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The Top 6 Nonprofit Web Design Tips for Crowdfunding Campaigns

The ultimate goal of any nonprofit website is to convince supporters to take the desired action, whether that be signing up for an email newsletter, registering for a volunteer opportunity, or anything in between. No matter what your goals, your website must be carefully structured and designed if your organization expects to reach the ideal outcome. […]

Successful Crowdfunding Examples for Schools and Education

The Best 9 Nonprofit Software for 2017 [Rated & Reviewed]

7 Charity Auction Software Providers to Keep on Your Radar

Simplify Fundraising: Online Registration & Mobile Bidding

Fundraisers across nonprofit and community benefit sectors are always looking for ways to increase efficiency and gain more time to cultivate the all-important donor relationships. New fundraising technology is proving to be a powerful way to optimize, simplify and streamline fundraising tasks to raise more money and waste less time. Take advantage of innovations in […]