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Choosing a Nonprofit CRM: 8 Game-Changing Tips

8 Proven Strategies for Millennial Donor Engagement

The millennial age group is not and should not be the white whale of fundraising.  Reel them in! Yes, they’re young and grew up with a different sense of the world than perhaps your older donors did, but they’re still just people looking to support a good cause. To build a strong donor pipeline, it […]

Donor Stewardship Expert Advice from 29 Industry Leaders

Donor stewardship is one of the most, if not the most, important activities a nonprofit does. That being said, it can be a tricky beast. NonProfitEasy’s team has compiled advice from a variety of experts from the nonprofit sector on how nonprofits can perform effective stewardship for their donors. Listen to your donors You’d be […]

8 Steps to Creating a Nonprofit Stewardship Program

I have previously discussed the importance of donor retention. Keeping donors coming back leads to increased donations, stronger relationships, and more benefits that can help your nonprofit in extraordinary ways—but just because something can happen does not mean that it will. Retaining donors is part science, part art. There are proven strategies and ideas to […]

A Nifty Guide to Donor Segmentation

It’s time to stop thinking your nonprofit can address all people in a similar fashion. Donor segmentation allows you to provide the kind of specific, personal communications that satisfy donors and lead to more donations. What is donor segmentation? A donor segment is a group of donors or prospects who require similar fundraising communications according to […]