Accept Donations on Facebook with Fundly

Accept Donations on Facebook with Fundly

Raising money online can seem overwhelming at times. There are so many ways to reach out to people and ask them to donate to your nonprofit’s cause. That’s why Fundly has created deep social integrations that allow your organization to accept donations on Facebook!

Why Should Your Nonprofit Accept Donations on Facebook?

Many of your donors use Facebook on a daily (if not hourly!) basis. Facebook now has over a billion users, making it the single most popular social media site in the world.

You’re also probably promoting your crowdfunding campaign on Facebook (and if you’re not, check out this article to learn how you can get started). Your promotional Facebook posts can lead your donors to your crowdfunding campaign’s page where they can make a donation.

But what if they could give without having to leave Facebook?

That’s what Fundly’s Facebook integration allows your donors to do.

Not only does this integration allow you to easily accept donations on Facebook, it makes the giving process seamless for your donors. They can click on your nonprofit’s profile, make a donation, and go right back to scrolling through their newsfeeds.

It’s an incredibly convenient process for both you and your donors.

We’re going to go over the steps your nonprofit needs to take if you want to accept donations on Facebook.

Before we start, it’s important to note that whoever is an administrator of your nonprofit’s Facebook page will be the person to connect the Fundly account to the Facebook account.

Once you’ve logged in to your Fundly account, go to the “Settings” tab at the top of the page. On the left hand side of the screen, select “Facebook.”How to accept donations on Facebook with Fundly

If you haven’t already, you’ll need to connect your personal Facebook page to your Fundly account. Once you’re on the Facebook Settings page, you’ll see a field that says “Add Additional Facebook Page.”

If you’re the administrator of your nonprofit’s Facebook page and have connected both your personal Facebook account and your nonprofit’s Facebook account to your Fundly account, you should see your nonprofit’s page appear in the “Select Another Page to Connect” field.

Once selected, the field will open up to the screen below. This is where you will embed the donation form on your Facebook page. Accept Donations on Facebook - Step 1

Once the box is clicked, your nonprofit’s Facebook page will have a “Donate” tab.

Accept Donations on Facebook - Step 3

When donors click on the “Donate” tab, they will be taken to a form on your nonprofit’s Facebook page. The page is secure, and all information is encrypted. Donors only need to input a dollar amount, name, billing address, and credit card information.

Accept Donations on Facebook - Step 2

Your nonprofit’s Facebook page will also display your fundraising thermometer and your top donors on the right side of the page. Donors can scroll through FAQs to learn more about how they can donate to your cause on Facebook.

Take a look at this how-to video to learn more about integrating your Fundly account with your Facebook account and embedding your donation page.