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Guest Blog: The New Jeff Campaign

By Jeff Newell

Jeff is raising money to attend the 2014 Your Weight Matters Convention so he can learn to overcome his obesity and develop a knowledge to help others.

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Guest Blog: Help Me Save Lives In Ghana Africa

By Tyra Ward

Tyra is going to Africa in June to volunteer as a nurse. She’s been working as an ER nurse at Long Beach Memorial Medical Center for 3 years now. In Africa, she’ll be volunteering with IVHQ to treat patients with malaria, AIDs and patients who are malnourished.

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How To Get Supporters To Your Crowdfunding Campaign


Many people think that once they start a crowdfunding campaign, all their financial woes will disappear. If only it were that easy! One of the biggest challenges in running a successful crowdfunding campaign is knowing how to market it. Though you don’t have to be a marketer, you do have to expand your vision and feel comfortable reaching out to your family and friends, social network and community circles.

Before getting supporters, it’s important that your campaign looks nice and portrays what you’re wanting to raise money for. At Fundly, we encourage all campaigns to include at least one image or video, a description of why you’re fundraising and add a few giving levels as incentives. We’ve broken down a few of our best tips to help you get supporters.

Step 1: Recruit Your Inner Circle Of Family and Friends

When initially starting a campaign it’s important to recruit your core supporters first, this includes yourself, family and friends. This “inner circle” will be the the root of your crowdfunding campaign so make sure to make them feel connected and passionate about why you’re raising money. When you’re communicating and sharing your campaign be descriptive and excited, this will help them want to back you 100%.

How To Reach Your Inner Circle:
Email is a great way to share your campaign with family and friends. Make them feel special by personalizing each one, this may take more time but will pay off in the long run. And if you want some traction immediately, try sending them a text with your campaign URL.

Step 2: Spread Out To Your Social Circle

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+ are super helpful towards marketing your campaign. A good place to start is to focus on the social media platform that you use most frequently and where you have the most number of followers.

Once your “inner circle” has supported you it’s important for them to market your campaign on their social networks as well. People are interested in what others are doing on social media and generally if someone donated or supported a cause, they want to share it with their network – think of it as a chain reaction!

Actionable tips:

  • Use hashtags. Let’s say you’re raising money for autism awareness. Make sure to use hashtags such as #autism #autismspeaks #autismawareness
  • Make sure to post pictures. We’ve noticed that when people post pictures on Twitter, your tweet becomes more popular and noticeable.
  • Give a shout out on social media to “thank” your supporters or donors – publicly making them feel special will give them a reason to share your post or retweet. It’s the little things that matter!

Step 3: Tap Your Community Circles

Once you’ve gained the support from you and your “inner core’s” network, it’s time to get the creative juices flowing. Tapping into community circles are important because it allows you to reach a broader audience that have similar interests. An easy way to start is by asking yourself what types of communities does your campaign fall into?

Questions To Help You Find Your Communities:

  • What is your campaign raising money for? If you’re a college basketball team raising money for nationals, you would look into sports, basketball, the college where you play and alumni communities.
  • Is there a local chapter you can connect with?
    • For example, if you’re raising funds for your local San Francisco church, you could look into local SF communities, other church parishioners, church member forums, etc.
    • Another example would be If you’re raising money for a community project, you could look into Junior Leagues in your area, local volunteers programs, community leaders, town/city hall, community forums, etc.

Example: Bringing Your Circles Together

Let’s say you’re a fashion and lifestyle blogger and need to raise $5,000 for blog expenses.

Step 1: After you create a campaign page, you send a personal email to your family and friends (aka: “inner circle”) telling them about your fundraiser and why it’s important for you to raise the funds.

Step 2: Next, you tap your extended network, which is your social network. With your fashion blog, you might have a stronger following on Twitter and Instagram so you would post there first so more followers will see it.

Tip: Make sure your content is different everytime you post, people don’t like reading the same material over and over. Make them want to support your cause.

Step 3: Other than using hashtags in your tweets, Facebook and Instagram posts, you could try to reach out to fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogging communities, as well as relevant clothing and product brands, to see if they’ll help share your campaign and support your cause.

We love hearing about your campaign and the kinds of communities you love. Share the communities you’ve had success with in the comments below.


 Veronica Olah is Community Manager at Fundly.

Guest Blog: Downtown Birmingham Snow Picture for a Cause

By AJ Fennell

AJ, a dental resident at University of Alabama at Birmingham, took a bird’s eye view picture of Birmingham covered in snow. The picture went viral on social media so AJ turned to crowdfunding to help a fellow resident battling lung cancer.  

Check Out This Campaign

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Our Top 10 Fundraising Ideas For Valentine’s Day


Idea #1:  Valentine’s Day Party For Your Kid’s Classroom

The annual school Valentine’s day party is right around the corner. Make sure everyone in the class can give and receive cards, and that the party itself is property supplied with great candy, snacks and beverages. Try collecting funds from class parents and PTA members through a Fundly crowdfunding page and post photos of the event afterwards to share with classmates and parents.

Idea #2: Valentine’s Day Party For Your Teen

It’s an awkward time of year for teenagers. They aren’t quite old enough to take their special someone out for a fancy prix fixe, but they’re old enough to want to do a little something special. Instead of sending them out on a group date like any other weekend, how about offering to host a party at the house and rally a group of parents to throw in for food and drinks.

