AuctionWorx gives your nonprofit an auction website with the options to allow multiple sellers in your market or just one, list your own products, and charge listings and sale fees. Plus, the site is mobile responsive for the best experience on any device.

Don’t limit your event by only accepting one currency! With AuctionWorx, you can adjust the languages and currencies to fit your audience. AuctionWorx works with your nonprofit’s mission to strategize for a powerful and beneficial event.

Best Features of AuctionWorx’s Charity Auction Software

AuctionWorx provides you with high security because they know how precious your data is. These are a few of the features that make up their security standard:

  • SSL support
  • Encryption
  • Role based permissions
  • Require Admin Approval
  • Email Verification System


Contact AuctionWorx for a quote on their charity auction software.

AuctionWorx offers great charity auction software to help nonprofits with auction events.

Now that we shared our 7 favorite charity auction software providers with you, you should have no problem hosting a fantastic auction event and seeing stellar success. Happy auctioning!

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