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A Nifty Guide to Donor Segmentation

It’s time to stop thinking your nonprofit can address all people in a similar fashion. Donor segmentation allows you to provide the kind of specific, personal communications that satisfy donors and lead to more donations. What is donor segmentation? A donor segment is a group of donors or prospects who require similar fundraising communications according to […]

Mastering Donor Acquisition: 9 Easy Steps for Success

Organizations value acquisition over retention at every giving level. Larger nonprofits tend to balance acquisition and retainment, but many smaller organizations don’t have the money or staff to do so. Smaller nonprofits focus on retention, but they know that acquisition must be increased in order to raise more money. The following best practices can help grow […]

The Ultimate Guide to Donor Retention

Nine Unique Summer Camp Fundraising Ideas

  Kids will do the craziest things: sneak attack counselors with water balloons, get lost in the woods after being explicitly told not to enter the woods, cannonball into the shallow end, eat sunscreen, and the summer camp memories go on and on. While camps are seasonal fun, raising funds to maintain the campgrounds, improve […]

4 Things Nonprofits Needs to Know About Prospect Research

A pack of crayons can be so exciting to a child, as the plethora of colors opens up a world of possibilities. Likewise, your nonprofit’s donor constituency consists of a variety of different individuals who each have a different background and relationship with your organization. Nonprofits should try to focus their fundraising efforts on those […]