Idea #3: For (mostly) The Guys

Guys (and some gals), getting flowers for your special lady is a given. But what about the many special ladies who paved the way for your current squeeze? That’s right, what about collecting funds from you guy friends to play Romeo for the women at your local retirement community to make their Valentines extra special.

Idea #4: For All The Single Ladies

Valentine’s Day, Schmalentine’s Day right? Well, why not celebrate being unattached with your besties. Raise money from your friends to host a singles-only party to fund your own roses, chocolate, bubbles and food. And make all of your friends in relationships totally jealous of your extra fun party they’re not invited to.

Idea #5: Group Date!

Skip the typical Vday pre-fix this year and host a special dinner made from the heart, or a private chef in town. Collect money from friends to buy ingredients, then have the kitchen ready when they arrive to do some serious cooking together. Or perhaps the less culinarily inclined may want to splurge on hiring a private chef to cook up a storm and serve you and your friends a prix-fixe meal that beats any booked-up restaurants by a mile.

Idea #6: Group Valentine’s Weekend

Better yet, gather your favorite couples and treat yourselves to a couples retreat. With Valentine’s day on the friday of a long weekend, this year is the perfect time to get away. Easily collect travel expenses and make it happen.

Idea #7: Gift Your Loved One’s Charity

We know Valentines Day is all about your special person, but there’s no reason you can’t spread some extra love and help your local charity, children’s hospital or volunteer organization with a donation.

Idea #8: Visit Your Local Animal Shelter

Our little fur baby friends need love, too! Swing by on your way to dinner and spend a half hour hugging, petting and nuzzling the rescued pets that are always looking for extra attention. If you fall in love on the spot, create a campaign and start collecting donations to adopt!

Idea #9: For Your Momma

Everyone’s #1 Valentine deserves a special gift this year. Gather your dad, siblings, cousins and anyone else who knows mom is the most special lady and pool funds to get her a showstopping present.

Idea #10: Whatever Your Heart Desires

If we left anything off the list let us know and we’ll be sure to include it! We look forward to seeing which ideas become successful fundraisers this month.

Have a great Valentine’s Day idea? Start raising money and make it happen!

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Campaign Spotlight

The Fundly community is full of everyday people doing incredible things. Each week, we see great campaigns that grab our attention and touch our hearts. Here’s what stood out this week:

Screen Shot 2014-01-17 at 11.36.10 AM

Kevin Ogar Recovery

Kevin, a CrossFit athlete, suffered a catastrophic spine injury during a competition in California this past Sunday. Supporters have raised more than $217,000 to help fund his recovery in just a few days.

Screen Shot 2014-01-17 at 11.38.09 AM

Kicking Cystic Fibrosis In The Ass

Melissa is raising money for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation in honor of her brother who has CF. Funds will help pay for research, drugs and treatment. Support Melissa in kicking CF in the butt!

Screen Shot 2014-01-17 at 11.40.39 AM

100 Pounds For Education

Alejandra wants to lose 100 pounds in 2014 and as extra motivation she’s raising money per pound lost for United Way of Bay Area Community Schools with a goal of $10,000.


Need to raise money? Try it and you could be featured in next week’s campaign spotlight.

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Campaign Spotlight

The Fundly community is full of everyday people doing incredible things. Each week, we see great campaigns that grab our attention and touch our hearts. Here’s what stood out this week:


Bhatti Mines School Fundraising

Maggie is raising money to help a school in India continue educating 200 kids per year. For the Bhatti Mines kids, education makes immediate impact as an alternative to child labor.


KATwalk For Kathleen

The Epsilon Phi chapter of the Kappa Alpha Theta is raising money in honor of their sorority sister Kathleen, who was disgnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. The money raised will go towards cancer research and treatment.


2nd Annual Haight Ashbury Holiday Art Lights

This year the Haight Ashbury Merchants Association is inviting the community to help them light up the trees on Haight Street.


Need to raise money? Try it and you could be featured in next week’s campaign spotlight.

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Tip #4: Thank Your Donors

Screen Shot 2013-09-18 at 10.57.06 AM

Thanks Your Donors 

Fundly automatically emails a thank you message to your donors. However, you can also personalize a thank you message to your linking. Tell donors what it means to you or how their donation is helping your cause.  

Key things to mention in your campaign:

  • What are you fundraising for?

  • Why is it important to you?

  • What impact will each donation make?

  • Set a fundraising goal


Need some inspiration?

Check out these Fundly campaigns that tell an effective story:

Browse more examples.

Let us help tell your story and start raising money

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Guest Blog: Pie It Forward


By Sarah Fertig

Meet Sarah

My name is Sarah, and I believe in the power of pie to make friends out of strangers and build communities in places where people are used to being overlooked and forgotten.

We spent 6 months traveling 12,000 miles across the US, baking and giving away 251 pies to people in San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, and 28 other cities.  Along the way, we evolved our mission from one of simple acts of pie-related kindness to a dream of a donation-based food truck, from which we could serve whole meals of shepherd’s pie, pot pie, and various fruit pies in our home base of Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Now What?

Now that we’ve returned to Michigan, we plan to start giving away apple pies and shepherd’s pies in Liberty Plaza, where out story began last summer.  We need to test out diabetic-friendly recipes, talk to a lawyer about starting our 501c3, and find and test drive a food truck.  More than anything, we need to engage our community and get people excited about pie here at home.

Any and all donations that we take in for the next few months will be used to cover our basic living expenses and pay legal fees.

Check Out Their Campaign

Inspired by Sarah’s story? Start raising money, we’d love to hear your story!

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